Towards Heaven
we must grow

There is a serene
difference between
childishness and
living your life to
the fullest. Maturity
brings the growth
which brings life.
Faking it is never
as good as the real
stuff. If we never
overcome the little,
the big will trample
us. The feelings we
have towards the
rest of life; courage,
commitment, and
confidence are the
real things. Cowardice,
casualness, and
corruption are the
phonies. To win in
Jesus takes all the
tenacity you can
muster. If we give
an inch each day,
we will go further
than the man who
tries to do the mile in
one jump. The one
who wins is not the
fastest, but the one
who perseveres.
Towards Heaven
we must grow.

Copyright 2003
by pauly

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