You still do, so can I too?

Sometimes it's like a fence brought up in the night.
Sometimes it's like a lion bound tightly in a cage.
Sometimes it's like a monolith looming up in sight.
Sometimes it's like a tyrant showing off his rage.

For when life can be so wrongfully misunderstanding.
For when life takes you up and grinds you underfoot.
For when life tackles you when you have the ball.
For when life tears you up and burns you like a book.

It's when He takes His burly arms and shows his strength.
It's when He shows you what it's like to be His child.
It's when He gives you what you need when you are weak.
It's when He wraps His cloak about you, so you can stand.

And He still battles for the cause that is not lost.
And He still wears His holy armor like a knight.
And He still wins His every battle like the cross.
And He still gives you faith to walk by, not by sight.

Now will you know that He still loves you for who you are?
Now will you realize that Jesus is your own best friend?
Now will you finally see that He's the one holy and true?
Now will you overcome like He did in the final end?

Lord, can I see your face like Jesus did and live?
Lord, can you touch my heart and cleanse me from all sin?

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

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