These questions and more. . .

How can a man be born again?
How can a man be cleansed from sin?
When is eternal life?
What is the power in Jesus' blood?

Where is Heaven and why is Hell?
Why do we say that time will tell?
Baptism. What is it? Exactly?
Then why are there three of them?

These questions and more are rooted within.

A god called Jesus died for me?
He left comfort and peace for me for free?
How is glory calling out my name?
So why must I have true repentance?
A thing called hate, is opposed to love?
Where exactly are Angels up above?
Are you the only life to live?
Must I forsake my all and start the dance?

You knock at my heart... so won't you come in?

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

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