Realization will come
As I hold on tightly
Tightly till my knuckles
Turn white with intensity
Realization will crash
Like a million year tidal
When it comes on my head
I will cry with satisfaction

Yearning and burning
And pushing the line
Burning and learning
And feeling the drive
Learning and yearning
And pushing my climb
I'm destroying myself

Like a faucet
Set to drip
For eternity
I won't stop
Till my prayers
Are answered

Destination will call
As I cling intently
Intently till my hands
Bleed with the pressure
Conjugation will crumble
Like the tsunami of old
When it burns in my soul
I will sigh with relief

Pushing and crying
And holding the cord
Crying and striving
And calling the Lord
Striving and pushing
All in accord
I'm destroying my dreams

Like the widow
Crying aloud
To the Judge
I will plead
Till my case
Is closed

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

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