Oh, for life so sweet,
A precious memory never to last.
At the end so sudden we meet,
The life we shared is gone and past.
But for a fragrance, a short lived life,
We lived it out, the mountains climbed.

But sorrow passes by me, they do buy,
Foreverness waving on clouds of tears now.
The mists of life still pass you by,
You have forgotten why you came, and how.

Depart we must, but wait one bit,
Hold on please one second yet.
I'll sing my secret song with you,
I'll sing to you a sweet ado.
I loved you, and I loved you true.

Goodbye forever, 'twas nice for a while,
But each must go their own long mile.
To secret places there they join,
With ancient words till now forgotten.

"Goodbye" I cry, upon these waving years,
I shall never forget your scarlet tears.

Grow my child in your own true way,
Never deny the only true way,
This road, destroyed. Never to be repaved.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

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