First investment complete.

Got it done before the end of the year.


Thank you Jesus.

Work it out

I was in Pecos Texas yesterday for lunch. My wife, having exhausted all of her patience with me, dragging her all around Texas, was done with it all, so we went to Pizza Hut instead of eating local food. She was tired, so it was the best thing to do. After shooting some shots at the local museum, we were on our way.

It was right at eleven o'clock, so we were the second customers. The kitchen was hopping with all of the last minute Sunday afternoon end-of-the-year orders. The oil workers need pizza too, it seems. The salad bar was empty and the chairs was creaky and the table was sticky from the night before. Having grown up in Wichita, Kansas, Pizza Hut was home.

Our server was new, so we didn't get the 411 about what types of crusts there were. That was alright. Just bring me the deep-dish. I ordered water and my wife ordered lemonade. Her salad came and we talked about our trip seeing all of my aunts and uncles scattered hither and yon about the great Lone Star State. It was a good time of reflection. We had just visited my mother's grave in the thriving metropolis of Grandfalls.

Our veggie pizza came out and we were happy with the taste. The kitchen knew what they were doing, even if our server didn't. Things were fine, but quickly we got a to-go box so we could eat on the road. I boxed it all up and off my wife went to the car.

$25.92? That wasn't right. How was my wife's lemonade $8? Who drinks an eight dollar lemonade unless it's got something in it to give you a kick? I asked the cashier if that was the right price and that I would like a to-go lemonade as well while the rest of the ticket printed. I signed my name to the ticket with no tip.

She brought the lemonade to me from the drive-thru window area and I pointed it out to her that there were two charges for lemonade and that I had left no tip. I told her that it was her decision to either fix the check and give the server the four dollars for the extra lemonade we did not drink or that she could keep the ticket the way it was and choose to give the server no tip.

"Work it out." I said, as I opened the door to the outside, leaving behind the worst Pizza Hut I had ever been to.

Lemonade. $8 a glass, at the Pecos, Texas, Pizza Hut.

My first memory

There was a time in my life that I lived in another world. A world of wonder and freedom. This was my childhood. I had a wonderful childhood. It was glorious. Except for the debilitating disease that threatened to kill me every day, it was a dream and I was always happy.

I was born in Kansas, United States and traveled to the Island nation of Indonesia directly after. I was not allowed to cry. If I cried, my internal organs would leak out and I would die. So I was held and cooed and given everything a baby wanted, needed, or desired. I was never sad, I was never unhappy, I was never too cold or too warm or hungry or unchanged. I was the most loved baby in the world.

“Little Pauly can’t cry.” My mother told our two servants. Tikini and Alli and mom would make sure that I would be ever cared for, ever loved, and ever protected. They were local girls, they had great jobs - working for the “Americans” as house servants. It would be their joy to watch me and love me and care for me… Until it wasn’t.

At the age of two, after a routine doctor’s visit, my mother was told that it was alright for me to cry. The stomach lining around my abdomen had formed well enough. My rectum and scrotum had tightened enough to where the pressure from crying wouldn’t push my intestines out. I would not die from the herniation.

I have no memory of any of this story so far. For the first memory, I have as a person is of my mother closing the door to my room. I watched her leave me in my room, at the age of two, alone for the first time. My first memory. The one that formed me, is one of abandonment.

How I cried that day. And oh, how it must have hurt her. I have never been a parent to me, but I can imagine how it must have felt to leave little Pauly alone in a room, to cry himself to sleep. Sure there were tears on both sides, I’m sure… But for the two-year-old me, it was a moment of clarity and demarcation of a new reality.

I was but two and did not know this. All I knew was that I was loved from the womb until now and love was all that there was. Soft blankets and breasts and hugs and kisses and the blissful sweet elixir of soft naps in the sunshine... Until the moment that I watched my mother walk out the door, abandoning me to the cold, wet, gravel-pocked reality that is forced upon every man - whether he is ready for it or not.

My mother loved me, make no mistake about that. The love that she had for me was apparent. She did not want me to be crippled physically or emotionally. She genuinely loved me. No man could say otherwise. The love of a mother to hold, and to cause others to care for and tend for and coddle for a baby is apparent. All mothers who are rational love their children. But to do this for two years is beyond love. Any good mother knows that to give a child everything they want is to spoil them.

Every action has an opposite and equal reaction. The spoiling of me was inevitable. However, wealth grows where men initiate labor. The unspoiling of me was perfectly possible. I could be cultivated into a tree of good and not of evil, that I might bring forth my fruit in my season. But it would be a hard load to tow.

I was emotionally crippled for most of my childhood and young adult life. I did not know who I was. At the age of twenty-five, I was still emotionally fourteen. It was tough to reach my own age on all levels, but the towering idea of self-reliance and the burning desire to overcome can do wonders. It is with this faith that I was able to reach out to Jesus Christ and ask Him for complete healing to forgive my mother for her supposed wrongs and the damage that I went through on the way to healing.

The healing was long and slow and was halted several times during my recovery due to divorce… But time is on the side of perseverance and to those who practice it, therefore, all things are possible to them that believe.

And so it was that I worked on myself and my forgiveness until I woke up one day and started writing this story about why it was that I had been afraid of success. At the time, I did not know that the tap root was born out my fear of abandonment. I did know what it was, but the fear was real of success was real and I had to dig around the tree until I found out where the deepest roots were so that the entire tree could come away in one great effort, without the fear of coming back.

Once I had discovered that the entire root system was one large Banyan tree of fear of abandonment, it took some work to dig around and come to the heart of the matter. Year after year and false trunk after false trunk, I found the real trunk and eventually reached the tap. There was a lot of earth to move, but once I laid into the root with my ax, it was easy going.

When I reached the heartwood of the top of the tap root, I felt a frenzy come upon me like I had never felt in my life. With each mighty chop, the splinters of the wood fragmented away and it became easier to demolish, the deeper I got.

Now, this old ugly tree lies in large chunks around my feet and on the remaining ground where it once stood. Angry birds and squirrels chatter all around me, blaming me for the destruction of their home. What is easy to see, however, is that these nest builders never belonged there and even now, they flee in hatred to find someone else’s tree to build in.

The clouds that were overhead are clearing. Lo! The sun peeps through the cover and shines now bright all around me. And the beams from my great golden sky-friend are shining all around and the roots and limbs are dissolving into smoke. But this otherworldly smoke dissipates quickly and soon it just me with my ax.

My clothes, once the hearty work-shirt and overalls have been changed and my ax is now a spade. I am wearing a clean white tunic and plain trousers. I look down at the hole in the ground and there is a clear cool spring bubbling forth. I get to work filling in the sides of this new well from the surrounding turf.

Very quickly I fill it in, and bright shoots of radiant green grass spring forth almost immediately. My work is done and I plant the spade deep next to the new well. It turns into a sign, white wood on a white pole. It reads long but thus:

“The well of healing, brought by King Jesus, for the healing of Pauly’s heart. He is loved by me and his Father.”

The heart of one living in fear of anything is rotten in some part. Though we can ignore it, and live around it - it will continue to eat at our actions like a worm.

What is best?

To be healed, even as I have.

My fear of success was detrimental to all of my relationships. My two ex-wives and all of my friends can attest to this. They suffered long and hard but God was merciful to them. No matter how I was treated, the fault in my heart was not theirs, but mine alone. Only I needed the healing to treat others the way that I desired them to be treated. For the second greatest commandment is not filled out by others, it is filled out in what I do to others.

I look back, next to my mother closing the door on her son. I place my hand on her shoulder and I see a tear in her eye that I have never seen before. She closes the door slowly, speaking loving affirmations to me and weeps. It is a cry that is not heard by the little boy in the other room. Only now I am able to hear it.

Oh, how her heart breaks. She leans against the wall and would fall down, but that I hold her in my arms. For I am seeing her as Jesus would. I am holding her as Jesus would. The compassion from the great Holy Spirit of God is reaching out to her and saving up her tears even as she quietly wipes them away.

She is hurting. So much more than the little boy crying in the other room. She is pained with the pains of love and good deeds. She sees my suffering, my abandonment, but knows that I will one day grow into the man I am today, and so the trial pains her to watch.

Like Mary, eye-level with the feet of Christ on the cross, she is tortured. She desires with all that is within her to bless and cover her firstborn son. Yet she knows that the suffering will lead to a greater miracle in his life. And, yes, in other’s lives as well.

Mary, the mother of Jesus cries. Katharine Mae Eudaly Hart cries. I cry with them and Jesus comes within our small huddle and holds us all. For Christ Jesus is our success. His pain and His loss were made possible for our healing. Our greatest tragedies - He knows. Our greatest fears - He knows. Our greatest loss - He knows.

As I write this, I am near the place of her burial plot, in the northeast of the great Chihuahua desert of West Texas. In a few hours, when the sun rises, I will stand over her shed body and weep. I may say things there that are of this nature. I may read this story.

I know that she is not there and that her mind and spirit have been caught away with Christ, in the third heaven, above the firmament, with the Lord. But I will tell her things that my heart has been heavy with. I will tell her of the great tree that has been flung to the ground. I will tell her of my healing. I will tell her of the new spring that flows freely with happy waters in the place of the gnarled old rooted evil.

I will cry tears of joy, knowing that one day I will hold her in my arms. I know that my tears for her and her troubles on this earth too have been wiped away and saved. They have been saved for all who desire perfect healing. They have been saved for the martyrs that will come after me. They have been saved for the readers who find themselves even now, crying because the precious Holy Spirit is moving in their hearts. He is ready to take out the heart of stone and replace it with a heart of flesh.

He is ready and He is willing. Pure healing and perfect peace reside in His comforting hands. It is there, ready, waiting, like a puppy ready to pounce with affection and care and deep loving commitment. Healing is good. It is happy and pure and waits in the precious hands of the one who made you.

I have been healed. I have more healing to come. I am ready for it. I am wanting it. I am desiring it. It is there for me. It is there for you.

The Immaculate Conception - Juan de Sevilla

Juan de Sevilla
(Granada, Spain, 1643 - 1695)
The Immaculate Conception
1660 - 75
Oil on canvas
95 1/2 x 64 1/4 in.
Century: 17th Century

Holiday is a Holy Day

Israel, and the remaining Ekklesia:

Here then, are your holy days.

Unleavened Bread
Feast of Weeks
Feast of Trumpets
Day of Atonement
Feast of Tabernacles

What other holidays do you have?


What do you celebrate?

Even an anti-Christ christ-mass

I do not celebrate Old Nick nor do I make graven images. I am not so catholic to say that the Catholics were correct in their interpretation of the Bible.

You have been deceived.

Wake up from your lethargy, throw out your dogma, and worship a Living Christ in the way He prescribed.


here is colossians 2:8 where "christ-mass" is described as a devil.

"See to it that no one takes you captive by philosophy and empty deceit, according to human tradition, according to the elemental spirits of the world, and not according to Christ."

mystery of the gospel

the mystery of the gospel (as paul described) is one of my favorite aspects of the gospel... that Jesus had to rise from the dead as a new man. for He had divorced Israel, and since you cannot remarry one you've divorced (breaking Torah) He had to die to be raised again, therefore He was able to remarry the lost house of Israel. He told the woman, that He came only for the lost sheep of Israel, so it is our blessing that He rose. For if He did not come to die and be raised then only Judah could be saved and not the gentiles and the lost sheep. since our Savior was born again, we all now are called and sanctified, so anyone who calls on the name of the Son is saved.

islam is a religion of peace

"islam is a religion of peace" they say.

"islam is a religion of war" truth says.

i will tell you, without hesitation, that just like in every aspect of life, there are adherents and there are the lazy. if you point to lazy muslims and tell me that they are peaceful, you would be wrong.

every "good muslim" follows the jihads. lazy people follow the lusts of their own desires.

one of the jihads is the battle against the enemy. anyone who does not worship a god (atheist), those who worship many gods (pantheist), those who worship YHVH (judah), and those who are worshippers of HIs Son (Christians) are described as enemies or infidels.

this is probably you. it is a commandment to battle you.

but why are they called "the religion of peace?"

islam is a "religion of peace" to all who are submissive to islam. there is no peace outside of submission, they say.

Christ Mass is Pagan

I think the next time someone offers me a "Merry Christ-mass"
I'm going to smile and say: "The Lord Jesus rebuke you."

They might not accept this as Godly correction.

Don't disobey the commandments and oracles of God.

Don't go to the mass.

a public divorce

i awoke this sabbath morning to a call into holiness. i believe God is telling me to shake off dust from everyone who only preaches part of the Bible and not the whole thing.

this goes for people like Jeff Johns and Dean Odle specifically. whether they pronounced it to my face or from their pulpit that i am pretentious and don't want to submit to their authority is not the issue. the issue is that i won't and will never submit to heresy... no matter what man tells me to.

you can't mingle truths with lies. it only comes out to be lies. the Word is alive. it's sharper than any two-edged sword. Jesus is the Word. the whole of the Word is true... not just the snippets that we like.

so... i'm divorcing myself publicly from ministries and ministers who preach partial truths. you can't obey the truths of God "just a little." let God be true and every man a liar. even me. i need the cleaning and cleansing baptism of fire if i am to be pure.

Lord change me and use me and make me holy before you. let me be cleansed and purified to remain more and more small. let Yourself increase in my life and let me decrease.

so what then, is my doctrine?

study it for yourself, to show yourself approved.

Fish in the Dead Sea

Prophecy Update: Breaking NEWS from Israel: Fish in the Dead SEA!

Flat Rat Trap

Flat Rat Trap
Pauly Hart
10 Sept 2018

My name is Pauly Hart right now we’re gonna have church
And if you don’t like it then don’t call it absurd
Cause I’m Jesus Christ walkin, Holy Ghost talkin
If you talk about me, then you’re God the Father mockin
Stalking calling low service bars are dropping
I can tell you one thing, your lies are plodding flocking
You believe the Bible and you say it’s true
You got a problem with God, then it’s to hell with you

Taken into perspective - The hidden objective
Of primary electives - Prospective reflective
Dyanetics rejected - Don’t give em a second
Refracted taken to the jacked in upslapped ya
You can’t the only second you flappin dying
Tryin, not flyin, but spatterin on the cracks in the
Sidewalk you thought you could matter man

You thought you’de be better than a hero, a superman
Dyin to prove the like psyche flip you’re mind ripped
You thought you would do truth debunked you
You foolish heatless you’re tooths are sharpless
Think the space race is ace paced the the ‘Nited States
Cause it’s a real place even though its fake jake
It’s photoshopped by it has to be… Gee. For reel?

Ya flipping on dirty mattresses like two cleopatras
But you investigating nobody by the trappers that
Be who you want to be, Say what you want to say
Think space pics are real? No way, Jose’ I made
My little boy’s balloon to ten thousand feet of sky
You think I would take a camera that would lie?
Cheep peeps creeps to sneak a peek at oblique
Horizons on false perspectives without electives

Flat the maps. Trap the rats. Grab the bats. Smash the traps.
Ya suckers wanna play me? Pauly Hart don’t play.

Playing pretend ya end the dent in the argument
By saying that God ain’t real and the perspective’s keeled
But the fact you’re dead is no joke broke bro
You used to play cool back in sunday school
Us and the gang doing stupid slang bang thangs
Leave it to Beaver up to Junior and Senior
Left for the summer - Went to college, you dumber?
You better wise up cause what you call your smarts
It ripping you apart, you got it all up sized?
I ain’t better than lies, you want to see in my heart?
Then this is where you start, letting Christ inside.

Truth bruv, It’s about the crew cuz:
God Squad inside the mind the Rod of Iron
Ruling the Heart of stone deny the Body
But Christ comes in and purges all your sin
To rule and reign with Him, You lost in thought?

You used to have that technology but you lost it
You spark the seed of doubt and then shut the closet?
Christ is the only one to ascend and descend that was man.
Using the same technology in Jacob’s dream and
He never slipped as the Apostles looked, shook
Watching the Son of Man reveal His only plan
Go and preach and teach and serve
But NASA strives to teach about the curve.
If SATAN could rule and reign the mental imagery
Would he enslave the human race in certain misery?

I asked my dad if the world was flat.
He said: “Be quiet son, don’t worry about that.”
Train up a child in the way they should go.
Dad, I’m sorry you lied to me and my bro.
I gotta tell you the truth and I think you should know.
The earth is still flat, no matter which way you go.

I travelled the earth and the seven seas.
Everybody was seeing Jesus
But they didn’t know it was Him.
Eyes darkened, hearts guarded.
Suppressing the cream, giving fat to the larder.
Harder, farther, further, murder.
Quintessential mental retention
Resentful commitment to end this.
They bent this. They meant this.

Flat the maps. Trap the rats. Grab the bats. Smash the traps.
Ya suckers wanna play me? Pauly Hart don’t play.

Baking the Cake in sin in the fact
That they engineered the shuttles
To fly on their backs to the earth
At an arc that they claim is the curve
But they know that they can’t
Because of Admiral Byrd.

Missing. They’re wishing the flood never happened
So they stole all the giants to put a dent or a crack in
The perfect story that is His story and they smacked them with
A sticker that says “Dinosaur” so they lie
Deny. They fly the truth out of the window.
A lie. And they tell us we can’t know.
So we approximate and deliberate and conjugate
Some dyslexic math and then regurgitate postulates.
So they teach us to meditate and no longer formulate
A working hypothesis of how we originate
They tell us to trust in them and their perfect surrogates.

Elective deceptive objective directive
They cleverly placate our narrow direction
They tell us we’re clothed when we know that we’re naked
They take our prospectus and then they say they reject us

Flat the maps. Trap the rats. Grab the bats. Smash the traps.
Ya suckers wanna play me? Pauly Hart don’t play.

All in all they say we live on a ball
And to say that it’s flat is to reject their demand
But call it a wall that is just on it’s back
And they throw up some signs to say you’ve lost your mind
And all this time the Benghazi crew wants you
They want to burn your Bible and take away truth
They don’t have time for a meeting with us
They’d rather mute our truth and throw us under the bus.

They can’t win when redeemed Christians stand and defend it
Choose to remember it. Obey the commands and
Live out a holy love, thru Christ and His precious dove
Battling spirits but leaving no footprint of
The boots of the gospel for we were called to be gentle
To the brainless programmed sheep, the lost, the asleep
For we take on our armor and the cloak of His zeal
And come against demons, and their masonic seal.

I’m putting up my phone, leaving facebook alone
I’m going airplane mode, i’m not a matrix node
I’m unplugged Neo, and I’m out of my hole
The fire is out, the reflections are dull
It was all Plato’s cave, and now I’m searching for more
My radar is hot and now I’m keeping score

Flat the maps. Trap the rats. Grab the bats. Smash the traps.

Ya suckers wanna play me? Pauly Hart don’t play.

King James Version Errors

An elephant stands in the middle of the road. The elephant has stopped all of the traffic around. People are upset. The elephant had no permission do stop the traffic.

All of a sudden, a policeman comes along and tells the elephant to take a hike, and so, the elephant moves along. But the policeman has a job to do now the elephant has made a mess of things, so he begins to direct traffic to get everything under control.

In the King James Version, Matthew 28:18 teaches that Christ Jesus is bully, with no authority, messing about, doing what he wants.

In the actual Bible, Matthew 28:18 tells us that Jesus is the policeman, cleaning up everything and putting it back the way things were supposed to be.

Here are some examples:

New Living Translation
Jesus came and told his disciples, "I have been given all authority in heaven and on earth.

English Standard Version
And Jesus came and said to them, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.

Berean Literal Bible
And having come to them, Jesus spoke to them, saying, "All authority in heaven and on the earth has been given to Me.

New American Standard Bible
And Jesus came up and spoke to them, saying, "All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth.

Young's Literal Translation
And having come near, Jesus spake to them, saying, 'Given to me was all authority in heaven and on earth;

King James Bible
And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth.

Here's some more that Richard Nickels put together.

Genesis 1:2 should read "And the earth became without form . . . ." The word translated "was" is hayah, and denotes a condition different than a former condition, as in Genesis 19:26.

Genesis 10:9 should read " . . . Nimrod the mighty hunter in place of [in opposition to] the LORD." The word "before" is incorrect and gives the connotation that Nimrod was a good guy, which is false.

Leviticus 16:8, 10, 26 in the KJV is "scapegoat" which today has the connotation of someone who is unjustly blamed for other's sins. The Hebrew is Azazel, which means "one removed or separated." The Azazel goal represents Satan, who is no scapegoat. He is guilty of his part in our sins.

Deuteronomy 24:1, "then let him" should be "and he." As the Savior explained in Matthew 19, Moses did not command divorcement. This statute is regulating the permission of divorce because of the hardness of their hearts.

II Kings 2:23, should be "young men", not "little children."

Isaiah 65:17 should be "I am creating [am about to create] new heavens and new earth . . . ."

Ezekiel 20:25 should read "Wherefore I permitted them, or gave them over to, [false] statutes that are not good, and judgments whereby they should not live." God's laws are good, perfect and right. This verse shows that since Israel rejected God's laws, He allowed them to hurt themselves by following false man made customs and laws.

Daniel 8:14 is correct in the margin, which substitutes "evening morning" for "days." Too bad William Miller didn't realize this.

Malachi 4:6 should read " . . . lest I come and smite the earth with utter destruction." "Curse" doesn't give the proper sense here. Same word used in Zechariah 14:11.

Matthew 5:48 should be "Become ye therefore perfect" rather than "be ye therefore perfect." "Perfect" here means "spiritually mature." Sanctification is a process of overcoming with the aid of the Holy Spirit.

Matthew 24:22 needs an additional word to clarify the meaning. It should say "there should no flesh be saved alive."

Matthew 27:49 omits text which was in the original. Moffatt correctly adds it, while the RSV puts it in a footnote: "And another took a spear and pierced His side, and out came water and blood." The Savior's death came when a soldier pierced His side, Revelation 1:7.

Matthew 28:1, "In the end of the sabbath as it began to dawn toward the first day of the week . . ." should be translated literally, "Now late on Sabbath, as it was getting dusk toward the first day of the week . . . ." The Sabbath does not end at dawn but at dusk.

Luke 2:14 should say, "Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace among men of God's good pleasure or choosing." That is, there will be peace on earth among men who have God's good will in their hearts.

Luke 14:26 has the unfortunate translation of the Greek word miseo, Strong's #3404, as "hate", when it should be rendered "love less by comparison." We are not to hate our parents and family!

John 1:31, 33 should say "baptize" or "baptizing IN water" not with water. Pouring or sprinkling with water is not the scriptural method of baptism, but only thorough immersion in water.

John 1:17 is another instance of a poor preposition. "By" should be "through": "For the law was given by [through] Moses . . . ." Moses did not proclaim his law, but God's Law.

John 13:2 should be "And during supper" (RSV) rather than "And supper being ended" (KJV).

Acts 12:4 has the inaccurate word "Easter" which should be rendered "Passover." The Greek word is pascha which is translated correctly as Passover in Matthew 26:2, etc.

I Corinthians 1:18 should be: "For the preaching of the cross is to them that are perishing foolishness; but unto us which are being saved it is the power of God", rather than "perish" and "are saved." Likewise, II Thessalonians 2:10 should be "are perishing" rather than "perish."

I Corinthians 15:29 should be: "Else what shall they do which are baptized for the hope of the dead, if the dead rise not at all? why are they then baptized for the hope of the dead?"

II Corinthians 6:2 should be "a day of salvation", instead of "the day of salvation." This is a quote from Isaiah 49:8, which is correct. The day of salvation is not the same for each individual. The firstfruits have their day of salvation during this life. The rest in the second resurrection.

I Timothy 4:8 should say, "For bodily exercise profiteth for a little time: but godliness in profitable unto all things . . . ."

I Timothy 6:10 should be, "For the love of money is a [not the] root of all evil . . . ."

Hebrews 4:8 should be "Joshua" rather than "Jesus", although these two words are Hebrew and Greek equivalents.

Hebrews 4:9 should read, "There remaineth therefore a keeping of a sabbath to the people of God."

Hebrews 9:28 is out of proper order in the King James. It should be: "So Christ was once offered to bear the sins of many; and unto them without sin that look for him shall he appear the second time unto salvation."

I John 5:7-8 contains additional text which was added to the original. "For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one. And there are three that bear witness in earth, the Spirit, and the water, and the blood: and these three agree in one."

Revelation 14:4 should be "a firstfruits", because the 144,000 are not all the firstfruits.

Revelation 20:4-5 in the KJV is a little confusing until you realize that the sentence "This is the first resurrection." in verse five refers back to "they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years" in verse four.

Revelation 20:10, "And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are [correction: should be 'were cast' because the beast and false prophet were mortal human beings who were burned up in the lake of fire 1,000 years previous to this time, Revelation 19:20], and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever." The point is that Satan will be cast into the same lake of fire into which the beast and false prophet were cast a thousand years previously.

Revelation 22:2 should be "health" rather than "healing."

In Psalms 81:4, "was" is added.

We have shown how in Revelation 20:10 that the italicized "are" is incorrect and that "were cast" in italics would have been more appropriate.

John 8:28 where Jesus said "I am he." The "he" is in italics and was not actually spoken by Jesus, completely obscuring the fact the Jesus was claiming to be the great "I AM" of the Old Testament, John 8:58 and Exodus 3:14.

In Luke 3:23-38, the italicized words "the son" are not in the original Greek.

Matthew 24:24 should not have the italicized words "it were".

Romans 1:7 incorrectly has the italicized words "to be." The fact is, Christians are now saints.

Colossians 2:16-17 can be properly understood only if the KJV italicized word "is" in verse 17 is left out, as it should be. The message of these verses is: don't let men judge you as doing wrong when you observe the holy days, new moons and sabbaths; let the body of Christ (the Church) do the judging.

I Timothy 3:11 has "their" in italics, which is not implied in the original.

II Peter 2:5 should not have "person, a." Noah was the eighth preacher of righteousness.
...And several more that you can find on your own time.

PT Shamrock's September 2018 Newsletter

PT Shamrock's September 2018 Newsletter

Dr. Charles Freeman Interview August 2018 - Part II
     We are extremely privileged to have been able to interview Dr. Charles Freeman recently. This interview, we believe, is extraordinary in the sense that the good doctor lays it all out in plain English what and how our personal and financial privacy is intentionally being eroded in today's less than friendly privacy world.
     More important, the doctor maps out clear, concise and easy plans with great ideas and suggestions for one to achieve a freer and more private life.
     Offshore guru and second passport expert Dr. Charles Freeman is the author of numerous newsletters and reports, namely the former Freedom, Wealth & Privacy Reports, and his bestselling "How to Legally Obtain a 2nd Passport."
     Dr. Freeman's "What It Was Was Freedom" report, circa 2012 - is probably the most downloaded privacy report at our web site. It's a staggering 53 pages of alarming and still relevant must-read information in today's world and is certainly in the best of Freeman's vernacular of special reports.
     The following interview took place over several days, at a lovely beach resort, one of many the good doctor frequents.
     We trust you'll find this interview contains new, interesting and discerning information with antidotes to help one sort today's privacy concerns.
Do enjoy.
PT Shamrock - August 2018
DCF = Dr. Charles Freeman
PTS = PT Shamrock
PTS - Doctor, thank you for a lovely dinner last night. It was one of the better meals we've had in a good while.
     Now back to business. What about the financial or banking side today? What's going on in that sector.
DCF - You're welcome PT.
     Opening an offshore bank account today is not a stress or hassle-free experience. The overwhelming demands for documents, and compliance requirements are rapidity approaching the ridiculous. Demands for bank reference letters, solicitor (attorney) references, CV's as well as personal appearances at the banks prior to account opening is standard bank account operating procedure today. In the rare instance where one can open an account remotely, i.e. without a personal appearance at the bank, the bank will normally require, at a minimum, a Skype online interview where one will be required to hold up their passport, the same one initially submitted for account opening, and asked numerous and sometimes very uncomfortable questions. This is of course, in addition to all of the other "normal" bank account opening requirements as above.
    Today bank account openings at nearly 99% of the world's offshore jurisdictions have dramatically tighten account opening procedures and compliance requirements due to FATCA and other arcane alphabet agencies reporting laws for US nationals and residents as well as most other nationalities within the European Union and elsewhere. These regulations affect millions of non-Americans who have become unwilling participants in America's draconian war on taxing their citizens to death… worldwide.
     Worse most offshore banks simply decline to accept Americans as clients, although they in some cases they will accept applications from Americans but drag the account opening process along for many months until a rejection advice is finally given to the exasperated American applicant! As a result, and as usual, as a consequence, all the rest of us suffer.
     Depositing and carrying any amount of cash, say a thousand dollars or more on your person, in your automobile or whilst flying, subjects US residents and visitors to having their money confiscated and sequestered and likely never being able to retrieve their funds. And this without one being charged with a crime. I'm sure your readers have read numerous horror stories about hard working people being stopped during a routine traffic stop or whilst traveling, then having their hard and honestly earned cash literally stolen from them, thanks to local, state and federal financial confiscation laws. Those laws, which allows the stealing party, the authorities, to keep one's funds with little or no resource from the victim!
PTS - Yes, I've known and written about that subject for some years now.
DCF - For those resident within the United States of America as well as American nationals around the world, opening an offshore bank account has become nearly impossible, thanks mainly to FATCA and its many alphabet reporting agencies like OCED, Automatic Exchange of Information, CRS and the Signatories Of The Multilateral Competent Authority Agreement (MCAA) amongst others and their harsh compliance requirements placed on offshore banks wishing to deal in US dollars via correspondent banks.
     In the rare instance where an offshore bank will accept Americans for account opening purposes, they'll be required to sign a form authorizing the bank to report to the US tax authorities the existence of your offshore bank account for the bank to cover their backsides and KYC (know your client) compliance requirements with the American FATCA and other reporting laws and compliance requirements from the United States as well as the European Union.
     It gets worse. As if all the above was bad enough, in the event you're married and one of the spouses' is an American and the other a non-American, watch out! The bank will likely ask you this trick question during the account opening process (or will do so soon.) In the event one of the spouses is an American, even if the American spouse is NOT the one to open the account nor is to be a party to the account, once again the bank will decline to open an account for you regardless of nationality.
     Further if you're an American with dual nationality and intend using your second (non-American) passport to open a bank account, here again you'll likely get turned down. Why? Because the second non-US passport will show you as being born in the US. Therefore, you are still considered an American for legal purposes. Unless you can produce a certificate from the US government showing you have renounced your US citizenship, you are going to be out of luck, and once again not be accepted for offshore bank account opening purposes!
     Failure to comply with banks' requirements, and failure for Americans to report their offshore bank account on various forms and compliance reports to their tax authorities, can and does result in severe fines and or imprisonment. This has been witnessed recently via the Swiss and Panama private banking revelations regarding Americans having hidden accounts in Swiss and Panama company bank accounts with the severe fines and penalties placed on the Swiss and Panamanian banks by the American authorities, not to mention the draconian penalties and in many cases imprisonment, for the American undisclosed offshore account holders.
PTS - Does this include debit cards for Americans and others?
DCF - I'm afraid it does. Standalone MasterCard and certainly Visa cards are, in most cases, being issued strictly to non-US nationals residing within the European Union. In other words, if you are an Asian, US or other non-EU national living anywhere outside the EU, you'll likely be denied any debit card, at least issued by MasterCard or Visa.
     There area s few rare exceptions. In Asia, one can obtain a Union Pay debit card. Although its not the best debit card, it serves it purpose as its available to most nationals, including US citizens.
     I also have access to a MasterCard from a standalone source in Central America. Naturally if you open a personal or company bank account offshore, debit cards are mostly included in such offerings. But the noose is tightening that's for sure.
     Banking compliance requirements have literally become absolutely ridiculous today. Some banks, and counting, require full details, including passport copy, utility bill, bank statements for the past 6 months, for the remitter of a bank wire sent to your account. I'm not kidding. Your read that right. The bank, already asking all those requirements plus many more from you for opening an account for you, is demanding those documents before they will allow a bank wire into your account.
     What remitter of a bank wire to such an account, is going to put up with this idiotic and intrusive requirements in order to remit a bank wire payment to you? It's becoming insane. In the meantime, the real crooks, the terrocract's, are still laundering tens of millions of dollars into their secret well-hidden offshore accounts without recourse. It's the same ole, same old, "Do as we say, not as we do" banking business as usual.
PTS - Where are the best, if any, banks accounts for one to open offshore, especially if they're an American?
DCF - The top banking jurisdictions have certainly changed over the past years. As we all realize, formerly Switzerland and Liechtenstein topped the list. This, however, is no longer the case.
     Hong Kong use to be very good but trying to open a bank account in Hong Kong today is nearly impossible and very time consuming with ever greater demands for papers and documents.
     In lieu of Hong Kong banking, there is always another opportunity to take the place of one lost. In Hong Kong's case, Macao banking has stepped in and IMHO, is offering a superior service to even that which Hong Kong offered previously. Although this Macao banking setup initially appears to be somewhat more expensive than a Hong Kong banking setup, it really isn't.
     Considering the cost of flying to Hong Kong and staying there for a week or fortnight, paying for hotel bills, food and other expenses, Macao banking today is very reasonable indeed when compared to having to travel to Hong Kong in order to open an account in Hong Kong. Opening an account in Macao, does not require your personal appearance. You DO NOT need to appear in person at the bank in Macao as all is done remotely!
     In point of fact Macao banking is superior to Hong Kong banking due to the fact that the banks in Macao gladly accept Americans and other nationalities as clients; does NOT require a personal appearance by the client, no banking references are required and unlike Hong Kong banks, Macao banks are far less likely to kowtow to offshore reporting authorities due to being a SAR (Special Administration Region) of China, and as of this writing are not reporting American client to their respected tax authorities. How long that will last is your guess as well as mine. However, if anyone, especially Americans are looking for a truly first-class AAA rated banking service, Macao would be very hard indeed to beat these days.
     The Macao setup is as follows; A Hong Kong Company (in your chosen name or an aged Hong Kong company) is used for the director and shareholder an act like nominees to create a Macao company (in your chosen name) and open the Macao company bank account. Set up time is fairly fast considering what's on offer. Opening an account in Macao is simply a straight forward process and nifty if I say so myself.
[PTS note: Contact us for a Macao Company and bank account.]
     Opening in accounts in Panama no longer is feasible. The process is simply too long, too complicated and at the end of the day most applicants are turned down regardless of their nationality.
     The same can be said of accounts opening within the EU. A waste of time IMO, with everything you do being reported to all authorities everywhere!
     Other areas within Central America, not Panama, can offer bank account openings, even without having to provide ID of any sort.
     The Caribbean offers the possibly of account openings but can be very time consuming with demands for lots of paper and documents all of which adds up to taking lots of time just to open an account. It took one of my clients nine months to open an account in Belize. At the end of the day his account was opened but after much stress and aggravation if I say so myself.
     Singapore is another excellent banking options. One can open an account there using a tax free non-annual filing company from jurisdictions such as The Seychelles, The Marshall Islands, Belize, Nevis and many other tax free non annual filing jurisdictions. That said, like with Macau, a visit to the bank in Singapore is mandatory.
     Malta is a World Class Location with first class banking within the European Union.
     In the late 1980's and spurred on by the high unemployment and other financial woes that followed the departure of the British, the Maltese Government set about creating an offshore sector and becoming more welcoming to external investment by passing the International Business Activities Act 1988 under which the Malta International Business Authority was set up to develop offshore business sectors.
     Alongside this initiative, the Malta Development Corporation began to offer a range of very attractive investment incentives. Initially the accent was mostly on employment creation in manufacturing and shipping rather than the development of a financial services centre; but this has gradually changed, and there is now a modern legislative structure for most of the main financial sector activities.
     Malta acceptance into the EU in 2004, was very good news indeed for international investors. Malta's financial services sector has continued to expand, attracting considerable interest from international sources for personal and company bank accounts.
     A little known and lesser used opportunity for great banking within the European Union can be in Hungary.
     The Hungarian source will prepare all company documents normally within 3 working days from the time that you provided all necessary information/documents.
     The company fee is very reasonable and includes the minimum services required by Hungarian law, which are incorporation, registered seat and VAT registration.

     Naturally a bank account can also be opened with your Hungarian company at a nominal cost. For the company, the accounting service fee is 150 EUR per month and the current year needs to be covered in advance until 31 December.

     Required for company creation and bank account openings are;
- Passport for each shareholders and directors
- A proof of address document that can be a recent utility bill or bank account statement/bank reference for each
- Personal tax payer identification number
- Full name of his/her mother (statutory information in Hungary)
     In case of the shareholder is legal entity a recent extract of company register would be necessary.
Czech Republic
The particulars for a Czech Bank account are fairly straight forward and include;
o Easy to use English on-line banking
o Your very own ATM/Debit card with a generous monthly withdrawal allowance
o First class customer service
o Iban wire ability in and out
o Internet banking
o Nominal cost for account opening and
o The opening deposit of only Euro 500 is required, which you remit direct to the bank as soon as your account is opened.
The bank's requirements are fairly liberal:
1. Certified passport copy (ID card not accepted);
2. Proof of residential address less than two months old (PO Boxes not accepted);
3. Banker reference letter;
     Opening a bank account in Latvia is one of today's EU bank account opening setups offered.
     The bank we recommend does require a bank reference letter. Further no personal appearances are required as well, subject to your meeting a bank rep somewhere within the EU.
     A non-annual filing Seychelles Company and Latvian bank account with internet banking and an ATM/Debit card can be had at a very reasonable cost and is hard to beat account opening wise these days.13 | P a g e
     Don't overlook opening a bank account in Cyprus! In spite of the recent bank crisis there, so long as you don't keep over Euro 25,000 in aggregate funds in an account, you'll be okay. Besides and because of the crisis, it is far easier to open an account in Cyprus now than ever before.
     A Cyprus bank account makes for an excellent pass-through (Note 3) account in a respectable EU country. Not many questions are asked when funds come from or are remitted to/from an EU bank.
[PTS note: If you're interested with a company or personal bank account in Cyprus and or any of the other above jurisdictions offering excellent internet banking and an atm debit card, contact us for the full particulars and modalities.]
     Mauritius offers decent banking offering debit cards and online banking via banking codes. I just happen to have access to a bank source there where one can open a tax-free Seychelles non-annual filing company and a Mauritius company bank account, without any personal appearance, without any bank reference letters or even a Skype interview. A very rare opportunity if I say so myself.
PTS - Which bank might that be may I ask?
DCF - That my friend is for my consulting clients only!
Laughs from PTS and DCF.
PTS - What other banking tips can you offer our readers?
DCF - Well PT, the age-old adage, "One can never have too many banks accounts" certainly holds true to this day. I've had many bank accounts over the years in all the major jurisdictions. Many of those accounts were closed due to banking policies that changed and for who knows what other concerns the banks had.
     So, depending on ones needs and requirements, having two, three or even more bank accounts in various jurisdictions would be a prudent step to make.
     There is also what is called a pass-through account. A pass-through account is a bank account where X amount of funds are received and credited one day, then a few days later 90% to 95% of the amount of funds received are remitted outbound to another bank account, in another company or personal name and jurisdiction.
     Nearly all banks don't like to have pass-through accounts because the banks don't get to keep your money for long, earn fees and interest nor can they use your money for free. Such accounts are subject to immediately banks closing them. That said there are exceptions and a pass-through account could come in very handy one day.
PTS - What three banking jurisdictions do you recommend and why?
DCF - Without question Macau, Mauritius and Singapore in that order. Why? All accept Americans and most other nationalities for account opening purposes. Macau, from my personal experience, offers the best banking today with the least questions (none for me) asked or demands for invoices and other nonsense for incoming or outgoing wires.
     I also highly recommend Mauritius because of the ease of opening an account without a personal visit, bank reference letters or any Skype interviews.
    Last but certainly not least is Singapore. Singapore banking is as near to the best banking that one can obtain these days. However as with all things in life, nothing is forever and recently Singapore banking, like other banks worldwide, have tighten up their KYC compliance requirements making opening an account a bit more difficult to open than previously possible just a few months ago.
     One way to ease the account opening process is to use a trusted source in Singapore to be the nominee director and shareholder of your company. The nominee of the company walks into the Singapore bank to open the Singapore bank account in lieu of your personal appearance.

     The beneficial owner, you and you alone, has sole access and control over your account and funds always. There is no way the nominee can ever touch your funds or bank account at any time.
     In addition, there is no requirement for a bank reference, again a big plus whilst opening bank accounts these days.
     Arguably this setup could be the best offshore structure & bank account on-line!
PTS - Why?
DCF - Singapore is a World Class Location with world renown banking privacy. This offers a first-class setup that is both professional and relatively easy to open. Singapore banks offer truly hassle-free internet bank accounts!
PTS - Which jurisdictions do you recommend for company creation and why?
DCF - I recommend creating a company where you do not have to file annual returns of one sort or another like many jurisdictions require. There are no annual filings or reporting required with a Marshall Islands, BVI (British Virgin Islands,) Nevis or Seychelles Company with these fantastic banking opportunities.
     I, in particular, like the Marshall Islands because the company owners name is well protected from anyone to view or discover publicly without a Marshall Islands issued court order, which is no easy matter to obtain.
PTS - What about reporting from those jurisdictions?
DCF - I'm sorry to say my friend but reporting to one's tax authorities is a part of today's banking for all nationalities.
     That said there is an Africa Island Account, where the bank is an excellent pass-through bank and known for being flexible with its customers as to wires in and out, setting up the accounts, etc. They don't ask for invoices and such nonsense and the account is setup very fast indeed. This bank doesn't report any of their account holders to any authority and this includes their American account customers too. Required is
* A scanned notarized copy of your valid passport emailed to us
* A utility bill less than three months old emailed to us
* A short bank application form to be filled out and signed, then scanned and emailed
" Bank reference letter
     A personal or company account (subject to you're having company papers in order) can be opened for very little money. A non-annual filing offshore company in your chosen name can be obtained at a nominal additional cost. A stand-alone classic debit card, valid for 3 years without ANY load limits, can also be secured at a nominal additional cost.
    The above stated, I wouldn't keep much money in the African pass-through account, as banking in Africa can be unstable at times.
PTS - What if one wishes to legally avoid the reporting of their account to their tax and or other authorities, what can they do?
DCF - In this event an offshore bullet proof trust would need to be created and operated via a trustee for the benefit of the beneficiaries as instructed at the time the trust is created.
PTS - Any particular jurisdiction you can recommend for such a purpose?
DCF - There is only one, IMO, for such a task. A properly created and operated Cook Islands Trust have withstood the test of time, even defeating attacks by the US authorities trying to pierce the trust's veil and grabbing the beneficiaries' assets. One can't do better than that can they?
PTS - They certainly can't.
PTS - On a personal note, how active are you business wise these days? Are you still accepting consulting and passport clients?
DCF - Well PT, I'm not a young whipper snapper any longer as I'm well into my seventies now. Although I'm not retired and never intend to be, I have, however, cut back on taking on new clients, albeit I do accept new clients, if they're interesting and have challenging needs and requirements.
PTS - For instance?
DCF - For instance, if one has or are is going through an ugly divorce and requires ass and asset protect or a second passport. This occurs many times when the alphabet agencies are taking a strong interest in a client or potential client.
PTS - Now here's the 64,000-dollar question; what can one do/should do to protect their personal and financial privacy? How does one accomplish this in today's privacy intrusive world?
DCF - This is a very individual matter. I normally ask potential consulting clients that in order to receive the best service and get the most out of our consultation, before our conference to prepare a full written statement of their background, approximate net worth, goals, objectives and ambitions, plus [IMPORTANT!] a statement that they are seeking information from me for your own personal use (not for publication) and are neither a journalist, government employee, nor an agent for any undisclosed person.
PTS - What kind of advice can you provide?
DCF - Well here goes;
* Expatriation
* Caveats to be aware in today's non private world
* Legally moving yourself and/or assets offshore without leaving a paper trail
* Residency Programs
* 2nd citizenship, nationalities and passports... the real low down!
* Legal Name change
* Banking passports
* Which Tax Haven is best for you
* Non TIEA (reporting) bank accounts
* Privacy seekers paradise's and how to live good on less than US$1,750 per month
* Why you should NEVER allow anyone signatory control over your assets
* How To legally remit more than US$10,000 offshore without filing a Treasury Currency Report
* Dead drops, why you should have one and how to obtain one
* Offshore bank accounts and credit cards. Where to get them and where to avoid!
* Special products & services not offered generally to the public
* Special discounts to consultancy clients
* And the single biggest mistake to avoid, that everyone else makes! Plus, more depending on the clients requirements.
     Naturally each person is an individual and requires specifically tailored products and services to suit their requirements. This is, I believe, where I can best assist individuals.
PTS - Boy you certainly laid it on the table doctor.
    I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks for your time and candor in this incredibly interesting interview. Its certainly one of the better ones we conducted over the years.
     Finally, doctor, may we offer your consulting services to PT Shamrock's readers?
DCF - Thank you PT. Yes, please do so, subject to your readers emailing their full written statement of their background for my review and acceptance.
About Dr. Freeman:
     London -born Charles Freeman is the bestselling author of "HOW TO LEGALLY OBTAIN A SECOND PASSPORT." He spent much of his twenties backpacking his way around the world seeking adventure. By age 29 he had been employed in over 40 jobs including factory work, English language teacher, night club bouncer salesman, perfume dealer writer and running his own picture framing business. Starting in 1991, and with minimal capital, he began dealing in property and within just 6 years had built up a multi-million-pound property empire. He is now a self-made millionaire with homes in Spain, South America and Thailand.
     He has retired from the property business and is currently travelling the world looking for new projects. As the former author and editor of THE FREEDOM, WEALTH AND PRIVACY REPORT a newsletter for millionaires - both current and prospective, Dr. Freeman enjoys helping others achieve wealth and freedom. To receive details of Dr. Freeman' consultation services, email him c/o of the publisher at and place "Charles Freeman" in your subject heading.
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End of PART II and Dr. Charles Freeman Interview August 2018
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