Why I don't celebrate Christ Mass.

Is Pauly a Scrooge or a Grinch? The answer is neither. While inside the lens of Christmas, both of these men have their negative connotations. However, outside the lens of that holiday, both can be seen as just really mean people. Inside and outside the lens of Christmas, I am neither a people hating miser like Scrooge, nor a sociopathic thief like Grinch. It goes without saying that these two typify two of the largest sins of humanity: lust for power and greed for gold... The third one being sex, but that's another topic.

I do however think that Christmas is silly; And it goes back to being a follower of Jesus Christ for me. I want to serve him with everything that is in me so the older I get, the more and more I realize that I was raised in what would be a twin to a Godly home, but without the recognition of the full God of the Bible, in reality. Sort of a mixture of New Covenant and New America.

How can i keep Torah and the New Covenant at the same time? Easy. Yeshua ben Yosef (Jesus son of Joseph) fulfilled the Old Covenants thru his manifestation of righteousness and obedience unto death and resurrection. Now, since there are no Levites serving in the Temple (and no temple or even tabernacle), a lot of these laws, called  Mizvot is null... Most specifically because it was carried out in the body of the messiah. Which parts of the law should you keep as a follower of Jesus? As much as you can silly. The obvious 10 commandments, and the resst of the 603 as well. Don't have sex with donkeys, pray over your food after you eat it, etc...

But there are a couple of ones that I try to keep specifically as a follower of Him that interfere with much of the society that I live in. Exodus 23:14 says that there's only three holidays that I am to celebrate, and in other verses, a rebuke is given to people that observe social holidays that are not prescribed in Torah. And I can't find "Christmas" anywhere in there. So, is the "mass of christ" a holiday I should worship as a follower of "Christ". Specifically as it pertains to obeying the Bible, absolutely not. And there are many reasons why I believe that the holiday is nothing more than a pagan ritual set up over you thru poor intentions, but I will not get into them here.

So I have done away with Belsnickle and Black Pete and the Krampus in my house. No longer will Kris Kringle darken the door of my imagination or life. I celebrated the 24th this year because it fell on Sabbath (on my calendar), but that is just because I want to only fulfill HIS laws and not the societal constructs of mankind in the North Americas.

So I exhort you. Fulfill God's laws and not your uncle's. Follow after a pure heart devoted to Him and not to your mothers. And, if you do partake in fellowship with your family, don't be a poop about it all, but rather, worship Him thru loving them. Love covers a multitude of sins.