Prepare the fire!

The life, the changing, the sweet rearranging!
The death, The burning, The hell fires are churning!
His touch, His love, The heart flying higher!
The burn, Your turn, get ready for the fryer!

Prepare the fire!

The death, the stink, the maggots crawling over!
His heart, New start, His glory falling lower!
That grin, Those teeth, that breath of rotting flesh!
His face, His eyes, Your heart and His now mesh!

Prepare the Fire!

The smell, of Hell, You're coming to the fire!
It stinks, You writhe, He's calling you a liar!
Your soul, Is dead, And soon you'll join the rest!
Naked, Alone, The waves come to their crest!

Invoke the creed!
Prepare the fire!

Your death, last breath, You know your life is done!
Refreshing, for sure, to know the race is run!
An angel, shines brightly, He's taking you in hand!
You travel, To Jesus, And to the promise land!

Invoke the creed?
No! Prepare the fire!

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

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