Forever How

Forever how it must hurt you
as you sit upon your bed
I know what you have read
As you look out of your window

Forever how it does move me
to open up my mail
and find a letter there
that's addressed from you to me.

Forever how it excites me!
to hear of your adventures
My missionary sister
sailing round the world

Forever how it must make you
feel his mighty power
as you sit and watch for hours
As the sun plays on the sea.

Forever our lives do go on
year by passing year
we've cried our parting tears
But we stay in fellowship

Forever time marches slowly
thinking as it goes
She will never know
How much she means to me

I just got a letter
She's married with three kids
Working in a mission
In the heart of Africa

I read it so slowly
Crying as I go
And deep inside I know
We will be friends...


Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

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