To die the death

Lord God omnipotent, All provider, redeemer,
Spirit Guider, Father Jehovah,
Your rainbow spills its pot of gold in my soul!
Jesus Almighty, my friend and my creed,
Be with me always in my time of need.

Oh Christ, oh my savior, your wondrous behavior,
of shedding your blood and sending your dove.

My bald head now sprouts hair!
My amputated arms grow!
My blotches dissolve, your power comes home!
My eyes that were weary and spotted now clear.
My dizziness dissolves, my deaf ears now hear.

Though I jog through the snow I will find,
Your true love sings while I stand blind.
My eyes are weary from seeking you long,
Fill my heart now, with your sweet tender song.

Though my fingers do snap, and my mind now collapse.
I reach towards you, with all that I grasp.

I, actually, now that I think about it...
I think that I would die for you.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

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