Paul writes

In my weakest hour, then am I strongest.
At my lowest point, then am I highest.
With my deepest concerns, I am set free.
In the roughest of times, He is in control.
In all of my shyness, His power is greatest.
In all of my struggles, He has overcome.
Through all of my distress, He is victor.
When I am weak, then is He strong.
I am afflicted in every way, and He is King.
He is conqueror and complete master of all.
He is carried out in life through my body.
So that, He might carry mine someday.
I constantly die for Him. Even daily.
And so He constantly lives on my behalf.
Death works in us, but life in Him.
And I believe this, so I speak it.
Though my flesh withers, I will not lose heart.
My inner man is renewed daily.
Minor affliction for now, but reward in the end.
The darkness now can't compare with eternity.
For the things which are seen are the temporal.

But the unseen, are those eternal.

Inspiration found in my namesake
Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

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