You are the itch in my pants
You are the pulling of my groin
The flutter in my stomach
The drama of my brain
Touch me
Rub me gently
Touch me
Rub me true

Copyright 2005 by Pauly Hart

As the dust rose, the thoughts running around in my head were not good ones. Thoughts of why? What purpose? For what reason had this man died? Silly thoughts. Stupid thoughts. Unreasonable thoughts. Thoughts that shouldn't be there. Invading my mental privacy. Taking up wasted space.

The heat. The dust. The dead body just laying there... half covered in stones. This whole thing stinks. Stinking. The unpleasant smell of this whole situation burns my nostrils. Well? What could I do? What was done is done! But here I was. Here I was and I couldn't deny that. I looked at my hands. The rock I was going to throw lay at my feet. But... but I had thrown two others. One to the body and another to the...

I wiped my hands on my cloak furiously. I looked up to see if anyone noticed. One had. A small thin man... with eyes... piercing eyes as hard and as cold as metal. He was looking at me. I looked away. Turning back I glanced toward the city gate. I had better be getting home. I should have already started... but I couldn't get those thoughts out of my head. That man that died... His face, His voice. Dear God, the things he said... they were still ringing in my ears! They were so... so...
I shook it from me. I couldn't think here... got to get home, then maybe I could think straight. Confusing... too confusing. I started to leave. Suddenly the man I had seen grabbed me. I turned to face him. I started to ask him what he wanted when... when he started.

He started laughing. A deep laugh. A sick laugh... He laughed...

Dear God!... He was laughing!

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

Travel to a town, learn to live
Travel gently, Sometimes gently
Leaning on the everlasting strength
Learning to live,
An insect crawls... you wonder
can I crawl as well?
I wish we could crawl that well
We might learn humility.
Traveling to a town.
To learn to grow.
A sojourn of apostolic faith.
A sojourn of love.
Psychopathic love.
Weird affection.
I travel to the town, I learn to live
but not from the law
but from the Lord
I wish I could call
I wish I could crawl
I wish I could wander into the arms
I wish I could wander into the strength.
I travel to a town
The town of faith.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

Death thrilling
Spine tingling
Hard cases wrack the air with tongues of authority
Love shocking the door of reality
Love is perfect
God knocking on your Hells door
Yonder spills the torment of imagination
Reckon with death no more
Where is deaths victory or sting
Jah hangs Satans bloodied head from a pike
Jah is perfect
And He is invincible

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

And between us lies a chasm... vast and far and wide...
that no man dare set foot across...
...and large and great and steep...
only those who make the journey... swift so sure so right...
towards the end, they shall travel...
...with love with lord with light...

These regrets I have...
Poetry never read...
Grand kids never played with...
Smiles never given...
hugs never taken...
phone calls that were shortened...
Lord make me have
regrets no longer...

I wonder what Heaven is like...
...with dancing flowers...singing streams...
I wonder what colors are there...
...for swooping eagles...playful trees...
I wonder what the angels do...
...about big lions...brilliant leaves...
I wonder what mom's doing now... Jesus' hands...Jesus' feet...

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
To the girls
Mexicans, Louisianans, and Michiganders

Hello, Hello it's me again.
It's me your warm and furry friend.
Paulywatamus you can call me.
Your smile throughout the day.

This poem or this song is for
those who receive, those who adore
the loving way he does now show
his adoration for you.

My heart now beats with life and blood
immersing me with crimson flood
as Jesus rips away my pride
a sacrifice for better.

My walls come down like Jericho
exposing every beaten foe
and burning all the false gods
the smoke blackens the sky.

A humble vessel I'm trying for
but please accept a pot that's poor
I'm trying to apologize
for inconvenience.

My reason is both plain and dull
when viewed eyes come from the skull
but enlightened eyes will see the truth
as realization dawns in.

I love you all, yes understand
I've tied the knots with rubber bands
stretched them to the limit
but they burst beneath my fingers.

I love you all, this much is fine
but he loves you so much more than I
I'm not worth my weight in pounds
I walked until I drowned.

Please forgive me for when I fall
and help me get back on the ball
I'm trying hard and most of all
I'm learning how to trust him.

Each one of you is special too
though special pink or special blue
without your colors there wouldn't be
the rainbow of your love.

Choose wisely and so make your choice
which color stands out like your voice
for colors we are meant to be
to paint the nations for him.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
Save Me
(With thoughts to an old friend gone on before)

Save me! Won't you save me?
Save me from my wicked self!
And save me from the love of wealth!

Lord, save me! Won't you save me?
I know some things that I might do!
Help me give those things up too!

Save me! Please, please save me!

From all these things that happen!
And from all those that almost do!

Lord, save me! Won't you save me?

Save me from the bottle and from cancer sticks!
Save me from red hot lovers and worthless chicks!
Save me from the love of knowledge!
Lord, save me from sarcasm!

Save me! Please save me!

And step by step you'll lead me. . .

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

My trip to heaven was short
but I threw it away
On two shots of clay
I want to be that man
My mind isn't where it should be
It is buried in her bosom
think, think, think, think, think
play it loud
Alright, Alright Alright already
Ice pick to the Ice cube
chip away, chip away, chip away
until the Neanderthal thaws
and comes back to life
to find himself trapped in a world
that he does not understand
like I
do not understand these thin walls
I can see them, can they see me?
I scream and claw
make me a promise
don't scream.
You see, I can give you whatever
your heart wishes, all you have to do
is cross over that veil
but no, I say no.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
I feel for what I know

i do not want to but i do
i feel for what i know
and i know that this truth i see is a lie
the truth... my heart... so black

i know the truth, it should set me free
im reaching for the stars
but grind my teeth on sandy shores
the moonglow of your hope dances upon me

the sun, showed me your promise
solemn, so wise yet contrite
im not getting anywhere... and fast
looking to knowledge's vast frontier

in the investigation of common sense
i reveal nothing but this senseless quest
sparkling and true, intense and anew
show me your foolishness, i give you my brain

in the thoughts of lost wisdom
i feel for what i know
and also for what i do not...
i feel, and fear rides away...

on eagles wings.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
He was Gods child

He had dirty hands, and matted hair.
He was a poor boy who wore clothes with holes.
He slept in a small cardboard box.
And he always sang the blues.

But he was Gods child.

She wore thick glasses and had freckles.
She had pony tails and wore braces.
She was pear shaped with unsightly wrinkles.
She wore orthopedic shoes with a bad aroma.

But she was Gods child.

He had an ugly face and had grubby hands,
He was a poor boy from a large family.
He didn't have many friends, he was misunderstood.
He hung upon a cross, pierced between two ugly thieves.

But He was Gods child.

Yes, He was Gods child.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
Sword makers healing

-Troglodyte, juggernaut, spinning-
-hunchback, leper wrought, dying-

"I know one who can set you free Inchkeith."
"I'm fine just the way I am!"
"I know one who can set you free."
"I will make your sword,
now leave me alone!"

-You who sits back in the dust-
-who shatters and who rusts-
-who cares for the unjust-

-You who live your life in sin-
-can't stand so you cave in-
-he lost so you can win-

-Troglodyte, juggernaut, feeling-
-warrior, costly- bought, healing-

"Bless me Lord for I'll never be the same!"
"Yes, and thank you for the sword."

Inspired by Steven R Lawhead
Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
You are

You are the one most holy and true.
I give my life, give my all to you.
You are the man in whom I see
All perfectness and unity.

You are the almighty God.
Above all there is none else.
You are the powerful Elohim.
You are the wonderful Trinity.

I believe, I believe the Bible says it plain.
Written upon old tablets of stone.
Your word, your worth, your everything.
You are Lord to me.
You are everything.
Forever to the power of ten plus one.
You are my God.
You are righteousness and true religion.
You are the one. . .
in whom I fell in love with from the beginning.

You are the rock of my salvation.
You are all light in this world.
I believe in you.
We receive from you.
Me, myself, and I.
Lord, you are worthy indeed.
Yes, Lord you are worthy indeed.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
Breath of God

As dawn breaks, the new day
skips over the cloud tops breathing.
"How can you breathe?" I ask the day.
"I breathe because the Lord has first breathed me."

As morning wakes, the meadowlark sings
his morning song of happiness and joy.
"How can you sing?" I ask the lark.
"I sing because the Lord has first sung me."

As the sun rays shine, the morning dew
shines itself upon me.
"How can you shine?" I ask the dew.
"I shine because the Lord has first shone me."

And as night falls, I, already asleep on my bed,
forget the beauty that the Lord gives each day.
"How could I have forgotten?" I ask the Lord.
"You forgot because you first forgot me."

But still on me, the Lord . . .
Breathes, sings, and shines.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

Prayer prepares
Love rejuvenates
Spontaneous laughter
Rejoices with me
Speak only nice things
Treat others well
If you want to see
Reciprocals sell
Preserve me please
From crabby behavior
And unsatisfaction
Give me eternity
Within my heart
Within my vision
I am loved
I am loved
I am loved

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
To write a poem

What shall I write
I ask myself
On this blank piece of paper
With blue and red lines
What is my answer
I say to myself
As the white draws
My black ink to it
I answered myself
The question I asked
And wrote a poem
That filled up a page

(is life such a stage?)

(I smell the old scarf
and realize that the
songs on the radio in
the background deny
any mention of the
acceptance of a God
fearing youth of today)

What shall I write
As I look at the pen
I do not know...
And thus I begin.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

Breathlessly we turn our lives away
As we turn and face yet another day
Call it what you will
It is better still
To live inside the glory of Him
And I will sing of His glory
And I will sing of His love
And I will sing of His mercies
Forever on end
As we walk along these empty streets alone
Letting fear walk by and turn our hearts to stone
Call it what you will
It doesn't fulfill
To live inside the worship of Him
And I will sing of His wonder
And I will sing of His grace
And I will sing of His presence
Forever alone
And I will pray for His judgment
And I will tell of His fire
And I will preach of Your power
Forever I know
Longingly we cry out every day
As we cry at night "there is no other way"
Breathlessly we turn our night to day
as we turn and face another brighter day
Call it what you will
It is better still
To live inside the person of love
And I will sing of your wonder
And I will sing of your love
And I will sing of your secrets
Forever I know
And I will tell of your glory
And I will share of your grace
And I will let others love you
As you first loved me
And I will let others love you
As you first loved me
And I will let others love you
As you first loved me
Your glory I see
Because you first loved me

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
Spiritual Incense and alchemy

Oh fragrance of tough love dwell in me.
Rip up my inner self and dwell.
Pour in me that simple smell.
Of tough love like a farmers face.

Oh fragrance of tough love dwell in me.
Sip up my liquid soul and dwell.
No pretense could my heart have.
Without the joy like baseball glove oil.

Potent of my pungent soul.
Mix a quiz of truth.
Spell me out in figure-charms.
Jesus live in me.

Pierce my heart and let me bleed.
Mix the elixir now.
Push out me now, into your hand.
Drip me Lord like candle wax.

Oh fragrance of tough love dwell in me.
Flip off the scales and dwell.
Without shadow let me face you.
To shine out like good axle grease.

Oh fragrance of tough love dwell in me.
Trap me in you and dwell.
Feelings lost in your endless face.
Kindness like a home cooked meal.

Drip me Lord.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

Jade, Lenin, Spiral motions watching
Forgetful idealism's, denying machismos
love-lace, pug faced, tires spinning wildly
corny canned music floating from speakers
dynamos of dexterity clanging their gongs
Listen to the lyrics cry, listen to the clamor
feel it thriving in your pulse, louder, louder
frost-bitten gyrating waves listening
forsaken idealism's, destructive cannibals
jade-mace, dope-faced, propellers flying madly
corny canned music floating from the speakers
dynamos of dexterity banging their gongs
Live inside the music-sky, revel in its smatter
Feel it living in your pulse, feel it ever higher

music is your wake and sleep
music takes me to the deep
music lives and music now
music is your sacred cow

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
@ F E L L V E N U S M E Z M O R I Z E

#+ yO0()Oo0Uu'RrrrrRE so cool

With thanks to fell venus
Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
Red Haired Wonder

I've come to you my friend
Dealing with life is such uncertainty
You are my nearest love
A vacuum of inner despondency
I want to know your soul
Your wire frame is just not on my mind
The life behind your eyes
Betrays the pursed-lipped smile on your face.

You are a drifter girl.
A wind rider with broken reigns.

A horse in a thunder storm.
Lightning and sea-foam

drip from your hooves.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
-drunk poet-

i shall survive
in this jungle of apathy
i will deny
my flesh born despondency
i shall reply
to the grateful pathology
i will arise
and will

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
-drunk driver-

to drive
to arrive

be real
do feel
don't peel
don't weep
don't sleep
do keep

arrive alive.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
He is... I am

He is the son of man, come to seek and save the lost.
He is the son of God, my master, yes, the Christ.
He is the faithful and the true witness.
He is the Alpha and the Omega, the first to the end.
He is the bright and morning star.

He is the door of the sheep pen.
He is the good shepherd who would lay down his life.
He is the rhythm of the sea, the gateway to salvation
He is the one who forsook all to come and find us
He is my lover in a thousand ways.

He is in the Father and the Father is in him.
He is the works of the Father, The good steward.
He is Master, King, and Lord over all of creation.
He is the one who searches the heart, soul, and mind.
He is the great and mighty healer, the great physician.

He is the bread of life, he came so no one would hunger.
He is the manna from heaven. The fire and also the cloud.
He is the giver of eternal water and of all eternal life.
He is the life, the way, and the truth, the weary may come.
He is sweet sanctifier, servant, logos and rhema.

He is the light of the world. Take your cross and follow.
He is the life. He is the way. Keeper of Abrahams' bosom.
He is holy, faithful and true, He opens and no man shuts.
He is the true vine. He abides in the Father forever.
And we are his children, friends, sisters and brothers.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
the revolutionists viewpoint on wealth

feed the poor,
eat the rich.

take them down,
or make me sick.

tyrannical villains,
destroy every one.

feed the poor,
eat the rich.

-french revolutionist
Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
On High

Within life’s' sweetest melody
And in the finest harmonies
The birds and angels sweetly sing
You are enthroned

For in the mountains that boast gold
And in the valleys yet untold
Upon those crags and cliffs so bold
You are enthroned

The sweetest nectar I could taste
The fairest maiden I'd embrace
Could never try to take the place
Of you enthroned

For upon life’s long melody
And in lost valleys that none see
There could no sweeter nectar be
You are enthroned

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
Aaron and paulys week in review
8-4-00 1:21 AM

Consume me oh joy spring eternal
Christ oh life, take my old soul in exchange
Grant me longevity and fulfillment in years
Guard my heart against evil oh Jehovah
Detain my heart from conspiracy to sin
And refresh me with waterfalls of joy
Keep my hands able, and my soul stable
Surround me with might and dissolve my fright
Pronounce an execution from my habits
Let me delight in what delights you
Oh Jesus change me into what you want
Consume me oh joy spring eternal

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
love came over

love came over for tea
and sat down with me
it came over for tea it did
and i did not expect it

love came over for tea
and all i had was water
but it did not mind
for it was love

and you know how love can be

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
The Picture in the sky

I saw a cross up in the sky,
It was a picture of hope.
I saw my maid laid in her bed,
It was a picture of joy.
I saw her girl sitting in church,
It was a picture of patience.

I won't worry, I'm not depressed.
I'm not ill, I don't need prosaic.

I saw His picture in my mind,
It was a picture of love.
I saw the signs of the times,
It was the picture of doom.
I saw the end of the age,
It was not just a picture.

I don't cry, I'll climb the rope.
I'm not suicidal, I won't give up.

I saw the picture in the book,
It was the picture of Christ.

And I won't cry, but will live.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

Across these newly whited plains
I see a distant hawk
The feather falls from its plume
like a tear
the harvest is plentiful
I hear the pasture lands
And Rich is in the background
with his hammered dulcimer
Lines of energy stretch
where trees should stand
and barbed wire hems in
the beauty of the stampede
for church-goers and party-throwers
they are the same
joy falls from their lips like rain

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
Upwards (inspired by Aslan the Triumphant)

further up and further in
Praise Him who is to be praised
Run with abandon
Shiver with ecstasy
further up and further in
called the lion to the friends
Thick grass and springy turf
like a fresh garden after the rain
like a thunderstorm smell
like the beauty of life
more of what it is
more of what it should be
for now we see through a glass dimly
but then we shall see perfectly
and the lion which is the Lord
shall beckon:
further up and further in
my friends

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

i plead innocent
for my crimes.
but was sentenced
all the same.


he stood in my place.
he took the blame.
and died for me.
strapped to a tree.


Jesus Christ.
took my sin.
i'm born again.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
fulcrum shift

i was displaced and was moved
by the power you showed,
i was knocked down by the
shear force of your blow.

i was taken, and was shaken
by the power that you gave,
i was taken back by the
utter elegance of soul.

you, who shifted the heavens
now move me.
you, who cast the stars into place
now change me.

i was swallowed in your relentless
and all consuming love for me.

and i love you, and i return.

fulcrum shift.
the power of you.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
(for Frank Shepherd)

they called him josh,
'cause he was just a kid.
and he had eyes like...

he had a mop of curly black hair,
just like our mom did.
and his eyes...

he was my brother,
and we were raised together.
and he had eyes like...

he liked to be by himself a lot,
and always seemed to be thinking.
and he had beautiful eyes...

when he smiled at you,
you couldn't help but to smile back.
and his eyes were fire and love...

i loved him with all my soul,
but they killed him at thirty-three.
but i can still see his eyes...

filled with peace and forgiveness,
underneath the thorns.

yes, i can still see those eyes,
and they tell the whole story.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
Waiting and waiting

The fountain of joy overflows so near to my heart,
For I am here waiting for you.
The flowers of springtime bloom even at dark,
And I am here waiting for you.
A lovelier person I have never once met,
Still I am here waiting for you.
And a richer secret have I never yet kept,
So I am here waiting for you.
The sweetest aroma of your loves desire,
While I am here waiting for you.
Burns deeply inside like a holy fire,
For I am here waiting for you.
The Spirit of giving, His coal to my lips,
And I am here waiting for you.
Your precious blood cleansing our relationship,
So I am here waiting for you.
A cloud by the daytime shown forth in the sun,
While I am here waiting for you.
A fire by the night for our work's almost done,
Still I am here waiting for you.
No sweeter love yet has this man ever seen,
Still I am here waiting for you.
Your true heart I've kept by emotional strings,

I thank you for waiting for me.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
yup... poet philosophy

for poets who know
to waiver between
the words that are prose
the faces we've seen

they only behold
what only they feel
and all that is left
is lost in their thought

for all faces saved
for all those dismayed
a hollow shell left
where lost thoughts are kept

only words blocked
faces got caught
smiles that are gone
rights that turned wrong

joy so prolonged
in lost love and song
for poets who feel
for poets who know

philosophize true
from my heart to you

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

The bell tolled.
I picked the sunflowers.
I threw the box away.
The cock crowed.
I looked at jewelry.
I washed the dirty dishes.
The water boiled.
I memorized Chinese.
I asked for help.
Help was given.
I ate my lunch.
I asked for help.
Help was given.
I drove to town.
I asked for help.
Help was given again.
I worked all day.
I asked for help.
More help was given.
I came home at night.
I cried for help.
Help was there.
I opened my ears.
Help was there.
The bell tolled.
I recognized the help.
I said "thank you".

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
It goes like
-read by Grant Campbell

last night i felt it.
the touch
of love
that i wanted

last night i dreamt it
that feel
of peace
that i craved

last night i knew it
the joy
of harmony
that i longed for

then i woke up
and knew

that it wasn't a dream

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
love, peace, harmony remix
-explained by Grant Campbell

love, peace and harmony.
joy in all worlds i'd like to see.
but reason and lies and despondency.
come crawling out of their graves.
breathing decay.

love was the first.
she fell at my feet.
then peace.
she died in battle.
but harmony lasted.
for harmony turned evil.
and changed into racism.

love, peace and harmony.
very nice, very nice...
but possible in this world?

who knows, but our soul.
who knows, but those chosen.
exhumed from deaths door.
who knows but the keeper.
the gate of forbidden thought.
it lies behind there.

under crimson flood.
under scarlet blood
i shall find that love.

in the midst of war.
during countless hore.
the peace shall be bore.

harmonies endless flight.
deaths countless blight.
torturing the night.

i shall find it.
within the gate.
within the gate.
within the gate.
within his hand.
the keeper held it there.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

It's morning time, that's how it is
You'd better hold on now, It's morning time
Preach the news, preach the striding salvation
Galloping through the weeds of perdition
It's morning time, zone to zone
Sea to shining sea, it's morning time
This is third day business, yes?
It's morning time, zone to zone
Horizon cries out for light, yes?
It's morning time, if you know what I mean
Salvation on wings of a kestrel-hawk.
Or should that be like an eagle
Preach the third day news, do it readily
The heart of man, do you know what I mean?
Feel the pulse, It's morning time, yes?
Chant the pulse, feel the rhyme.
Course its pace, It's morning time.
Striding salvation, preach it forever
It's horizon time, It's morning time
like a bright yellow hand rising, as if for life
reaching... reaching... It's morning time, yes?
It's morning time, and on the horizons
I feel salvation striding, sliding, gliding. Yes?
It's morning time, and I will preach
Do you know what I mean?
It's morning time.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
greener ][
(happiness where you should be)
-prompted by Grant Campbell

said one goat to the cow
"i shall travel there one day"
and lived his life on

said one hermit to the vagabond
"i shall make my mark yet"
and lived his life on

said the president to the country
"i shall never tell a lie"
and lived his life on

said God to a world
"i shall soon come again"
and did as He said,
but they weren't ready just yet.

said a people to the Deity
"come back in a month"
and got left for the bugs.

they should have been ready.
they could have prepared.
happiness where they should be.
hell where they are.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
(happiness where you are)
-inspired by Grant Campbell

i thought it was greener here
i thought it was better there
i traveled a thousand years
to protect myself from lack

i found all that life could be
i forgot my complacency
i traveled a thousand seas
to indulge myself in all

i knew there was more to life
i figured i would find it soon
i traveled a thousand thoughts
to find the ultimate place of rest

but now there is no one left
and now all my friends are gone
i'd travel a thousand deaths
to be back where i began

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
Congruous motion

Congruous motion
wishing for a changed past
expecting a different future
becoming Sammys friend

Congruous motion
exuding in the end
listening to Lisa more
wishing time would bend

Congruous motion
dancing to the beat
reading Tonyas mind
dancing without feet

Congruous motion
hoping for the day
longing for a queen
wanting Missi to stay

Congruous motion
pushing fear from home
talking more to Liz
standing up to cope

Congruous motion

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
Falling upon

When I fall, will you catch me?
When I stand in pains gate
When I fall, will you catch me?
My hands covered in mucus
I fall, and still fall
I die a thousand deaths
The two faced wall
Will I bounce back?
Will I be caught by the hands
Pierced on Skull Hill for love?
I fall, I die a thousand deaths
I am pierced by a thousand screams
When I die, will you lift me?
When I die in your hands?
In your hands I find trust
When I am lifted,
Will you smile?

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
Jesus splashes foamy love

This is the way love is. It's all there is.
Love bursting forth. Starbursting. My eyes sting.
Shards of love stuck in my face and my sides.
This is the way is and it should be forever now.
It's like a reversal image seen of ones self. Better.
The way love is, is the way I choose to be.
Love is the way that love is supposed to be.
Love is the way to all of forgotten forgetfulness.
It is the same thing as ever there always was.
If love is all there is to life. Then life is love.
Love is the way to heaven. For love paid the price.
Love is the way, love is the truth and also the life.

Jesus flows like a river showing us his love.
Joyfully he flies and glides, swooping us up.
Jesus flows like a river. Love flows like a river.
Jesus tickle my toes as I stand in his river.
Jesus splashes foamy love upon his followers.
Jesus splashes his foamy love on me.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
I don't want to lose my faith
I don't want to be alone

Somedays I wonder about mediocrity
Sometimes I wonder about togetherness
It's like when you are watching TV at 4 am
And find yourself agreeing with an infomercial
When there is love, there is the king of glory
I wonder about fast food in an instant society
We must be common together, children together
A family tied, bound, and given in love
It's like when you drop the jam and burn
All of your toast and find yourself crying
Aloneness and fear, like roaches desecrate
The opposition of pride rests on your shoulders
The coloring of a pale life. Love of God.
I don't want to be alone. Yet I'm there often.
Wrapped up in a book, in the house, on the sofa.
I don't want to be loosed for the enemy.
An unsplintered friendship is the apple of His eye.
Surrender to lifes' gentle way. Become unified.
What I'm saying is simply the truth
Being alone by choice is offering yourself to death.
Unite yourself with wisdom. Give away life.
Plant your love in others. Plant yourself in God.
Do you find yourself alone with a talk show host?
Sometimes I wonder about togetherness.
Don't tie your shoes together. Loose yourself.
Become dead to vain imagination and blunder.
Pray, teach, serve, encourage and be hospitable.
We need each other. It's no lie. I need you.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
Go for it

When life seems to drag you down

And life's problems make you drown

Then you should always look around

And go for it

In its simple simple way

Questions never do obey

So you look around and say

"I'll go for it."

When lifes' decisions pass you by

And all time does is fly

Don't you fret and don't you cry

Just go for it

And when seeing is not believing

You go for it

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
Love untied

It was love, love untied!
The wind and the rain and my soul set free!

Love, love untried!
We need to find the truth, we need to try to see!

Joy, joy set forth!
Everybody start to dance and people start to sing!
Truth, truth let free!
Like the birds of the air and the fish of the sea!

Peace, peace totally!
Jesus is calling after you and He's calling after me!

Come to me children!
He is running after you and wants to make you see!

He loves you abundantly!
The wind and the rain and my soul let go!

Love, love overflow!
Everybody is grooving and everybody knows!

It was love, love untied!

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
Love over

As the clock chases time for miles upon miles,
I sit on the grass and think about smiles.
For a time and a half, I ate a giraffe,
That I bought at an animal whale of a sale.
My shoes are now red, so I gave them away,
And the river was cool, so I drank like a fool.
Love over. My soul was under your love. Love over.
Just once I would like to be as loud as I might,
Like a solar flare burst could be bright.
But over again, I would just like to sit.
I would love to grow wings, and test out my strings,
And carve my whole name in the sky.
Love over. Red Rover. Send your love right over.
I know life is small, I have bugs on my wall.
But I can't leave a wake, it would be a mistake.
As my cat chases twine, as my brain does unwind,
I think about slime, and am I still fine?
Love over. And over. Love over.
The sunset of your love has begun.
My toes were under the sun.
Love lower.
Quite lower.
Love over.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
Of traitors and of thieves

Everywhere I go, someone knows your name.
Everywhere I go, I find your eyes.
Everywhere I go, I see your peace.
Everywhere I go, you shine like stars.
Every person I meet, needs your life.
Every idea that's thought, guides me to you.
Every theory unproven, proves your justice.
Every traitor you catch, trades you for silver.
Every moth that flies, does so by your grace.
Every rabbit that lives, does so on your prairie.
Every owl that sees, does so with your eyes.
Every woman that pains, gives birth to your love.
Every framer that frames, if only for art.
Every potter that spins, if only for water.
Every candle maker, if only for light.
Every thief that steals, if only for money.

Every creation bears your birthmark.

Save one.


Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
Stock in Stocks

Images, Reality and fantasy
Dreams, Visions and the past. Our reality.
Dreams, Visions and the future. Our fantasy.
Images and frequent showers of idealism.

"What is truth?" the governor asked.
the Jewish carpenter had nothing to say.
"Are you the Christ?" the governor asked.
Under the blood he spoke, "As you say."

Monthly gains in stocks and bonds.
Livestock and trade. Wonderfully made.
County and State. Wheat, Barley, Meal.
Agriculture and Horses. Recklessly sealed.

Cash hog. Cash cow.
Cash flow. Cash now.
Images, Visions frequently lost.
A Jewish carpenter nailed to a cross.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
The pauly Blues (inspired by Jimmy Olson)

I am crucified with Christ.
But am still feeling sinful things
Gotta pocket full of... spinning doctors.
I really don't know why Christians
can't write better music, but that's ok.
I saw my lovely friend Nealy today
at the ranch with my friend.
a lot of new faces, many old too
aha! got a pocket full of... sinful things.
six inches of dedicated mental lust
But I am hung up with Him.
I sure don't know why Christians
can't write better music, but that's ok.
My car is going to the destination
taking myself and my new friends.
A lot of new dancing, old styles too

I gotta pocket full of... Kryptonite.
So many people to talk to
I wake up, and she's on my mind.
I am crucified with Christ
This earth, gotta pocket full of it.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
Draw me to you deep wide

Fields of hope, fields of dreams
Valleys of prayer draw me to you
The vast ocean of recognition, the sea of thought
Everglades of longing draw me to you
deep wide
you have set me free upon the plain of this reality


Mountainsides of joy, glaciers of recognition
Slopes of wonder draw me to you
An insurmountable peak of holiness, a crest of love
Drifts of purity draw me to you
deep wide
You have set me free upon this plain of reality

draw me to you deep wide

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
More Blues

I am crucified with Christ.
But still desire sinful things

too many areas of dedicated mental lust
But I am hung up with Him.
I sure don't know why Christians
do the things that Christians do

My car is going to the destination
taking myself away away away.
I will drive anywhere

Let me dance in the presence
of your broken dreams

Sadness and desire
hate and lust... the blues

I wake up, and she's on my mind.
I am crucified with Christ

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
So Good

You make me feel so good, so good
O Dancing at the club, I feel so good for you
U I always dance for your love and exercise
M Kim dances so the boys will notice
A Shelly dances because she enjoys the words
K Angie dances because she's just a kid
E Dale dances because he likes to dance
M Sheryl dances to try to dance
E Mike really doesn't dance
F And Bear, he just smiles
E We prayed afterwards for peace
E It was a good time, full of life
L Jesus was handing out gifts of love
S Years of preparation and tears of hope
O People praying in, around, away for all
G Pure Christian music, pure Christian ministry
O Yes, save the name, don't play the game
O God moves when His people pray, angels know
Demons and Hell beware, we Christians will rock!

You make me feel so good, You are so good to me

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
Pink slippers and tears

I'm a ballerina,
and if you let me,
I will dance for you.
I'm a ballerina,
and if you let me,
I will dance for you.

She danced and oh the splendorous rapture.
She danced and oh the sweet melody.
She danced and oh the wondrous glory.
She danced and danced and danced.

I'm a ballerina,
and if you let me,
I will dance for you.
I'm a ballerina,
and if you let me,
I will dance for you.

She danced and oh the emotion.
She danced and oh the significance.
She danced and oh the reverence.
She danced and danced and danced.

Well, I'm only a spectator,
but if you let me,
I will cry for you.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

I look into your eyes
I feel like flying
When I look into your eyes
I feel like dying

I wonder if there's any sense at all
I, loving you...
...loving you

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
The big D

i'm writing to you from my computer with severe intestinal crampings.
i ate four or five burritos yesterday, had some pineapple sherbet,
and then went dancing. after that, i had three bottles of mango juice drink,
and this afternoon I had a quart and a half of mandarin tangerine.

maybe this is the problem.

Copyright 2000 by Paul Hart

Why am I so sleepy again?
I awoke three times last night
I napped all afternoon
I struggled up
I stiffly arose
And accomplished nothing that I wanted
But only that which happened by accident
Tomorrow I must face a fear
That burns so deeply
It's been burning for five years now
And that burn gave birth to you
For I sleep not because of you
I pray day and night for you
And your safety
You are my unforgotten song of joy
You are my day dream, and my night theme
You are so beautiful, and...
I still cannot sleep.
I have accomplished nothing that I've wanted
But only this remains:

I love you and we'll be:


And you said:
"We'll be together forever"

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
The Changeling

Forever and a day long ago, spent without reason. Spent with a
Changeling. I threw away four years of my life... not in school
or in the military, but four arduous years being married. My
heart is gone because I trusted a woman with my soul. And
believe me when I say that I was burned. My soul has been burned
to a crisp. My heart aches with the sadness and loss. If I have
truly lost, then I can truly say that I have truly loved. Who
said: "It is better to have loved and lost than to have never
loved at all"? I can't remember... Perhaps I only remember
someone quoting it in a movie. Or maybe I read it somewhere... It
doesn't matter, because I think it might be true.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
towards the end...

Towards a destiny I know not
Towards a life I don't want
I . . . i?
i find my life like i find
doggy doo...
unrelentlessly i pursue a goal
i find repulsive in imagination
i deal not with extremities
but with those things i can
handle (which isn't allot)
so i find myself

Working ...dazed
in large ...confused
circles ...dumbfounded

pick up the gun,
put it in my mouth?

i choose life
i choose it well.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
Divorce and forbidden fruit

A wife in Gods eyes
My wife in mine
I gave her my wholeness
For she was my first

And i lust now for her
For I've known no others
Only the wife
Only for her

Thou shall not covet
Thy neighbors wife...

But what if my neighbor
was also my wife?

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
Me and the stuff I do

She moves my hand when I touch her
She hits me when I try
She tenses when I talk abruptly
I hate it when she cries
Emotions are so wide and deep
Emotions strong and true
For logic is but lost on her
React, not respond to you
She loves me sure, but it's so often
That she hates the things I do

I get angry
I feel angry
She runs away
Life turns to small talk
Our run, now a walk
Temper, temper I tell myself
Or I'll smack her across the room
Patience, patience I yell inside
I hold it until I'm blue

She loves me sure, but it's so often
That she hates the things I do

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
On the way

In the morning, we fought
danced the dance that lovers dance
sing the songs that lovers sing
do the thing that lovers do.
But I was the one wrong.
I asked for help.
I asked for love.
And it was given
In the afternoon, we arrived.
At the festival of the rising son.
and we sang.
and we danced.
and we flew.
and we dreamed.
with hope
and joy
in the house of the Lord.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
I had

I had my first kiss at four
My first french kisser was Ruth
I enjoyed girls and teased them

Until love

I loved her until I forced her away
I tried too hard
I was so very wrong

Until she left me

I dived into sinful ways
And had women chasing me
I have been propositioned

Until I said no

And now I am in love again
Having seen the good and ill
I shall succeed this time

With Her, until I die

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
A poem of you and I

In everything I ever do,
it all adds up to me and you.
In every place I've ever been,
either of faith or maybe sin.
In every thought I ever think,
whether in pencil or in ink.
And any wish I ever dream,
it all adds up to just one thing,
it's just . . .

All of the poems that I've wrote,
and all the lyrics that I'd quote.
With all the stories that I've read,
and all the blood that I've shed.
All of the hurts that I have felt,
and all the flowers I have smelt.
All of the beauty I surmise,
what sometimes seems to pass me by,
is that . . .

Everything I ever do,
four always comes from two and two.
And if I know I'll hold on true,
you'll be with me, and me with you.
For I'll wait upon you Lord,
and I'll renew my strength again.
I shall rise up on eagles wings,
and I shall rise up on the wind,
and so . . .

If I know I'll hold on true,
I know you'll take me through.
I will be on my feet again,
and I'll rise up to be to you,
it's true . . .

You're with me always,
you're with me always.
You never leave
and you never forsake.
I don't know how that
I could ever think you're not,
because . . .

You are.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
here goes!

Lord come and deliver me from this constant torment.
i am so weak and i am so unwise!
there is nothing for me to do.
i stand defenseless and naked,
my confusion exposed.
i am as a lamb before a hungry lion.
save me Lord!
deliver me from the one who tries
to devour me at every step.
protect me with your mighty hand.
restore to me all that has been lost.
strengthen my whole being with your Spirit,
so that i may walk in your will.
change me and shape me into a tool
that you can use to bring
your will into this world.
Lord, let the sound of your mighty name
be heard by every ear,
and let your name be glorified
throughout the earth
and beyond.

Written by Michele Berkes
Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
St. Valentines Day
(I don't celebrate Catholic Holidays)

I return the love
I return the gratitude
I love you more today
than ever
for our love grows on
people places things disasters Satan

all, my dear

too late for hate
our love is for real

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
hey neel,

i'm lost in a world of gray.
when you stand nowhere today.
forever is like the tide.
it's waves bend us in our minds.

i need you more than the state.
did you know i cannot hate?
i'm lost in a world of gray.
when you stand so far away.

-your lover

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

Sometimes blonde hair
She smiles
Eyes sparkle
I love her tenderly
"Blue eyes like me!"

Brown unruly hair
A giggle
Tender hug
I love her so much

Light straight hair
Shy glance
A laugh
A little T-Rex

The three loves of
My life

I want to be there always
Until the very end
I'd like to be there always
Let our love never end.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
Beauty of life

God is such an incredible being.
He is larger than any imagination
or any scope of reality
that we could ever devise.
I love God and the concept
of an entity who can control
and shape this present reality into
much more than Einstein or Newton
or Euclid or Galileo could have
ever conceived.
It is such an honor
to serve a deity who is
actually alive with love and thought.
Alive with the very presence of our souls smell.

In all of history,
man has tried to come up with things to worship.
Wood for idols, Selfishness for themselves,
Weapons. Tools. Ideologies. Technology.
Innovation. But it seems like Mankind as a whole
has always swung wide on the postulate
that the inventor of reality
should not only be our source
but our sustainer as well.
I am proud to be a part of
a body of believers
who hold their faith in a true and living God.
The only being who actually gives a hoot.
That being cares. He CARES.
For you, me, and our entire pathetically striving race.
That's my God and
He loves you.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
Good decision #43

It was a decision
a choice, planned from childhood
we've done it before
but OUR choice... the NEW thing...
a choice, finished in September
when we met, I thought it was for sure
we really weren't sure yet though
I wonder how it looks from Heaven
from the eyes of my mommy
I wonder how they think of us

(I can't BELEIVE it!, I actually found my soul-mate!)

I'm glad she's with me
I'm glad I'm hers
it was a decision
a good one

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
Jess Anthony Johnson

When we moved to Tulsa
We felt relieved
When we moved to Tulsa

I did believe

Perhaps the jerk you left
might make an attempt
on our lives

But the pattern is clear
for he does not care
for my wife

As we traveled southward
I was convinced
As we traveled southward

It was intense

And left with all doubts
what this might be about
he whined

And pout in the end
A bottle his friend
He cried

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
You are you

I am glad that you are you
And not someone else
Life would be confusing
If life were that way.
I wouldn't know the love
I wouldn't know the friendship
I wouldn't have a clue.
I'm glad you are you.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
Earth Brother

The fell of the trees
leaves shuttered
sky muttered:
"rape of earth"
- for one yellow tablet
could not hold
all of my

i could would write upon all the
scraps of papers that have ever


and not touch upon how i care

for you are more precious than
brother tree
sister sparrow
mother hawk
father sunshine
Father Son
... no not Him
I could would should
write all night
but shall abstain refrain
my love for

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

hi, I am worried that you will turn
into a worry-wart and end up hating
everyone when we get older. I hope you
see that you are not trapped in this life.
I hope you see yourself as a spinning child
of glory, as a bird of charity on the
winds of the breath of tomorrow's rainbow.

If I close my eyes will I see blue skies?
If I close my eyes will I find you?

for us to love truly, we must reveal our darkness
our hatred, our anger, our fears, anguish and pain
I want to see your grief
I want to measure the terror

I want to float you like a cloud
I want to swallow you like flowers swallow rain
I want to lift you up to heavenly places
...and beg you to remain.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

That day that we climbed the banks down to the bank
and we read books
and I used the restroom and wiped with leaves

Do you remember that day that we walked to the park
and found that bag of chocolate
There with the Frisbee golfers
and our walking sticks
we clung to Gods graciousness
We had eachother

Escaping from the grasp of parents
Eluding the clutches of family
We made our daring escape
and retreated to natures recluse

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
Re: Reprise

When the waters of my soul
threaten to run dry
there I find my soul
within your eyes

One fight cannot come close
to ending our surprise
when within your grasp
I have found my life

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
Frenzy of emotion displayed to my demise

You have no idea the depth.
You have no idea the width.
You have no idea the height.
You have only seen the time.

I lied to you of amnesia.
I tried too hard with work.
I didn't get you happiness.
I couldn't make things work.

We owned a piece of heaven.
We grew up in His hand.
But after the near brush with death.
Things got out of hand.

I'm sorry that they hurt you.
I'm sorry they made you cry.
When Church people hurt you love.
I felt like I could die.

There's nothing wrong with nose-rings.
There's nothing wrong with style.
Will you take me back to Ft. Wayne?
Can we stop and talk awhile?

We helped so many people.
With my music, and your diaper ministry.
You were the tender flower.
While I was just a machine.

I am so sorry... forgive me.
For taking away all of your dreams.
Your heart was only bleeding.
I couldn't even hear you scream.

Your pain is yours. Yours only.
I share not any your grief.
You betrayed me in the bedroom.
You left me at New Planet to die.

There is nothing that I could say now.
No words will take actions back.
Know this alone and only.
I apologize for all of my lack.

You have no idea the depth.
You have no idea the width.
You have no idea the height.
You have only seen the time.

Michele Berkes, from the bottom
of my soul, I appologize for ever
hurting you and want you to know
that Jesus and I still pray for you.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

I guess I must be crazy
I guess I must be strange
To love a girl so wonderful
So beautifully enflamed.

Will she call me when she's hurting?
When she's been beat up inside...
I can only help but wonder,
Will she ever want to be mine?

I guess I must be stupid
I guess I must be scared
To never tackle the problem
To never face the bear.

But will I see her when she's crying?
Will I be there to be hers...
I can only help but wonder,
Do I get what I deserve?

I guess I must be crazy
I guess it is my fault
I should have sent more letters
Or called and called and called.

What happens when we're 80?
Will our love fade like the wind...
I will love you like no other,
I will wait even 'till then.
(Michele my love, please forgive me)

You are the moonlight
You are the Comet
You are the hope
In the blackest of nights

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
Love lives at the end of time

Dust collected Rust neglected
Thoughts abandoned Dreams unlanded
Time grew old Lies grew cold

Hands firm and strong now tremble
I comb away my years
I wipe away my tears I hide all of my fears

He still loves me
though I lie
He still loves me
though I die
He still cares
and I show him
what it's like
to love him back
And He smiles

He still loves me And He loves you
And He smiles And I smile too

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
my love

I will live no greater love
I will aspire no higher purpose
but to be your love
live your light and your holiness
my life continues nevermore
but only going on with your love
my life does not exist
except in your arms
my life does not have purpose
but that it is in you
I love you, you are my life
I will give everything that I am
I would give everything I'm not
to be with you. I'm in love
with the love that you give me
no greater high or rush
could ever touch your skies
No meaning or purpose
could I achieve, but your smile
I love you. And it is true
I would die for you,
And I will live for you.
Forever I will live for you.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
Spy-der de-sire

Spider thread, so swift and fine.
Realize the pull, the laugh, the line.
From your skeletal system, into mine.
And once our bodies have joined.
Forever we shall be. One flesh, One heart.
One mind, One soul, One body, One Person.

I yearn for you dearly
I yearn for you dearly
I yearn for you dearly
I yearn for you dearly

Oh God of the lyre,

take my desire,
purged in your fire,
help me aspire,
cling to you higher,
and all you require,

I yearn for you dearly
I yearn for you dearly
I yearn for you dearly
I yearn for you daily

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
Agape Lover

Pain in the head
Until I am dead
I will be here for you

Open umbrellas
In my dead heart
I'll wait for you
Rain dance under
Dry and Blue Skies
I'll be near you

And when struck down
I'll hold my banner
of your love
until I die

I see you
sitting there
I have wanted nothing
all my life
but your love
my Lord

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
Waltz in the park

I think that it was November
when the leaves were changing
and I was climbing the trees they
belonged to
When I had fun with nature
in the autumnal equinox time
and life was just a fun time
with my girlfriend
You might think that we were
nuts or a little loony
running nature trails together
bare-footed then
But looking into our eyes
You could see God and charity
And total abandonment to life
all for God
Was it in November, or now
I seem to remember feeling this
It was yesterday and it was
right here

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
Lover of love

You are the sweetness in the murkiness of my day.
Your smile is a light to my dreary way.
The light from your eyes gives power to my step,
and your energy brings up from my soul... life, like water.
I love you my dear. You. Like no other. My best friend,
my true heart, desire so pure, thoughts so warm,
melting is my mind when it dwells upon the furnace of your ardent desire.
deep. so deep is your love. Leviathan deep is your love.
And my love so wide. Cosmonaut wide. Our loves blend,
twist and swirl into a rainbow of faces and smiles and
happy-dancy feet.
we mesh, we mold. come together and hand-in-glove fit.
We are one, we have won, we, one won.
How I long to lace and weave myself into the fabric of your inner want.
The chakra of your karma comes to me.
I grow and learn inside your mind and know, always learning.
I know your mind, your soul together spun with mine, forever twine.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
Champion of the Hart

My dearest Gazelle!
Come home to me swiftly deer-one.
Come home to me with hinds feet.
Search for me in the glen.
Elsewhere you shall see disappointment.
I am yours truly.
Gods and yours alone.
I am your forest-lord.
I am the white stag of the glen.
You are the swift and lovely elk of desire.
My dear.
My deer.
Come back to me my dear one.
Come back to me with hinds feet on high places.
For I am your Heart.
Your Hart.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
To you

To a friend for all times
I've needed to write this for some time
All of our troubles, all of our fun
Is now lost since you bought your gun
I figured when you married
After all three kids
You would hit your senses
But even now resist
But if I'm telling tales
And if I'm spouting lies
Then I'd be the first
That was surprised
Lose the gun lady
Death isn't pretty
We all know that

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
{This is how much I love you}

I love you
with all the
love of my heart
with all the
width of my soul
with all the
tenderness of my emotions
with all the
strength of my flesh
with all the
wit of my mind
with all the
smiles of my face
with all the
kisses of my lips
with all the
gas of my car
and with all the
money of my finances.

Yours till the Lord returns

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
Purple dance

Dance purple all
night long and
you shall see
new visions, dreams
and celestial beings
that take form
with the increase
of spirituality and
God-like nature
How can you
claim to be
an omni-giant
when you don't
follow through with
the menial tasks
you were just so
wish-washy, just
as you are now
dance, dance purple
the long night away
for a short time
see the unthinkable
believe the impossible
know the incredible
dance purple baby.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
The trouble

An apostle of creole
The disciple of shame
Bring it on sucker MC
Why don't you want to play

Some brother was fighting
Someone who was played
But homey was shut down
Got him burst into flames

Yo now he be clownin
Like he knew he got game
He ain't axin nobody
Sucker disciple of shame

Wash it down
Watch it drown
Apostle of hatred
Disciple of shame

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
Kids like Jesu

When I think that I will spend eternity with the creator of the Cosmos, I feel a little threatened sometimes. It is a staggering thought to put yourself into the realm of the spiritual... knowing that we are but frail and haggard mortals. How could we even count ourselves worthy to be called creatures of the Holiest One; much less CHILDREN? I weep often when I survey all that He has done for me. The beauty all around me comes crashing in and my heart swells to a torrent. Gone are the days of the perchance and the weak decisions. Today, Christ Himself rides triumphant into my soul and I am pierced with His glory!

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

Here I am, lost and a-lonely
Please lie down and rub my belly

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
I got lost on the way to Indianapolis

I'm just glad to count you as friend
I'm glad that I'm in love with you
I'm happy to be a part
of the happy time
It is a good
good thing to be fond of
the wife of your life
whisper in my ear the quality of your love
reveal to my soul. lay yourself bare
here I am writhing in torture
of your painful bliss. Your painful lust
You are the torture of my sorry soul
The beauty contained in you
you is lost
when you forget
to smile, to laugh, to love, to live
cherish those who like and protect you
I think that this turned into a poem
I started on line one and ends
up on line twenty.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

is her middle name

but she doesn't like to be called by it
and it makes me wonder how many times
we don't like the things about ourselves
that we cannot change for who can add
to his measure an inch just by thinking
about it but God can add to our soul a
fire so rich so free and so true that
it is never embarrassing to see the real
you because you are just real after all
all flesh is grass and what is in a name
anyway but letters in an alphabet Lynn
is as beautiful as the sun and i love
her for who she is even if it is her
middle name

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
this woman...

What can I say about this woman
that needs to be said?
I know I love her.
I know she loves me
If we would have tried harder
Things would have been better
I thought we would be much
more mature than this
I thought I would be much
more thoughtful
Possibly I need more than
What I thought I did
Perhaps it's our separation
We've lost tough touch.
Perhaps this...
Perhaps that...
I'm tired of wondering...
I want a real life.
She is my real wife.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
New change

I would give anything, I would
To see our hearts as one
I found a ring in three colors
Our body, soul, spirit
It was almost eleven at church
The Father, Son, Spirit
We will travel our life holding hands
together as one
Our time will be spent nicely
Jesus, her, I, children
The missionary heart for
The missionary Harts
We rise up as one.
New change, new life
Paradigm shift.
We spread our love through the Son.
We spread our love to everyone
A family are we
Traveling, hand in hand
to Jesus and infinity.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

Pretense meant nothing to me

when I looked into her eyes

Gazing into coolness

matching spy for spy

She read my like a Bible

Chapter, book, and verse

All the words dried on my tongue

all the lines rehearsed

Pretense meant nothing

as I looked into her eyes

All I could do was think of love

and moments passed us by

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
My Wife

My love and my wife
Through many endless years
We shall reign as victors
Over life’s circumstances
For never have we been seen
To hide our faces and cry
And have never been made
To cry over spilt milk
But under the worst of things
We seek direction in the Lord
And we follow His light
Through all of Hell-on-Earth
If we be fools, let it be
If we be wise, let it be
All for King and Father
All for Jehovah, our master
Our Boss, Our Dad,
Our Comforter, El Shadi,
Rohim, Tsidkenu, Nissi,
Lord of all... My wife and I...

We worship You.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
Dance Floor Sexy

Riding tandem two by two
I've come to think of me and you
We ride forever, side by side
Slip and glide, Slip and glide

Forever seems like far away
Like rocky shores to distant clay
But ever now I know you're true
For everything is me and you

You dance like me, strange and new
You dance like a cool disco guru
I don't know when I left the floor
But you still dance and I adore

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

I know the Lords wish
I know my own heart
I know her strong love
I propose
Both gentle and kind
So silly and insane
After eating Kens cookies
I propose
Will you be my wife?
Will you be my bride?
Will you be my Hart?
I propose
I know You are right
I know this is right
We will grow old as one
I propose
Honey, will you marry
A person like me
Will you be my own?
I proposed.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

I have been overcome
with new ideas and formulas
in my head that have been
growing there since I have
first started writing. I
have written now for only
eight years and still find
myself up till all hours
of the night pounding out
poetry in plenty. I
originally intended this
chapter to be just thoughts
and essays about things
that concerned the world
as well as those things
which concerned me, but
seasons and writings are
formed into sometimes
other things than we
would imagine, and well...
here we are. Not with
another selection of
prose or poetry, but
with a hodgepodge of
information. There perhaps
is no order or semblance
to these writings, but
taken each one as an
individual scrap of
information... they can
be quite insightful.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

When we marry, when we exchange rings
When we walk that isle. When we kiss
Our lives will be as one.
Our hearts will be as one.
Our minds will be as one.
Our love will be as one.
When we marry, when we kiss.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
When True love is found

I have never loved a woman
I have never chased a girl
I have envisioned none so pure
As I have envisioned you

I have cherished none so beautied
I have lavished none so rich
I have wondered about no other
As I have wondered about you

There are no men can hold me back
There is no strength to hold me down
There will no empowerment come
As have been empowered by you

There was no one to compare with
There was no one I could share with
There was no one I will live with
As I long to live with you

As I long to love on you

As I long to be loved by you

As I long to dearly love you

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
Round and round

I tire of chasing you.
I have talked and have written,
Listened and conversed.
I have heard your dark secrets...
Don't you realize I like you?

Isn't this something like dating?
Yet you insist that you don't date...
I would like to know you better,
But you hide behind your walls.
Does my love fall dead at your feet?

The light behind your laughter...
The joy behind your eyes...
It's pain that makes you smile...
And tears have fed your songs.
Did you know I like your voice?

I know you but I don't.
I know you more than you like.
You want me to go away,
But complain when I don't write.

I'm looking for an explanation,
I'm looking for some kind of sign.
I'll come and take your hand,
If you will only take mine.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
Spirits a wanderin

When you read the Bible, you see stories of pain and of destruction,
and you ask yourself: Why are these stories in here?
Chapters devoted to things like brothers raping their sisters,
cities being devoured by fire, etc...
Well, I tend to think that when Jehovah had the Bible crafted over all those years,
He wanted to have examples of how not to live and how not to behave.
Oh yeah, just look at Exodus and Judges for some really good examples.

Well, I believe in the active presence of spiritual entities in this world.
So do 89% of North Americans. Well, Angels at least. However,
let us not exclude their fallen brethren, the devil-kind.
Not GHOSTS... but Devils. Nothing unbiblical I think.
Just a straight forward look on how the fallen must view the world around us.
I believe that they have a viable viewpoint. Albeit corrupt and demented...
they at least know the scriptures and hold fast to the eternal truth of a God and the truth that they know.

Angels are one thing. But what does the world know about the rest of the Spirit-world? Not much.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

Here is my soul. Broken for God. Make me an instrument of your peace.

I went through a time in my life for five years when it seemed like
everyone around me died or left. Two of my best friends committed suicide
from drug misuse, my mother died... after my fathers remarriage; my step-
mother died. My grandfather died, my wife left, my business went under,
I wasn't allowed to see my step-daughter, My church shunned me. My friends
turned on me, I totaled my car, I lost my house... get the picture?

Needless to say it was a hard time in my life. I had a hard time living
with myself and the guilt that I had pressed into a small package and had
left sit in my soul. It seemed that I was on a crash course with self
destruction and there was no eject seat.

So I started smoking. And drinking. I got a girlfriend, and formed a casual
drug-habit. Anything to escape reality. I would literally spend entire days
in front of the computer playing games. I hated the way things were, I hated
my life, and I hated myself. I had felt abandoned by God. The feeling that
I imagined I had was that of Christ when He was hung up on the cross. My
prayer and complaint was always: "My God, why have you forsaken me?"

That was years ago. Life has left scars, but God was always faithful...
whether I knew it or not.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
Indigo Dark Burn Finale

~ Dark Grin ~
Do you see?
Death on His cross
We win
But no...
He sees me
and my fate
with my lord
will I suffer
no forgiveness
no mercy
no hope

no hope for the fallen...
but there is hope for you...

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
Indigo Dark Burn Reprise

There is no hope for me.
But the knowledge is there.
I ever foresee and search.
There is none for me.
No forgiveness for demons.
Do you believe me?
/ Hopeless sigh

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
they are back

caged in a thousand tons of granite

they came long far ago
they been here ever since

wracking their souls for freedom

they came long time ago
they be here long time now

listening to you sleep

they wake now from the graves
wanting to feed again

listening to you cry

demon nephilim
calling out
through the
of your minds
third eye

listening to you pray

demon nephilim
calling your name
calling your name
to do their bidding
and join them
in hell

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
If you say something

“If you say something

loud enough
often enough

People are

simple enough

to believe that
they can have

more than enough

of what you have

little enough of.”

-Adolph Hitler

Translated loosly from the German
Form Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
(pauly hart wishes to convey no anti-Semitic feelings, pauly has levitical blood in his veins anyway, he wants only to prove a point)
Fire Station #666

When the Spirit of truth ignites the kindled flame
Inside of you begins to burn up, up and around again
And you begin to transmit a smoke-signal to show
Where the holy fire burns, for the wind of God to blow

The alarm goes out round creation... Fire in the east
Something has combusted! The flame will need to feed
Where the candle under basket: is hidden, dull and safe
The Wildfire of the Spirit... catches, licks and leaps.

The Nephilim hear alarms and burst into full speed.
And Fire Marshall Lucifer hops on his trusty steed.
Racing to the fire-spout, to extinguish every ounce
The Fire Station #666 is ready on the pounce

But Jah is in control this day, to burn away the dross
And purge the world from its sin, to satisfy the cross
For every rooftop now alights, and angels now rejoice
The Pentecostal back-draft rush, as if creation had a choice.

The glory that has come at last, is power that will stay
Where winds of doctrines come and go, but I they will not sway
For my heart is on fire, and it scorches to the core
The revival cry has come again as I lie as dead upon the floor

The tempest has blown over, the lava cooled to rock
I looked about and saw, gold dust upon my smock
And trembling I did realize the truth revealed at last
That Jesus Christ my savior, is unshaken to the last

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

My father just told me
She has three months to live

I am in pain
My pain runs deep
and no pain killer
will take it away

I saw her in her room
gasping with shallow breath

She is in pain
Her pain runs deep
and no smiling faces
will take it away

I don't want her to die
She doesn't want to die
Why God, Why?

I can't lose my mommy
For I'm still that baby
in the arms of love
so very long ago

The future winks at me
in its mischeviousness
And its uncertainty

I just want my mom
to meet the girl I marry
And pray a blessing for us
Before she goes away.

I don't want to lose my mommy
For she's the one I love.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
Only the lonely

Only the lonely eat Pizza alone.
Only the lonely survive the night.
Only the lonely buy one movie stub.
Only the lonely call the T.V. their friend.
Only the lonely drive hours at night.
Only the lonely find crime a fun thing.
Only the lonely cry in their sleep.
Only the lonely drown their fears.
Only the lonely cling to the past.
Only the lonely cling to the past?
Only the lonely cling to their memories.
Only the lonely smile at their pain.
Only the lonely discover their death.
Only the lonely try.
Only the lonely cry.
Only the lonely fly.
Only the lonely die.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
younger ( and moonrise)

When I was younger I ran up hills
and chased cats, dreamed of space
and drew monsters, goofed around
and got in trouble, shot my slingshot
and climbed my trees, swam my lakes
and invented my dreams, wrote my poems
and skated my board, played with toys
and collected comics, stole some money
and kissed some girls, when I was younger
When I was younger I did a lot
and now I am older, and I do more
When I was younger I did allot
and now I am older, and I do more

(Black sky sick with purple stars)
(Gray clouds scattered, hemming in life)
(Sickening and pale, strewn with moss)
The dead eye stares lifeless and unblinking
(flickering and unliving... moonrise)

(my life... echoes... my dark life)
The dead eye stares lifeless and unblinking

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
Indigo Dark Burn Part Three

Demon night. Starflyer. Starflyer.
I... Indigo, burn the past.
I study this future, and the now.
Do you believe that I search?
Listen and believe.
[ Disgusted grin ]
Stop doubting, listen... believe.
I am infinity, and I search it through.
I angel bright, fly along steadily.
Searching... ever searching... searching.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
Knead, Knead, Knead you thrifty bakers

Knead the world into a harvest of submission
Plough the ground with fallowness and hatred
And till up the stony ground with false love

Oh ye bakers of a lost and dying world

Oh ye makers of a would- be perfect world
You, lesser gods called now and chosen
Knead the world into a harvest of submission

Flatten and spin, knead, knead again

Full of the zeal and fire of your spirit
Powder and fold, flatten, form and mold
Knead knead and knead again

You bakers of the harvest, bakers of the world

You makers of a maelstrom of envy and hate
Bake the cake of forgetfulness and sin
Make straight the way for Lucifer's den

Bakers you are, and leaven in act

Kneading the world to the knowledge of loss
Suffer the rich, and bring lower the poor
Bake all you want, but you shall burn in Abbadon

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
Underscored for life
(Indigo on a lunch break)

Underscored am I
forsaken I am
> lucid smile <
forgetful is he
no forgiveness still
for my kind
I shall burn
- disquieting grin -
I do not mind
it so much
for I who roamed
once in your life
you shall now be
with me

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

Flame licks my hand
Smell singed hair
Black smudge of wax
Wick crumbling
I face Hell with triumph
I wantonly disobeyed
I serve sentence
For repetitive crimes
For tutoring the darkness
That lived within me
That lived within her
I serve sentence for

I'm a goner.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
life sucker

it was like the first time she saw him
leaning over the pool
and gazing in

it was like the very first time
that she saw him

it was that time that she had the urge
and pushed
she had pushed hard
so hard

and now she had plenty of time
to think about what she did
plenty of time
in c block
in cell 506

plenty of time

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
Paradigm Flux

now gone
my eyes
in the smoke
I watch now
with ears
gone deaf
my hands
suspended far
above me
in testimony
in sacrifice
to lord Satan...
I am impaled
through the
my rotted tongue
eaten by crawlies...
I, Dracul
the ungrateful dead
end my life
as I ended others...
and lord Satan
for I, his puppet
performed well.
Damn my Lord Satan...
Like I have damned me...

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
Tiny Flame

candlestick burn away
wax dripping flame smoldering
eat at wax
confirm your shape, shift power
throw out your wick
as a beggar throws away bread
cling relentlessly
harden and shudder, never to die
hands that feel
reaching and grasping to live
hands toward the light
taking and learning from its warmth
a blindness absorbs me
the ignorance of impending cold
and still the candlestick burns
with the wax dripping from its flame
it draws me into its legacy
the flame tiny and pure
carnauba wax smells indifferently
not the odor that i would expect
wick and wax, mix and match
burn candle, burn candle
burn candle burn

the candle. snuff. The smoke...
no more light. No more light.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
carve feel dance doze death

carve a cantaloupe for me I say
upon these eastern skies arising
dig a trench within my heart
onto these joyous shining seas
wear me down from thick to thin
and throw me upon the wall
knit and needle, point my soul
another cross-stitch of your love
place a bomb within my mind
also the clockwork of your strings
feel the frantic lovers loss
and dance my head into the grave
pull the pillows softening down
doze upon these sheets of gain
push the pen that killed a king
under the waters of the dead
gather the might that giants have
within the harness of your tongue
pierce through my eyes with needled death
throughout the never-ending chase

carve a cantaloupe for me I say
upon these eastern skies arising

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
Indigo Dark Burn Part Two

Stars before me, Light behind.
Faster, faster, I burn, I travel and fly.
Angel bright. Busied Starflyer.
I Indigo, like Merlin, foresee all.
I see all, know all dark thoughts.
|Lustfull Drool|
I stand in darks path, I... Indigo.
I search for lost hope.
I've started in Bolivia...
And have been lead here.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
The silken noose

Ties that hold us
forget who we are and what we've accomplished
they do not care for ribbons
they scoff at our trophies
they are as blind as any disease
ties that bind us
resist change and punish innovation
it's uncomfortable to live in newness
abhorrent to dwell in the light
it's an abomination to rightly believe
ties that bind and snag and kill
that's why i do not wear ties

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
Power is greater

The ability to twist to lie
I love to be in control of things
To deceive is the greatest gift of all
To take a perfectly straight lie
And twist it into a truth
(I did not say THE truth... did i?)
+forceful laugh+
I am truth
I am truth
I am a lie
Truth is a lie
Lies are the truth

I have traveled the stars
to bring you this wisdom

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
Thick lips

Thick lips slur the speech that
breed lies and discrepancies
hypocrisy and lousy statements
of half truth

Thick lips make promises with a forked tongue.

Thick lips kiss well
Thick lips drip poisonous drool
making me nauseated with the stench
of a whores perfume

Thick lips conceal the truth of the vampiric bite
that drains precious life blood

these lips of ours
so thick and supple
are nothing more than slave ships
under no embargo

other than truth

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
Poetry reading

Descent against the America of the '50s
Mr. Snyder reads his poems
he works, he writes, he reads
The real work, what is to be done, what is left
Daisy Zamora speaks now about the war
About her knapsack, about Nicaragua
She speaks of womanhood- of nothingness
your number one purpose is species continuation
Leaping without wings from the precipice
Leaping without wings into nothingness
I have nothing, I am nothing, I must die.

…and I think I'm melancholy?

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
105 degrees

I'm drying up
being asphyxiated in the heat
I'm withering away
being washed up in its dryness

totally broken
recklessly shattered

I wash away
the wind... it sears and purges

demolishing, destroying, decaying
the heat... a wet blanket smothering
I wash away
I wash away
with the heat wave from the doldrums
with the blizzard from hells summer solstice
with the 105 degrees of wall to wall
of deep magenta shag carpet of a heat
I smother, I quiver, I wither
I shake, shine and burn

and it smells like chlorine
105 degrees of it

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
Home bring me

Hair, lots of it, I am embodied in fur

Leaves a plethora of forest, I am trees

seconds, tons of time, I am travelers essence


Give me truth to cast away the lies
Give me love that only you can give
Give me paper so my hands can tell
Give me love that only you can give
Give me joy to cast away the doubt
Give me love that only you can give
Give me shoes so my feet can run
Give me love that only you can give
me home bring
home me bring
bring home me
me bring home
home bring me
bring me home
bring me home
bring me home

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart
Ruthless Teeth

Discover more to life
He says
He says discover
Lord we call him...
of flies... maggots... worms
#forlorn shrug#
then i am a maggot
"Yesss, Baaal."
we say, we envision
his brain sucked dry

(are you getting this?)

there is no order, only chaos
and death and the smell of rotting
and bile and fire and film and fire and bracken
and larva hatching in your ears

i hate my job
except for it led me to you
^satisfied gurgle^

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart