a new house

yesterday i swore off computers for the express purpose of moving. it started at
noon and went on until two in the morning. i felt good about everything even to
the point of exhilaration. as we were packing up, john, my room mate and i were
cat called at by the girls upstairs. i had noticed these girls before and they
were actually not half bad to look at. ok, they were beautiful indeed. i had
talked to one of the before with the attempts at striking up conversation, but
she was always too busy. mow with the destiny of a new home in view, she wants
us to come up and have a drink and 'cool off'...

i have very acute hearing and can understand a lot that is said around me at any
time if there is no interfering background noises in the same area wavelength
and they indeed were talking about john and my self as we were going back and
forth loading up both cars. we were going in for some action

well they way they were talking it was going to be the ride of our lives seeing
as lisa wanted us both and erin was taking john and shauna was mine. some
crazy times to be had. i'm just glad i missed the beginning part of their blow
job conversation as i headed back upstairs for the speakers. i really didn't
need to know how much lisa could swallow.

long story short i reminded myself how much i loved neely and i asked john
(who is in a deep and commited relationship with a brazilian queen) if this
could be satan. upon saying that, his eyes got really wide and exclaimed...

that was all it took. while we were trying to size up the rest of the truck,
i suddenly had a feeling, as did john, that we needed to get out of there as
quickly as possible. and we just threw the rest anywhere and took off.

we pulled out as the other two room mates the ones we didn't want to see,
pulled in.

yay. i'm alive and free of sirens.

track of the day!

i just found out that 'my kid brothers song got track of the day at garageband.com
on CHRISTMAS of this last year. wow. people must really be into the whole emotion
thing. if you haven't heard the song, then just click on the picture below!


a great new computer desktop!

here are some photos that i shot while living around the world. they make great substitutes for all those prefabs given to you by your windows OS.