If I were a very rich man I would sing and dance
If I were a very poor man I would take that chance
If I ruled or if I was king I would shout out loud
If I worked in an assembly line I would lead the crowd
If I was a wealthy democrat I would hold on true
If I crossed the border in a raft I would still praise you
Praise You

Praise You in the morning Praise You in the evening
Praise You at the sunrise Praise You at its sunset
Praise You at my breakfast Praise You at my supper
Praise You at my dinner And Praise You at my lunch
A bunch

If I was a plumber or maybe a geologist
I would sing and laugh and maybe even do the twist
If I was a miner or maybe a lawyer
Id have more fun than Huck Finn or even Tom Sawyer
If I was a street dweller or a Teenage Mutant Turtle
Id sing a song and pat a dog and jump across a hurdle

Praise you on the inside Praise You on the outside
Praise you with all my heart Praise you when I need a start
Praise you all over Praise you all under
Praise you in plenty Praise you in hunger
Oh bummer

But since Im me and Im not you
Ill do the things you cannot do
Ill give you all the same its true
When no one really gives a hoot

Praise You every Monday Praise You every Tuesday
Praise You every Wednesday Praise You every Thursday
Praise You on a Friday Praise You on a Saturday
And Sunday Just for You

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

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