I am not the same
I have been bought
I am not the same
I have been purchased
Conquered, sold, enslaved

I am not myself
I have been ensnared
I am not myself
I am imprisoned by myself

I am a bigot
I am the judge
You are not like me
You are not the same

You are not alike
You don't deserve my appreciations
I have prejudged you
I have placed you inside of my box

My idea of you in final
My reasons for this is mine alone
I don't understand you
You don't need me


I am you
I am who you are
I've walked in your shoes
I've stood in your place

But don't ask me
To accept you
Because you aren't
Liz Clairborne
You're not Coca-Cola
You're not McDonald's
You're not the Gap

I am
You are
We are all biased


Self-absorbed Bastards.

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