Writing Journey

Friends and Enemies -

I've been doing a lot of writing for my new publisher, The Unexpected Cosmology and life has been fine and good but I'm itching to collect enough new stuff to release another compilation.

I've been experimenting with Kindle Vella writing and so far have started three... No. Four novels and yet to fall in love with any of them. There's Twenty Two, The Metaverse, and Kenny Abrams and the Azod Mythic. Vella is neat that you can read a little for free and then pay as you go. Interesting concept.

I published Adelphoi a while ago and it was a lot of fun. Technically my second collection as I've unpublished my first work. My second work (read third) is Dreams both Big and Small and it was also a blast to write. I really want to make another collection VERY SOON.

I can't get enough of writing science fiction but I think I very well might just keep writing supernatural fantasy. It's seriously the highlight of my time in front of the keyboard. It keeps me humming.

One of my most recent stories, The Arbiter of Beasts and the Keeper of the Wind that I published on The Unexpected Cosmology was hilariously fun to write. One reader told me it reminded him of a taste of The Neverending Story and I found that to be high praise.

For the time being, I'll keep at it... Writing Supernatural Fantasy that is.

I love challenging myself. For example, I wrote The End of Summer Camp about Camp Tecumseh, in Brookston, Indiana; Only it was Holden Caulfield as the protagonist and I was J.D. Salinger. I might have done an alright job.

I wrote A Problem of Coffins as Lestat and Louis combined with a grumpy Dracula... And I was Anne Rice. But that's just exercise. I really hope one day I can write a great Pauly Hart tale one day in the style of Pauly Hart... Whatever that may be.

Until then, space cadets: Keep the Faith, Love The Creator, and Never Stop Never Stopping.

-Pauly Hart

the leaven of sin


...an analogy...

we are wheat berries (kernels)

our bran is our flesh suit and our outer exterior facade of tact/response/communication

our endosperm is our thoughts/mind/talents/personality/raw self without the regeneration of YHVH

our germ is our spirit/will/intention

when we are broken for usage in contract as bond-slaves to any action,  our bran is what comes into contact with the thing for the purpose of striving towards that goal

it is our endosperm that is subject to the leavening agents. when we try to expand or puff up or add to ourselves without the subjugation to the bran of ourselves (the leading of our reborn self in true intention) we substitute out something that is not our true created self (our germ)

YHVH is the farmer, he sows the world into fruition

the messengers are the harvesters for they bring in the wheat and leave the tares

sin is a celiac disease which rots our bodies from within

the only way to become reborn is to have the germ inside of you

again, leaven changes the endosperm making it appear something that it is not... when an article in any cooking process is used, to make it malleable for usage, a leavening agent is added to create tiny air bubbles in the substance

the substance LOOKS better but is weaker for the process

the substance TASTES better but is looser and less sturdy

the substance SMELLS better but cannot withstand change

the substance FEELS better but cannot undergo pressure

leavning is appealing but leavening makes one weak