Like a tree...

Like a tree...
Like the very topmost leaf
on a sturdy tree of your great love for me.
And so is my love for thee. Like a long grown limb
is our love my friend, and how I long to share it with you.
Like a yearling sap in a new plowed field, is the joy that I do
share when I yield. Like a giant, mighty oak in a winter glen
is the pain that I find with new friends. Like a summers hot
day is the caring ones' song that he shares in his special
way. Like a bowl full of fruit are the kindred ties held that
grow sweeter with lives sweetest juice. Like a lively
chipmunk are the joys we uncover while we
search for a lost treasure chest.
Like a mighty old trunk
are the ties
that do
bind us
to the
ship so
that we
have to
keep in
our mind
that it's He.
Like the roots of
a tree is the thing that we see
when we sing. Like the love between friends,
is love that won't end. Like a tree I'll wait till you come again.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

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