Victorious is He

With God... nothing is impossible.
Nothing is incredible,
nothing is unstoppable.
And with God, everything is possible.
Everything is workable.
Everything is doable.
When we don't believe his word is true,
Don't believe he died for me,
don't believe he died for you,
Then we stop Gods work for everyone,
Stop it up don't let it run,
killed before it has begun.
But when we stand up and take root in him.
Never doubting, never give.
Never let our eyes see sin.
Then we show the world who is the boss,
paid the debt, paid the cost,
hung upon the ugly cross.
Then God can work his mighty deeds once more.
Choose his life, tally the score,
throw the devils out the door.
And God can perfect his work in us,
He sent his holy son Jesus,
that we might live victorious!
With God nothing is impossible,
nothing is incredible,

nothing is unstoppable.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

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