Joshua ben Joseph

Lord, you are to me so much more than silver.
Lord, you are to me so much more than jewels.
Lord, I appreciate the blessings you have given.
Lord, I appreciate your choice as for myself.

God, I wonder at your creation and your works.
God, I wonder how much longer it is until your return.
God, I love the way you make me smile sometimes.
God, I love you and everything about you.

Spirit, I adore you, and I lay my life before you.
Spirit, I adore your presence and your power too.
Spirit, I need so much more than this flesh-suit.
Spirit, I need your gifts, but so much more your fruits.

Father, I rejoice that in my driest desert, you are there.
Father, I rejoice at the wonderful miracles that you perform.
Father, I proclaim your miraculous signs and wonders.
Father, I proclaim that all you do is for our own good.

Holy One, I admire your purity in all that you say and do.
Holy One, I admire your patience with every time I sin.
Holy One, I desire your dignity and the way you are so nice.
Holy One, I desire to show your love and joy to all the earth.

Jesus, I cherish the way that your fulfilling your promises.
Jesus, I cherish the way that we can so easily receive you.
Jesus, I relish to make this Earth more you-conscience.
Jesus, I relish the idea of being more and more like you.

Oh Lord God, I desire to be strong in these last days.
Oh Spirit of the Father, I desire to show your great strength.
Oh Holy One Jesus, I'll offer my world to you in the end.
Jesus, all I really want is you. Jesus, all I need is to be true.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

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