Mad poet
inspired by the works of Steven R. Lawhead

Mad poet. Mad moment. Mad madness. Delirious.
My frothing reveals my emptiness.
I need God.
I need Him now more than ever before I need Him.
Long song of my life.
Points of contemplation. Suicide. A quick end.
But I know it cannot be.
Not now.
Not ever.
Immortal. A quirk of birth? A tribute to my father?
Oh wolf, happy wolf, monarch of these green-clad hills.
You are my only friend.
Black is the hand of Heaven.
Blue and black.
and filled with
frozen stars.
And stars and stars and
stars. . . and stars.
Where is the swift sure goodly-wise one Tegid?
Llew? Is that you silver hand?
Uther! The fool! He would have killed him!
Oh sorrowful Orion! Emperion Orion!
I am lost.
Atlantis. . . is. . . lost.
Mother. . . I tried.
Mad Merlin . . . mad . . . you are mad Merlin . . . mad.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

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