All of it.

Time upon time. Line upon line.
Faith upon faith. Block upon block.
Thought upon thought. Time upon time.
Men walked the lines. Waiting for signs.
So quickly forgotten. Time upon time.

Every word spoken forth in this realm of existence.
Every note played upon the harp of persistence.
All lonely days felt in the cloak of resistance.
All the typewriters set to the utmost proficience.
All monies hidden in vaults underground.
All kings and princes who wear golden crowns.
All the tanks and planes couldn't turn it around.
It's always the same for the chains are still bound.
All of earths strategies could not hold him back.
For he wrestled and won against darkness so black.
He came not to bring peace, but to bring out a sword.
And divide up all houses for the glory set forth.
Mother against daughter. Father against son.
He's the king of glory. Victory has been won.
We do love our lives while the world goes to hell.
And we send our money, but why not ourselves.
For he said to go and not hold back 1%.

I'm frothing and foaming like a horse with no bit.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

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