glen hansard - 'say it to me now' from the movie 'once'

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The Second Renaissance: Parts one and two


if you have not seen these videos. you should.
if you do not know what these are. you should.
you have been misinformed.
you have been lied to.
you are being controlled.
wake up.
every passing moment is a chance to turn it all around.

part one

part two

John McCain voices his opinion

wacky techno song


I took a dip in the sky
From 10,000 feet, out of a perfectly good airplane

I wanted to feel what a bird feels
On its way to sudden death

Skywalking... diving... air tripping
You don’t even breathe
You don’t need to

At so many feet per second per second
The world is so small up there

And then you pop
Whiplash of the groin

There are two kinds of parachutes you know
Good ones and others

I got a good one this time

With the jump masters away I am free
Floating, flaring, banking, cells open

Take the worst car crash
The best orgasm
And the exhilaration from watching your favorite trilogy

And you have not yet begun to touch

The raw supple cutting caressing beautiful angst and pain

Of those



Copyright 2004 by pauly hart

Quivering and Cold

Renamed: “Sweetheart” by the Gypsy Coffeeshop Open Mic Night crowd

I want to know why my black heart rots
I have loved learned lived loves labor lost
Whistling crying dying vying trying writhing
Nubile and supple living towards who I am
I am loved no matter what they say
I am special and am to become more
Why have I been so wrong and fearful
Where was my mother father and brother
When you locked me out that rainy day
Was it because I was tripping or
Was it because you are just a bitch

You are, were and probably will be wrong
I want to be pure again and not tainted
I want to live again not frustrated
You are like the orgasm that never comes
Why my heart is ripped from my rib cage
And why have I been left to rot

Quivering and cold

Your vacant eyed whore blunder, keep your shame
I have my hope, my dreams and my vision
Righteousness exalted me while you fail

Copyright 2004 by pauly hart

You will laugh your butt off at some of this stuff.

I wish I could afford this...

5 reasons why Facebook sucks
April 16, 2008

CEO Business Network
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So Facebook allows its users to import content into their newsfeeds now? Competing with aggregators like Friendfeed?
Big deal. The service is already loaded with features that provide no value, so adding a new one isn’t going to make it
any better. Let me provide you with five reasons I personally don’t like Facebook very much (hey, it’s just my opinion).

Facebook is a large walled garden that allows users in but never, ever let’s them out.

Even after deletion fo an account your data is still within the Facebook databases. Moving to another service with your
data is impossible. Getting your data out leads to account deletion (not data deletion, that remains with Facebook). I
don’t like customer lock-in, I want customer freedom.

Facebook is based upon a flawed business model.

They use the free but ad-based business model which is fine when you are a giant search company, but really sucks
when your main objective should be allowing your users to interact. There is no place for ads in interaction. It’s
merely trespassing in conversations between friends.
Facebook newsfeeds are highly overrated.

They might have been the first to implement them, but the newsfeed sucks. I recently took a picture of my own newsfeed
and it has learned me that one of my friends is playing Scrabble, three people added an application, someone had changed
his profile picture (which was sort of obvious as I could already see that it had changed), and some advertisement for large
Facebook groups I should be in. I’m not interested to read ‘Alexander went to movie X”. I’m interested in personal message
like “Hey, I went to movie X last night. Had a great time, you should go see it too”. The first message was an Orwellian
Facebook Big Brother is watching you headline. The second one was a personal message from a friend. Pick the one you
like best.

Facebook is spam.

Can’t say it any clearer. While a lot of Facebook’s intentions (and those that create Facebook applications), might be to
provide the user a good time, it is spammy as hell. I get a lot of requests to look at things my friends send me, only to
find out I need to forward it to other friends too. Often even before I get to see the content. I don’t want to harass my
friends with that. Which reminds me that I need to talk to the person sending me that stuff too

Facebook is about data hogging, not about user value

Facebook isn’t there to provide its users with value. It is there to collect all the data it can get out of you, your social
graph, your actions inside and outside the walled garden. It needs to do this in order to fuel it’s business model (that
is why the business model is wrong). Facebook shouldn’t be hogging data, they should be providing user value. Instead
of customer lock-in, they should be thinking about customer freedom. Instead of importing feeds from other sites,
they should be opening up themselves to third parties. Instead of locking me down they should allow me to leave if I
want to and taking my friends and data wherever I want to go. But they don’t, and you already know why.

very lethal

this is the 'wasp knife' or 'gas knife' now becoming popular. original invention
was credited to nazi saidist himmler. hhhmmmmm. is someone forgetting the past?

Deadly Compressed Air Knife (Updated)
By Sharon Weinberger
If you were creeped out by the compressed air gun used by the villain in No
Country for Old Men, you might want to skip this post. There's a new patent
out for a deadly compressed gas knife, which like its name suggests, injects
compressed air into the victim (making it a more deadly weapon than a regular knife).

The kife would be "particularly useful for a diver and that when an undersea
creature is pierced, the compressed gas both causes tissue and organ damage
and provides buoyancy to float the creature towards the surface."

Here's more from the patent:

The handle has an internal cavity containing a compressed gas source and the
blade is affixed to the handle. The blade has an internal bore running along a
longitudinal axis from the handle to a point proximate a tip. The blade further
has an aperture extending from a first edge to the internal bore at an angle
relative to the longitudinal axis of between and The
trigger has a depressed position and a not depressed position. When in the
depressed position, the internal bore communicates with the compressed gas
source and when in said not depressed position, the internal bore is blocked
from the compressed gas source. When a creature is pierced with the knife,
the trigger is depressed
injecting compressed gas into the creature greatly enhancing the
incapacitating effect of the knife.

The knife is designed for scuba divers, not murderous lunatics, says the
patent. Then again, the compressed air gun in No Country for Old Men was
meant for cattle.


DANGER ROOM's very own David Hambling reminds me that the compressed air knife
has a precursor, the Farallon Shark Dart, a U.S. Navy weapon from the 1970s:

The most common version resembles a slim dagger, with a CO2 cartridge in the
handle and a long hollow needle for a blade. The idea was to stab the shark,
causing the CO2 to be released into its body. The idea was that this would not
kill it but would affect its buoyancy, forcing it to break off the attack
without leaving much blood in the water. The reality may have been more gruesome.

"I saw some footage on it, it was horrible," says a diver describing the
effects here. "Their bellies would inflate and they said it would force the
shark’s stomach out of their mouths."

That makes you wonder kind of close-up mess the air knife would make.

who invented the computer?

i miss the good old days