but the wOrd is alive
and alive is the wOrd
existing existing existing
inside the mind and if shamelessly i shOuld
turn and fall upOn these Hands
weathered and stained
with hOpe and prOmise
i will stand
lift up yOur trOubled sOul healed before yOur eyes
lift up yOur hOly hands
lift them up
in the name Of
the authOr Of faith legend demigOd
mOrtal life is never enough
saviOr messiah
ripped the revOlutiOn
ready tO bleed with lOve
ready tO feel
ready tO love
withOut fear lOve is perfect
lOve is gOd
i surrender and is invincible
i rescind
take the fetters
keeping me in

cOpyright by mOrtal
fOrmat by pauly

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