space is not the final frontier
i am

i am my own frontier

inside of my mind and my heart and my emotions
there are so many things that no one will
ever see, and if i can't show them or open them
up to myself then who can and who will

my uncle is an astronomer
my father is a geologist

however they are both emotional black holes
they suck in all light around them

never exploring that which really matters
never diving into that which is really important

oh sure explain the troposphere to me
but can you define the angst of my childhood?

so space...

ahhhh space.


oi, i am more interested in the space within my heart
a good friend sitting next to me says:
"i don't think that anyone is truly satisfied with their life."
well how can we be when when we're so worried about
the affairs that as a whole really don't matter to us.

Oh sure I can sit around and bullshit with the
best of them about the misadventures of my
favorite modern rock hero, but does that make
any difference in the world when it comes down to
who i am, what i'm doing and where i'm going?


life is life. mine is mine.
and i will one day understand where i am and why.
and if i do not get there then i will die on that path.

so space? yeah, study space if you want captain kirk...
as for me, i choose to study the thing
that will one day affect space...

the human heart.

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