Hunter of Dark

nighttime sleeper
evening weeps and thinks
destruction nears and bleeds
nighttime sleeps

I am aroused by the new moon.
A lifeless circle of black.
I am aroused and awakened.
I am the wolf on the hunt.
No one sees my invisible shape.
I am the wolf in the shadows.
I am betrayed by the starlight.
The cosmos stretches dizziness.
I am deceived and detained.
I am the Nighttime-Lord.
King of Vampires.
I love the dark.
I probe.

nighttime awakens
hungry red eyes
search feel and probe
nighttime awakens

probe search
probe find
search probe
search find
find probe
find search
find you

capture you
captures you
i capture
i will catch you

i am vampiric
i am a form
i am a demon
i will catch you

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

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