Spirits a wanderin

When you read the Bible, you see stories of pain and of destruction,
and you ask yourself: Why are these stories in here?
Chapters devoted to things like brothers raping their sisters,
cities being devoured by fire, etc...
Well, I tend to think that when Jehovah had the Bible crafted over all those years,
He wanted to have examples of how not to live and how not to behave.
Oh yeah, just look at Exodus and Judges for some really good examples.

Well, I believe in the active presence of spiritual entities in this world.
So do 89% of North Americans. Well, Angels at least. However,
let us not exclude their fallen brethren, the devil-kind.
Not GHOSTS... but Devils. Nothing unbiblical I think.
Just a straight forward look on how the fallen must view the world around us.
I believe that they have a viable viewpoint. Albeit corrupt and demented...
they at least know the scriptures and hold fast to the eternal truth of a God and the truth that they know.

Angels are one thing. But what does the world know about the rest of the Spirit-world? Not much.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

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