Round and round

I tire of chasing you.
I have talked and have written,
Listened and conversed.
I have heard your dark secrets...
Don't you realize I like you?

Isn't this something like dating?
Yet you insist that you don't date...
I would like to know you better,
But you hide behind your walls.
Does my love fall dead at your feet?

The light behind your laughter...
The joy behind your eyes...
It's pain that makes you smile...
And tears have fed your songs.
Did you know I like your voice?

I know you but I don't.
I know you more than you like.
You want me to go away,
But complain when I don't write.

I'm looking for an explanation,
I'm looking for some kind of sign.
I'll come and take your hand,
If you will only take mine.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

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