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Bubble Eidetic Spindrome


reeeeeallly fantastic. a bit of a snap between the first
and second movements but it works out all in the end.

Drift Slicycle Popped

usually there is someone else composing music but this
one man team on part three does a great job.


Sparkle Esperantumor Stimulation

aha. a perfect example of each team working together to keep
fluidity in every part.


man this had the potential for taking first place but
the third storyteller kiiiiiiiiiilllllled it.
so beautiful and then ARGHHHHHH!



MR. T does it right

out of all the mindless ''jibber jabber'' that i have seen mr. t in
i cannot express what a relief it is to finally come across something
entertaining and worthwhile to suit his character.

i have (like many people) experienced this pop-iconic freak in many
a disappointing commercial and television show. but today i bring you...

the only mr. t worth watching... thanks goodness it's only 30 seconds long.


Art Deco?

“In The Middle Are The Sheeple”

article found here

The Paretto Principle states that “For many events, 80% of the effects
come from 20% of the causes”, which is valid in many realms. Versions include
“Twenty percent of any group do 80% of the work”, and “Twenty percent of
customers (or sales force) produce 80% of business activity.”
However, in modern times, the numbers have shifted.

* * * * * * * *

The American Revolution of 1775 to 1783 was not a popular war. The
active revolutionary colonists on one side were about 25% of the population;
the Tories on the other side wanted King George to prevail. The sheeple in the
middle tried to avoid engagement with either side: they had crops to raise and
kine to tend and commodities were scarce and whale oil for their lamps cost
too darn much. They would rather just be left alone.

In politics, one side is progressive, which means to work for the
betterment of all. On the other side are the regressives and the repressives.
Each side is roughly one quarter, and the fifty percent in the middle are the sheeple.

The sheeple do whatever they are told to do, by advertising or by
community pressure, and generally have a tough life, one with too much work
to do and never enough time.

The warmongers are on one side. Warmongers start wars because that is
their reason for existence. On the other side are the peacemakers; their work
is to stop wars. The sheeple in the middle take the brunt of military
carnage, including cannon-fodder funerals in the heartland and in the barrio.

The top fourth of taxpayers own 90% of everything. The bottom
quarter – non-taxpayers all – own nothing. The Middle Class 40% below the
Wealthy Class are losing net worth, working harder and are paid with a
shrunken dollar, while their benefits disappear like mountaintops in West

Religious fanatics are on one side, and individuals who value Reason a
re on the other. The sheeple in the middle live in a soap opera of their own making.

Dogmatists are on one side, those who believe in and obey some magical
system. But the situation is worsened because they also require that everybody
obey their brand of subservience. The other side are free spirits, exercising
Free Will, high on the Maslow Pyramid, acting for the good of all, based in
their basic trust of the goodness in themselves (if not of the opposing
The sheeple in the middle careen from false solution to false solution,
hoping for rest or respite, and seldom see marvelous happenings as their future.
They struggle to survive, never having the sense that they are ‘over the hump’,
and end their lives having missed out on just about everything.

* * * * * * * *

The progressives are too nice for their own good, thinking that if they
just try a little harder, they can tip the balance of the Class War in favor of
a better life. But the sheeple are in the middle, a mass of unconscious prey to
the machinations of the regressive side.
The sheeple surrender control to whoever makes them afraid, which is
the regressive side – the fascists, the fundamentalists, the racists, the
fearmongers of all stripes, and their propaganda networks bombarding young and
old 24/7 with hate, fear, and sleaze.
The regressives know well and use the moves of Machiavelli, the tactics
of Hitler and Goebbels, and the recent strategies of Newt Gingrich, Tom Delay,
and Karl ‘T*rdblossom’ Rove.

The future of America, and the World, will be determined by whether the
sheeple are blinded by fear for fear’s sake, or whether some new paradigm can
be instilled in the culture, where¬in the meek sheeple actually find a backbone
and stand up to the machinery designed to make them afraid.

That they make you afraid, whoever is making you afraid, should make
you angry.
Very angry.

[copyright 2008 by Gary Edward Nordell, all rights reserved]

we must be related

Dr. Strangelove

Click HERE to to watch ''How I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb''.

fuck THAT

i am not looking for any such thing you fucking search engine from hell.
God will damn you in the blazes of eternity for telling ME what it is
that i NEED to know. i am searching for information on the illegal search
and seizure of United States of America Citizens money from the corrupt
hands of the corporation called the United States. GODDAMN YOU for telling
ME what i am supposed to believe! I refuse, refute and deny you!

The evil Boon Pickens

oh my GOODNESS this guy is a troll. i couldn't find
anything online that explained his evils. so who ends
up doing the episode? auzzies. cheeky blighters eh?

The goofiest funnest dance song!

Wind Scorpion update... It's a Solpugid!

This is a Solpugid, a harmless, non-venomous relative of both spiders and
scorpions. They are commonly called Sun Spiders or Wind Scorpions. In parts
of the U.S., they are called Sand Puppies. Solpugids are generally found in
arid climates. In the Middle East, they can grow to five inces or more in
leg span, and they are called Camel Spiders.

non-venomous but still crazy weird and scary when you are being chased by one!

scorpion king? nah. the scorpion five of spades.