You need more of it

My poor dog Spot has more happiness than you do,
and he's just a quadruped.
He lives and breathes and eats and barks
and occasionally gets fed.

My dumb cat Tabby is more relaxed than you are,
and she's the mother of twelve.
She howls and growls and spits and hisses
and lives through children hell.

My catfish Bob has more hope than you do,
sitting in my tank.
It knows it's lunch for a party of three someday,
without so much as thanks.

My turtle Fred has more faith than you do,
living in his mobile home.
Wishing and praying for a bug to pass by,
living his life alone.

My rhinoceros Suzzy has more love than you do,
sitting in it's cage.
Seething and . . . Oh!

You really need to shape up! Stop being stupid!
God wants to help you, and to fill you with his Holy Spirit!
Get with the program dude! You need more of it!

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

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