December 2 2023 - A typical blog post

wow. i haven't written anything specifically FOR in a long bit, so i'm just gonna be a little candid with you.

our orphanage needs your support.

we've not hit any goals this month and it's quite rough for pastor vinod and family to get everything done.

please, also pray for him and his family and all the children there.


i've been working a lot - i miss my writing time. 

i've been busting butt on a day job and a part time job to stay ahead of the financial curve building our house.

it's been rough.

but last week i put out two books, the book of lamach of cain and an uncomfortable and disastrous creature.

the week before that, i released a book under my pen name, polly little deer, as part of her birthday present series.

i've been doing a book for her each year as a birthday present.

pretty awesome.


i might make another couple of books for my OTHER pen name, mister lee and put them out, but i've gotta find the time.

i've been selling books like hotcakes. around two a day. pretty awesome stuff.

my writing is also on another website, the unexpected cosmology, which is fun.


i've been making NFT's and other art as well and posting them on my socials...

but, man, where does that TIME GO?

dunno, tbh [that's "to be honest" for you older folks].


i think it's gonna rain all day tomorrow and the house building might be a little behind as well as my GC just lost his mother-in-law.

pray for james and family.

and i hope they are able to get done as promised with this build.

that would be swell.


that's all i got.

no new updates on the board games empires and generals or down to brass facts.

but i still have a zillion ideas for new games and books all the time, so that's fun.

it's neat to be a weirdo.

have a great day, week, and sabbath.

-pauly hart