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The original poem was the inspiration for this song. Here it is.


Boston again

I waited in the rain
You never ever came
I smoked a pack of reds
While I waited on your train

Where were you baby
When I left for Boston
You always break my heart
And that’s what’ll cost ya

I made it in the play
The auditions were insane
I’ve got six lines at best
And the costumes are a pain

Boston is a drag
Except for all the bars
I see you everywhere
And that’s the hardest part

I wish that you were here
I wish you didn’t care
But please don’t come today
I’ll turn and walk away

Copyright 2004 by pauly hart


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Shoplifting deterrent sound

i pressed play and immiediatly wanted to throw up.
Train Horns

Created by Train Horns

New American Tea Party

Here is where the rubber meets the road

New Muslim President creates a lose/lose situation in my country.

Let’s look at what he’s done.

Doubled the deficit. Then promised to halve it by the end of his first term. Slight of hand, to be sure, but it just isn’t that simple. $634 billion for health care.

A contingency fund for the financial sector that falls on top of TARP, to the tune of billions. Working on details of how to force judges to devalue homes and lower interest to protect the people who bought houses that never should have. Subsidies for auto manufacturers, to the tune of billions, and now they are back for more, as is AIG, who just pissed away some $160 billion. Perhaps another round of bailouts for the banks. All of this with strings attached to government manipulation, as well as leveraging from lobbyists as we have laid out here in this blog.

All of this under the guise of “We had to do something…” and selling everyone around the nation that anyone who wouldn’t do exactly “their” something meant they (republicans) wanted to do “nothing”. More political slight of hand.

Talked down the economy, says he “inherited” it. At some point, though, if you “F” with something enough, you eventually own it, no matter what you “inherited”, or from whom. Obama’s got his hand so far up the ass of the puppet right now that in reality, everyone should be saying “this is YOURS now, baby!” But are they saying that? Will they?

What Obama has essentially done is devalue the dollar, devalue our future, and set up a situation that has caused Wall Street to start hiding money in the mattress. He is having the exact opposite effect on this nation than we figured he intended to have. He sold hope, but is instilling little. None.

What happens if all of this fails? What has Obama really done here?

The Dems are playing with what they perceive is a win win situation. If they succeed, they will have reinstilled the illusion that they are financial masters, while at the same time establishing new power bases in the form of Washington D.C. having representatives, Card Check (open union balloting), the census redistricting in their favor, new government programs and entitlements that will be very hard to strip away in the future… the list goes on and on.

If they fail, financially? The sheeple that vote for them will insist that the whole spiral is and was Bush’s fault. Regardless of how many hands Obama has put on the wheel, and how hard he jerks it left and right while racing down the road of liberal socialism, all failure, in the minds of the left, will come back to Bush.

But, the real danger here, aside from a massive depression, is this:

The government will still have grown; card check will still likely be passed expanding their power; Iraq may be left unstable; banks may be nationalized; D.C. will still likely be home for more Dems in the House and Senate, and those government programs and entitlements will still be plaguing the nation financially while creating political puppets who will vote Democrat for fear their government tit be cut off…

The list could, and will, go on and on. My point simply is this: While the Dems are rolling the dice on a myriad of socialist manipulations of the markets, regardless of their success or failure, they will, in the end, expand their power immensely over the next few years. They win either way, at the risk of America losing. And they- don’t- care… It’s worth it, either way, to them.

With any luck, the people of this country are recognizing that, for now anyway, the real lesson is that the people who really run this country are in Wall Street. Business owners, employers, creators, developers, investors. Right now, they are very afraid, and not willing to take risks, because Obama has given them NO confidence, and is going to start coming for their profits very agressively, very soon.

And when this dipshit talking head car salesman starts doing that, guess what happens? All of YOUR goods will go UP in price… right in the middle of a recession, or worse- depression. Great plan he’s got rolling here, no?

The best friend the conservatives have right now are those who are keeping their money close to their vests, and undermining Obama’s “recovery” plan. They are clearly giving him a vote of “no confidence”. Let’s hope they don’t just fold and take their money and go home, and perhaps, in two years, fiscal conservatives will come from both the Dem and Republican ranks back into the house, and Senate, and right this ship.

iphone seriously wastes the brain

Sunni versus Shia Round... uh... 15,957?

Hundreds of people in Saudi Arabia have taken to the streets in rare protests against government maltreatment of the Shia minority.

The angry Saudis took part in two protests late on Tuesday near the city of Qatif in Eastern Province, shouting anti-government slogans and condemning the pro-Sunni prejudice in the country.

Youths threw stones at a police post before anti-riot officers fired in the air to disperse the crowd, which included women, witnesses told the Associated Press. No casualties were reported.

The demonstrations followed a string of hostilities against Shia pilgrims in the holy city of Medina in western Saudi Arabia.

Earlier in the week, pilgrims sought entry into the Baqi burial ground, which houses the graves of many of the Prophet's relatives and companions.

Women are not allowed to visit the graveyard according to the Wahabbi interpretation of Islam; therefore, Shia and Sunni women wishing to visit the graves are allowed only to stay outside the gates.

Security forces later killed at least three Shia pilgrims and injured several others.

Saudi security guards filmed the people gathered outside the cemetary and later arrested several people captured on tape while demonstrating.

A Saudi official blamed the Shia pilgrims for the trouble, accusing them of performing religious rituals offensive to other worshippers and authorities at the cemetery.

Watch the pilgrims protest outside the cemetery.

Following the government-sponsored violence, a number of other Shias were arrested in Medina.

Shias amount to nearly 10 percent of the Muslim population of Saudi Arabia, which is dominated by a Sunni population.

Human rights groups, have, meanwhile condemned the attacks on the Shia population and have urged the Saudi government to bring those responsible to justice.

Yankee Doodle Hiney

a butt

The tenderness of the delicate American buttock is causing more environmental devastation than the country's love of gas-guzzling cars, fast food or McMansions, according to green campaigners. At fault, they say, is the US public's insistence on extra-soft, quilted and multi-ply products when they use the bathroom.

"This is a product that we use for less than three seconds and the ecological consequences of manufacturing it from trees is enormous," said Allen Hershkowitz, a senior scientist at the Natural Resources Defence Council.

"Future generations are going to look at the way we make toilet paper as one of the greatest excesses of our age. Making toilet paper from virgin wood is a lot worse than driving Hummers in terms of global warming pollution." Making toilet paper has a significant impact because of chemicals used in pulp manufacture and cutting down forests.

A campaign by Greenpeace seeks to raise consciousness among Americans about the environmental costs of their toilet habits and counter an aggressive new push by the paper industry giants to market so-called luxury brands.

More than 98% of the toilet roll sold in America comes from virgin forests, said Hershkowitz. In Europe and Latin America, up to 40% of toilet paper comes from recycled products. Greenpeace this week launched a cut-out-and-keep ecological ranking of toilet paper products.

"We have this myth in the US that recycled is just so low quality, it's like cardboard and is impossible to use," said Lindsey Allen, the forestry campaigner of Greenpeace.

The campaigning group says it produced the guide to counter an aggressive marketing push by the big paper product makers in which celebrities talk about the comforts of luxury brands of toilet paper and tissue.

Those brands, which put quilting and pockets of air between several layers of paper, are especially damaging to the environment.

Paper manufacturers such as Kimberly-Clark have identified luxury brands such as three-ply tissues or tissues infused with hand lotion as the fastest-growing market share in a highly competitive industry. Its latest television advertisements show a woman caressing tissue infused with hand lotion.

The New York Times reported a 40% rise in sales of luxury brands of toilet paper in 2008. Paper companies are anxious to keep those percentages up, even as the recession bites. And Reuters reported that Kimberly-Clark spent $25m in its third quarter on advertising to persuade Americans against trusting their bottoms to cheaper brands.

But Kimberly-Clark, which touts its green credentials on its website, rejects the idea that it is pushing destructive products on an unwitting American public.

Dave Dixon, a company spokesman, said toilet paper and tissue from recycled fibre had been on the market for years. If Americans wanted to buy them, they could.

"For bath tissue Americans in particular like the softness and strength that virgin fibres provides," Dixon said. "It's the quality and softness the consumers in America have come to expect."

Longer fibres in virgin wood are easier to lay out and fluff up for a softer tissue. Dixon said the company used products from sustainbly farmed forests in Canada.

Americans already consume vastly more paper than any other country — about three times more per person than the average European, and 100 times more than the average person in China.

Barely a third of the paper products sold in America are from recycled sources — most of it comes from virgin forests.

"I really do think it is overwhelmingly an American phenomenom," said Hershkowitz. "People just don't understand that softness equals ecological destruction."

Sonys new time vampire

Sony Releases New Stupid Piece Of Shit That Doesn't Fucking Work


Are Violent Video Games Adequately Preparing Children For The Apocalypse?

Feb 27 Reflection

"Reflections: A daily guide to wiser living"

is a book that I have published
using an online comic creator
that features one wise saying per day.

Colbert doing the usual thing

The Feed Bag

"i want nothing more than to see you happy"

"i want nothing more than to see you happy"

has anyone ever said this to you?

kinda makes you cringe huh? it's as if, they mean to say: "i want nothing more than to see ME happy" instead. what they really mean is just that. they believe that they have found a truth for YOU and yet you don't feel that you can understand it or believe that you can believe what they believe. what you really SHOULD be (in their opinion) is something else entirely than what you ARE and what THEY believe is that they think that they know what this is.

"i want nothing more than..."

sure let's take a look at this shall we. they WANT. NOTHING. more than... what. nothing more than... eh?

so they want nothing huh? what kind of self-debasing scum is this person? some kind of wastrel who is pedestalizing someone else because they see them as some sort of demi-god and worships them.

"i want nothing"

they DON'T actually believe this... they really mean, "they want everything". they are SO wanting that they ooze out this pathetic NEED onto others that often results in some sort of pity-love.

"to see you happy"

oh sure. they have to see it to believe that the person in question could ever be happy again. i have been there my friend. let Christ sort it out, cause happiness is fleeting and joy is an aloof mistress and often you can't find it in others except when shared.

and to say that you want nothing more... MORE? can't you say "LESS"???

"i want nothing less than to see you happy.

now that actually makes sense doesn't it? placing the limit on the minimum instead of the maximum sure lightens things up a bit.

but i can say that i personally WANT EVERYTHING AAAAAAAAND TO SEE YOU HAPPY.

that sums it up for me.

say goodbye to the past dear dreamer. only God can make people... people.

-pauly hart 2/25/09 8:15 pm

the lessons of "dead poets society"


Two videos about one of the most controversial conspiracy theorists today

Climate scientist they could not silence

Jim Hansen has long been a thorn in the side of the White House. Now he has a stark warning for Britain

original article here

The trap was sprung in February 2006. The White House ordered that Dr Jim Hansen was to be denied the oxygen of publicity forthwith. He was to be banned from appearing in newspapers and on TV and radio. He was effectively to disappear.

It was the kind of treatment that might be reserved for terrorists, criminals or, in a totalitarian regime, for political dissidents.

Hansen, however, was none of these things. The director of Nasa’s renowned Goddard space science laboratories was a dry, rather self-effacing climate change scientist with a worldwide reputation for accurate and high-quality research. What had happened?

“All I had done was to give a talk to the American Geophysical Union, setting out how 2005 had been the warmest year on record,” recalled Hansen, in a visit to London last week.

“But someone at Nasa got a call right from the top, from the White House. They were very annoyed.”

It was not quite all he had done. Hansen had also e-mailed a transcript of the talk to a raft of reporters before he spoke. “I did make sure it hit the headlines,” he recalls modestly. In his talk he declared that humanity, especially Americans and Europeans, were burning fossil fuels so fast that they risked transforming Earth into “a different planet”.

Government scientists were not supposed to say things like that. Shortly afterwards the head of Nasa’s public affairs office, one of George Bush’s political appointees, banned Hansen from speaking to the media.

“Then they also forced us to remove all our data about the latest temperature rises from the website,” says Hansen. “I realised they really were going to stop me communicating.”

It looked like a classic case of a naive scientist being ruthlessly crushed by a government machine.

In reality, however, it was Hansen who laid the trap – and the Bush administration that got caught. A few more calls to the media and soon the story of the lone scientist gagged by the mighty Bush administration hit the front pages all over the world, carrying Hansen’s warning about climate change with it once again.

It is a warning that Gordon Brown appears not to be heeding. Hansen’s visit to London last week was partly inspired by the decision to approve construction of a new coal-fired power station at Kingsnorth in Kent.

This, Hansen wants to warn us, is a recipe for global warming disaster. The recent warm winters that Britain has experienced are a clear sign that the climate is changing, he says.

“We are fast approaching a series of tipping points. Changes such as the melting of the Arctic ice cap, the acidification of the oceans and the global rises in temperature could be approaching the point of becoming irreversible.

“In the face of such threats it is madness to propose a new generation of power plants based on burning coal, which is the dirtiest and most polluting of all the fossil fuels. We need a moratorium on the construction of coal-fired power plants and we must phase out the existing ones within two decades.”

Such warnings will not be popular. Coal provides 25% of global primary energy needs and generates 40% of the world’s electricity. In 2006 about 5.4 billion tons were burnt – a 92% increase over the past 25 years. China alone is building two new coal-fired power stations a year with CO2 emissions rising by about 10% annually.

Coal also offers energy security. Some 70 countries can mine their own coal and there are enough reserves to last at least 150 years.

Hansen, however, has come to the conclusion that coal will destroy the planet. “If we release all that carbon into the air it will be catastrophic,” he says.

At the heart of what Hansen is saying lies a welter of new research into what kind of increase in CO2 can be borne by the Earth’s atmosphere.

In the preindustrial 18th century there were about 280 parts per million (ppm) of CO2 in the air. Since then the 1,000 billion tons of CO2 released by humanity has raised that to 385ppm – with another 49 billion tons being added to that each year.

The global scientific consensus is that humanity can just about afford to let CO2 levels creep up so long as they level off at around 450ppm. This would mean accepting rises in global temperature averaging 2-3C.

Hansen used to accept such ideas – but he is now preparing a new research paper showing that even this limit is far too high.

“If humanity wants to preserve a climate resembling that in which civilisation developed, then the palaeoclimate evidence and ongoing climate change suggest CO2 must be reduced from its current level to between 300-350ppm. A 350ppm target is only achievable by phasing out coal use,” he says.

This new agenda for tackling carbon emissions sounds radical but is rapidly gaining ground among Britain’s own climate change researchers and parliamentarians. What marks Hansen out is his success in getting such ideas heard.

“My original media sin goes back to 1981,” says Hansen.

“I had written a paper for Science [the renowned academic journal] making predictions about climate change, but I thought it might get ignored. So I sent it to a reporter at The New York Times – and he put it on the front page.”

The resulting row saw the Department for Energy, which oversaw research into CO2 emissions, slashing his funding while its head of science launched a furious attack on his work at a scientific conference.

Bloodied but not bowed, Hansen went back to his laboratory, spending the next few years refining his global climate model, a computer simulation of the planet’s climate that allows him, for example, to add extra CO2 to the atmosphere and see what happens.

He also refined his tactics. The next time he wanted to speak out he did not choose a scientific journal. It was June 1988 and America was hit by a roasting summer and droughts.

When a congressional committee asked him to testify on climate change, he told them that 1988 would set a new global temperature record, adding that he was “99% confident” that it was due to the greenhouse effect.

He used similar cunning the following year. Called before a congressional committee hearing looking at climate change, he sent an advance fax to Al Gore, its chairman, suggesting some of the questions that he would like to answer.

“What I told them was that the written evidence submitted in my name did not contain my words. It had been rewritten by the president’s own budget office to support their own agenda.”

This time the resulting storm was so great it saw climate change catapulted into the political arena as never before. George Bush Sr (the father of George W Bush), who was then running for president, promised to “fight the greenhouse effect with the White House effect”.

Billions of pounds were allocated for research worldwide and by 1995 the intergovern-mental panel on climate change had concluded that Hansen was correct – humanity was indeed heating up the planet.

When Bill Clinton and Gore arrived in office, Gore had shown such interest in climate change that Hansen had high hopes – but was again disappointed. “America under Gore and Clinton let down the rest of the world once again. They gave in to the special interests,” says Hansen. “That is the same process we are seeing in the White House now.”

Hansen believes that the governments of Britain and Germany are also proving vulnerable to such lobbying – and that the decision over Kingsnorth is a direct consequence.

“I used to think that the politicians over here had simply not understood how serious climate change really is,” he says.

“Nowadays, however, it is clear they do – but they have just given in.”

pet food ingredients (what you don't know... can KILL you)

dog food project

more research

House - "unfaithful"

Larry Silverstein admits WTC7 was pulled down on 9/11

Ok. So here's my dilema. I watch the news and they told me that World Trade Center Seven fell because of aftershocks from terrorist attacks. Yet the guy that leases out the building for others to use (the guy in charge) says here that they demolished it on purpose. I never heard the media repeat what he said and retract what they said... Do the lies end here or just begin here?

They begin here. This video is one snowflake on an iceburg of reality.

"Concentration Camps" ready to go in United States

Here is where I found this post

There over 600 prison camps in the United States, all fully operational and ready to receive prisoners. They are all staffed and even surrounded by full-time guards, but they are all empty. These camps are to be operated by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) should Martial Law need to be implemented in the United States.

The Rex 84 Program was established on the reasoning that if a mass exodus of illegal aliens crossed the Mexican/US border, they would be quickly rounded up and detained in detention lefts by FEMA. Rex 84 allowed many military bases to be closed down and to be turned into prisons.

Operation Cable Splicer and Garden Plot are the two sub programs which will be implemented once the Rex 84 program is initiated for its proper purpose. Garden Plot is the program to control the population. Cable Splicer is the program for an orderly takeover of the state and local governments by the federal government. FEMA is the executive arm of the coming police state and thus will head up all operations. The Presidential Executive Orders already listed on the Federal Register also are part of the legal framework for this operation.

The camps all have railroad facilities as well as roads leading to and from the detention facilities. Many also have an airport nearby. The majority of the camps can house a population of 20,000 prisoners. Currently, the largest of these facilities is just outside of Fairbanks, Alaska. The Alaskan facility is a massive mental health facility and can hold approximately 2 million people.

A person named Terry Kings wrote an article on his discoveries of camps
located in southern California. His findings are as follows:
Over the last couple months several of us have investigated three soon-to-be prison camps in the Southern California area. We had heard about these sites and wanted to see them for ourselves.

The first one we observed was in Palmdale, California. It is not operating as a prison at the moment but is masquerading as part of a water facility. Now why would there be a facility of this nature out in the middle of nowhere with absolutely no prisoners? The fences that run for miles around this large facility all point inward, and there are large mounds of dirt and dry moat surrounding the central area so the inside area is not visible from the road. There are 3 large loading docks facing the entrance that can be observed from the road. What are these massive docks going to be loading?

We observed white vans patrolling the area and one came out and greeted us with a friendly wave and followed us until we had driven safely beyond the area. What would have happened had we decided to enter the open gate or ask questions?

This facility is across the street from the Palmdale Water Department. The area around the Water Department has fences pointing outward, to keep people out of this dangerous area so as not to drown. Yet, across the street, the fences all point inward. Why? To keep people in? What people? Who are going to be it’s occupants?

There are also signs posted every 50 feet stating: State of California Trespassing Loitering Forbidden By Law Section 555 California Penal Code.

The sign at the entrance says: Pearblossom Operations and Maintenance Subleft Receiving Department, 34534 116th Street East. There is also a guard shack located at the entrance.

We didn’t venture into this facility, but did circle around it to see if there was anything else visible from the road. We saw miles of fences with the top points all directed inward. There is a railroad track that runs next to the perimeter of this fenced area. The loading docks are large enough to hold railroad cars.

I wonder what they are planning for this facility? They could easily fit 100,000 people in this area. And who would the occupants be?

Another site is located in Brand Park in Glendale. There are newly constructed fences (all outfitted with new wiring that point inward). The fences surround a dry reservoir. There are also new buildings situated in the area. We questioned the idea that there were four armed military personnel walking the park. Since when does a public park need armed guards?

A third site visited was in the San Fernando Valley, adjacent to the Water District. Again, the area around the actual Water District had fences logically pointing out (to keep people out of the dangerous area). And the rest of the adjacent area which went on for several miles was ringed with fences and barbed wire facing inward (to keep what or who in?) Also, interesting was the fact that the addition to the tops of the fences were fairly new as to not even contain any sign of rust on them. Within the grounds was a huge building that the guard said was a training range for policemen. There were newly constructed roads, new gray military looking buildings, and a landing strip. For what? Police cars were constantly patrolling the several mile perimeter of the area.

From the parking lot of the Odyssey Restaurant a better view could be taken of the area that was hidden from site from the highway. There was an area that contained about 100 black boxes that looked like railroad cars. We had heard that loads of railroad cars have been manufactured in Oregon outfitted with shackles. Would these be of that nature? From our position it was hard to determine.

In searching the Internet, I have discovered that there are about 600 of these prison sites around the country (and more literally popping up overnight do they work all night). They are manned, but yet do not contain prisoners. Why do they need all these non-operating prisons? What are they waiting for? We continuously hear that our current prisons are overcrowded and they are releasing prisoners because of this situation. But what about all these facilities? What are they really for? Why are there armed guards yet no one to protect themselves against? And what is going to be the kick-off point to put these facilities into operation?

What would bring about a situation that would call into effect the need for these new prison facilities? A man-made or natural catastrophe? An earthquake, panic due to Y2K, a massive poisoning, a panic of such dimensions to cause nationwide panic?

Once a major disaster occurs (whether it is a real event or manufactured event does not matter) Martial Law is hurriedly put in place and we are all in the hands of the government agencies (FEMA) who thus portray themselves as our protectors. Yet what happens when we question those in authority and how they are taking away all of our freedoms? Will we be the ones detained in these camp sites? And who are they going to round up? Those with guns? Those who ask questions? Those that want to know what’s really going on? Does that include any of us? The seekers of truth?

When first coming across this information I was in a state of total denial. How could this be? I believed our country was free, and always felt a sense of comfort in knowing that as long as we didn’t hurt others in observing our freedom we were left to ourselves. Ideally we treated everyone with respect and honored their uniqueness and hoped that others did likewise.

It took an intensive year of searching into the hidden politics to discover that we are as free as we believe we are. If we are in denial, we don’t see the signs that are staring at us, but keep our minds turned off and busy with all the mundane affairs of daily life.

We just don’t care enough to find out the real truth, and settle for the hand-fed stories that come our way over the major media sources television, radio, newspaper, and magazines. But it’s too late to turn back to the days of blindfolds and hiding our heads in the sand because the reality is becoming very clear. The time is fast approaching when we will be the ones asking "What happened to our freedom? To our free speech? To our right to protect ourselves and our family? To think as an individual? To express ourselves in whatever way we wish?"

Once we challenge that freedom we find out how free we really are. How many are willing to take up that challenge? Very few indeed, otherwise we wouldn’t find ourselves in the situation that we are in at the present time. We wouldn’t have let things progress and get out of the hands of the public and into the hands of those that seek to keep us under their control no matter what it takes, and that includes the use of force and detainment for those that ask the wrong questions.

Will asking questions be outlawed next? Several instances have recently been reported where those that were asking questions that came too near the untold truth (the cover up) were removed from the press conferences and from the public’s ear. Also, those that wanted to speak to the press were detained and either imprisoned, locked in a psychiatric hospital, slaughtered (through make-believe suicides) or discredited.

Why are we all in denial over these possibilities? Didn’t we hear about prison camps in Germany, and even in the United States during World War II? Japanese individuals were rounded up and placed in determent camps during the duration of the War. Where was their freedom?

You don’t think it could happen to you? Obviously those rounded up and killed didn’t think it could happen to them either. How could decent people have witnessed such atrocities and still said nothing? Are we going to do the same here as they cart off one by one those individuals who are taking a stand for the rights of the citizens as they expose the truth happening behind the scenes? Are we all going to sit there and wonder what happened to this country of ours? Where did we go wrong? How could we let it happen?

Martial law includes "Concentration Camps" for USA citizens

Read the article from the source I got it from.


I am still kinda reeling from what a US Marine admitted to me in a long conversation...a crack US Marine drill sergeant with 12 years of professional training and being a trainer in the Marines. He specialized in hardening them to win (ie-fire on women and children wherever appropriate, "show no mercy" etc.)

He CONFIRMED lots of things to me to me I already knew, and revealed lots of new things to me.


HE ADMITTED (actually, BOASTED would be more appropriate) that there were INDEED PRISONER BOXCARS PREPOSITIONED EVERYWHERE THROUGHOUT MONTANA where I interviewed him(and nationwide)...that the military has properly assessed the civilian resistance/militia threat under martial law, and hence had everything in place for a military takeover USING US MARINES HEAVILY.

"WHY do you THINK that they have the Marines in place in Billings, Montana, " he bragged. He explained that MARINES would be used most heavily in Montana(and NATIONWIDE) under martial law...and he was evidently quite proud of their role. He admitted they had been hardened to kill...and that killing women and children would be a part of their agenda wherever deemed necessary.

WHY? He said that under a state of war or martial law, it is a known fact that women can be used and even children to convey information to"the enemy." (OR to combat US forces.)

He shared then how many men in his platoon stationed overseas had been killed or hurt because a Marine refused his orders, to fire on an eight year old child. The child was suspected to be a courier for the Mujahideen, transporting information about Marine logistics and whereabouts,to the Moslems they were fighting. And as a result of enemy information getting thru, many men in his platoon were injured or killed by resultant Moslem attack.

"The child may not have even known what he was transporting," the Marine told me, "But the damage to our men occurred regardless...all because one man refused his orders and failed to take out this threat..."

We discussed the BOXCARS AND SHACKLES and MILITARY DETENTION CAMPS under MARTIAL LAW issue. A knowing smile broke out on his face as I described to him my research on future MARTIAL LAW and the role of PRISONER BOXCARS WITH SHACKLES.

When I mentioned how my research on this subject brought me to the HIGHLINE (the railroad tracks that run parallel to HIGHWAY 2 in northern Montana) and northern Montana, he admitted...

"The boxcars are NOT just up there...we have them spread out ALL OVER MONTANA...Billings...Bozeman..." He went on to name city after city in Montana.


We discussed what would happen ONCE people were arrested under martial law and brought into these boxcars. MARINE style.

He said, "In many cases they won't even waste a bullet on them. MANY WILL NEVER REACH THE CAMPS ALIVE. They have this thing we called a 'staple gun'..." I asked him to elaborate. "This 'gun' shoots out a long metal rod that hits another piece of metal...they just hold that to someone's head like a gun and...."

He was in fact describing a STUN GUN, the same kind used to stun cattle and sheep in slaughterhouses prior to processing.

I understood. With the same effect that a BULLET THRU THE HEAD, favored by military for dispatching people under such circumstances, would have. Only THIS way, the American people will become LIKE SHEEP LED TO SLAUGHTER...literally.

nd like dumb sheep led to slaughter, civilians arrested under martial law are not even considered worth the cost of a bullet...


We discussed various LISTS or status of people, once arrested, under MARTIAL LAW would have. You know, like FEMA RED-BLUE lists, etc.

He responded by admitting that FEMA WAS ONLY A FRONT FOR SUCH OPERATIONS, and that IN FACT IT WOULD BE THE US MILITARY (with foreign troop assistance, UN/NATO/Pfp etc.,) OPERATING THE BOXCARS AND DEATHCAMPS.

He said that the Marines had their RED FLAGGED people and BLACK FLAGGED people. When people come up RED FLAG on their computerized list, it is a person that will be arrested and taken to military camps, but may be "salvageable" (or can be rehabilitated, re-educated, etc.)

But when people come up BLACK FLAGGED, they will be arrested and PUT TO DEATH.
NO questions asked.

"When taking captives under MARTIAL LAW, we might even use a black flagged person who is going to die anyhow, and MAKE THEM AN EXAMPLE TO THE OTHER PEOPLE WE ARREST TO NOT MESS WITH US AND executing that person in front of the others...a form of CONTROL THRU FEAR."


I discussed my loathing for the reports we were now receiving from IRAQ, about even young girls and teens being arrested indiscriminately, tortured and sodomized, raped, etc.

He replied, "You have to understand the logistics of WAR and what is happening there. Since the US soldiers are surrounded with people (Iraqis) and the enemy in many cases is THE UNKNOWN, that have to have ways to flush them out.

By randomly selecting civilians to interrogate through torture and other means, and then releasing them, they are hoping that when that person who has been roughed up returns to their home or friends, it will provoke them (enemy combatants) into such anger and retaliation that they are FLUSHED OUT INTO THE OPEN so we can deal with them and know who the enemy really is."

He also admitted it creates FEAR in the people towards the occupying army, so that they will hesitate to rebel.



He did not deny this. And when I mentioned my concern over whether or not they could get our own US troops to fire upon America citizens, even women and children, he explained to me the MARINE MENTALITY.

"These Marines have been hardened to KILL UPON COMMAND. They have been taught to NOT QUESTION THE ORDERS OF THEIR SUPERIORS OR COMMANDING OFFICER. THEY WILL KILL WHOEVER AND WHENEVER THEY ARE COMMANDED TO. " He let me know that concepts of MERCY or COMPASSION are diametrically opposed to WAR and military mentality.

He had trained men himself in the Marines, and admitted he was one of those people hardening OTHER Marines to kill without regret or conscience...even under MARTIAL LAW IN AMERICA.


We then discussed WEAPONS OF WAR. I fully admitted to him my position in the upcoming MARTIAL LAW holocaust. It was SAFE: we were on neutral ground and martial law has not been declared here YET.

I then discussed my honest assessment, however, of Patriot/civilian resistance. Coming from the kind of military background family I do, I had a much more realistic assessment of modern military might versus civilian resistance. I said,

"I always give a salvation message at the end of each radio broadcast I give on the subject of MARTIAL LAW SHOWDOWN...I let the Patriot militias out there know that while I admire their intentions as they stand up for freedom and against the NWO, they frankly have no realistic concept of how highly armed and trained and prepared the military forces of the NWO really are...and that a lot of these good folks are going to factually die with what is coming down when they offer resistance... SO I tell them, 'at LEAST ensure yourselves the ULTIMATE VICTORY of knowing you have ETERNAL LIFE thru Jesus Christ in case you die....and many of you WILL END UP IN HELL should they take you out WITHOUT GET RIGHT WITH GOD NOW."

He smiled and said, "That's why we Marines have a saying that we will take 'em out and LET GOD SORT 'EM!"

He went on to describe the newer weapons the US military had developed to be used against civilian resistance. Grenades that have caustic substances that when exploded, will eat away any CHEM/BIO BODY SUIT that a resister may be wearing for protection under MARTIAL LAW. Projectiles with uranium shells that when fired will pass through buildings with such power and velocity that they will suck human bodies right out with them through the hole they create in buildings as they emerge (of course destroying the bodies in the process). And more.


He also confirmed the reality of microwave related weapons as well.

I mentioned that in my research on MILITARY DETENTION CAMPS and termination facilities, I knew about GASSING/CREMATORY facilities, and MICROWAVING deathcamps as well.

WIth the smile of a hardened soldier, he replied, "The MICROWAVING facilities have been around since the 1950's. THEY ARE ALREADY BEING USED IN PLACES LIKE KOSOVO and other places...they make our clean-up much more easy after executions. The bodies don't EXPLODE...they IMPLODE or collapse from the inside...."

I commented on my 6 months of research in Germany at the US military installation called THE MARSHALL CENTER and other locations, to uncover more about the role of UN/NATO foreign troops to be used under martial law in America someday.

Former YUGOSLAVIA is being used as a test case for an entire country brought under UN/NATO control. It has been divided up into FOUR regions, with UN foreign troops assigned to patrol each section. This is much like AMERICA UNDER MARTIAL LAW will be divided up into TEN regions with UN/NATO/PfP troops patrolling each region.

And even now, foreign and America troops are being trained through experience in places like KOSOVO for what they will do under MARTIAL LAW in America someday:roadblocks and searches and weapons seizures, gun confiscation, "search/seizure/arrest" at homes, marching red-flagged/black-flagged, FEMA red/blue listed people off to boxcars and shackles or buses (OR federal prisoner transport planes) to be held or terminated accordingly, etc.

The fact that THEY ARE EVEN NOW PRACTICING TERMINATING "ENEMIES" UNDER UN/NATO/NWO OCCUPATION in "microwaving deathcamp" facilities leaves a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach.

We have heard of microwave termination facilities here in the US to be used under MARTIAL LAW. I have reported on our suspicions. And now this Marine has provided up front confirmation. He admitted that not only are there gassing/crematory facilities, but the MICROWAVE termination facilities are a present reality as well.


I expressed to him my deep concerns over innocent people being terminated in such camps. He explained the military mentality of thinking.

"MOST AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE DUMB SHEEP" and sheep can be dangerous IF they cannot be controlled or pose a threat to the security of the US military forces under martial law or endanger their operations. In such cases THEY MUST BE TAKEN in NEW ORLEANS. He admitted that his Marine buddies had been shooting and killing a lot of people down there...people who will not surrender their weapons when asked, etc.

"We have the philosophy in the military that you SACRIFICE ONE OR A FEW FOR THE GOOD OF THE MANY..."

In others words, IF a person, OR a group (Patriot leader, militia leader and their group, etc., or various people under martial law) poses a threat to the good of the MANY (in the US military) then they will sacrifice those people.

When I shared with him how my previous research uncovered the hidden reality of NWO RESISTANCE within the ranks of the US military, he looked at me with narrowed eye intensity and responded, "NOT THESE MARINES...NOT MY MEN! These men have been prepared and trained and equipped...THEY ARE PREPARED FOR MARTIAL LAW and they have been trained to WIN."


We finally parted and went our separate ways into the night.

But before he left, I told him, "Well , nice talking to you...and whether you know it or not, you just did a HELLUVA PSY-OPS JOB on me, sir..." He just smiled. In fact it took me all night in prayer just to assess what he had shared with me and finally become calm and drift off to sleep.


I simply let him know that there are those among " NWO resistance" that are not afraid to die.

We ARE in fact Major Ralph Peter's WARRIOR CLASS Patriot/Christian resistance that he has formerly described to the US military, and Major Ralph (formerly of PENTAGON INTELLIGENCE) was RIGHT in his assessment of us American Christians/Patriots in his report: we CANNOT be dissuaded from our faith in God and from our stand against NWO despotism and the Satanic darkness behind it all...not even by threats of death or what he just had informed me about US military strategy against resistance under martial law.

He looked at the ground and spoke softly and said, "There's not many of your kind out there anymore..." as I continued to witness Jesus Christ and salvation to him.

But there are many more of us than you might think, dear! And by GOD'S GRACE, God is raising up MORE AND MORE committed and informed Christians, who see the NEW WORLD ORDER and the coming MARTIAL LAW TYRANNY for what it is in light of Bible Scriptures, and who are going to THEIR Commander in Chief, God Almighty, for WISDOM, and COUNSEL, and DIRECTION and STRATEGY TO WIN as well!


Are YOU "WITH HIM" in this critical hour...are YOU with the ETERNALLY WINNING SIDE of JESUS CHRIST???

-Pam Schuffert reporting LIVE from the Pacific Northwest

(The former Major Ralph Peters of PENTAGON INTELLIGENCE, now apparently retired, had written a report for the US Army's PARAMETERS magazine, called "WARRIOR CLASS," in which he discussed NWO RESISTANCE and how there was a group of people among NWO resisters who could NOT be swayed or deterred by conventional military means from their stand against the NEW WORLD ORDER or their religious faith BEHIND their determination to not accept it nor cooperate. He referred to them as WARRIOR CLASS. He then stated in his report in PARAMETERS that SUCH RESISTANCE WILL HAVE TO BE COUNTERED BY THE US MILITARY WITH "IRRESISTIBLE FORCE."

Rumor: Michael Jackson owns the Beatles songs...

Claim: Michael Jackson owns the rights to the Beatles' songs.

This is one of those items which is primarily true, but the answer needs to be heavily qualified in order to avoid being misleading.

First off, when we talk about someone owning the "rights" to songs, what we're discussing are publishing rights. Typically, songwriters assign the publishing rights for their songs to music publishing companies, who perform a number of marketing and promotional services to generate revenue for the songwriters they represent:

Exploitation: One of the more important functions of song publishers is "plugging" songs getting artists interested in recording a songwriter's work. Your song doesn't make any money if nobody uses it, and song plugging was an especially important aspect of the publishing business prior to the 1960s, when many songwriters were not also performers and primarily supplied tunes for other singers.

Licensing: Music publishers also administer the granting and collection of royalties for various types of licenses:

Mechanical licenses: Songwriters receive royalties whenever someone sells recorded versions of their songs. If a songwriter records his own work, he receives royalties from his record label; if someone else records a cover version of his song, the songwriter receives royalties from that artist's record label.

Synchronization licenses: Songwriters receive royalties when their songs are sychronized to visual images, typically for use in films, television programs, and commercials.

Print licenses: Songwriters receive royalties for the sale of their songs in printed form, generally either as sheet music or entries in songbooks. Publishers who wish to quote or include song lyrics in a printed work must also obtain permission (and negotiate fees) with whoever holds the publishing rights to those songs.

Performing rights licenses: Songwriters receive royalties when their songs are performed live for profit or broadcast on the radio, although these licenses are usually administered by performing rights societies such as ASCAP or BMI rather than publishing companies themselves.

The key point here is that holding the publishing rights to songs doesn't really give the rightsholder much "power" over those songs. The rightsholder has some latitude in negotiating royalty rates and determining who may use a song in film or print its lyrics, but that's about it. The chief benefit to owning the publishing rights of songs is that standard publishing agreements call for royalties to be split 50-50 between the publisher and the songwriter(s), so owning the publishing rights to popular songs can be a lucrative form of income.

The Beatles assigned their publishing rights to Northern Songs, a company created by Beatles manager Brian Epstein and music publisher Dick James in 1963. The Beatles (particularly John Lennon and Paul McCartney) were soon earning so much money from songwriting royalties, record sales, concert performances, and merchandise licensing that they were losing over 90% of their income in taxes, and they were advised to find a way of receiving their revenue in the form of capital gains rather than income (the former being taxed at a much lower rate), such as selling their song rights or putting their money into a public company. The Beatles opted for the latter route, and Northern Songs went public on the London Stock Exchange in 1965. Initially, Lennon and McCartney each retained 15% of the shares, George Harrison and Ringo Starr held 1.6% between them, Brian Epstein's NEMS company was assigned 7.5%, and Dick James and Charles Silver (Northern Songs' chairman) retained a total of 37.5%. In 1969, however, the Beatles lost a buyout bid for control of Northern Songs when Dick James and Charles Silver sold their share of the company to Sir Lew Grade, head of Associated Television Corporation

In 1984, ATV's 4,000-song music catalog was put up for sale, and Michael Jackson (who had coincidentally been introduced to the benefits of song ownership by Paul McCartney himself) eventually outbid all other prospective buyers for it, including Paul McCartney, who wanted to buy back the rights to the Beatles' songs but was apparently unable or unwilling to raise enough money to pay for the thousands of other songs in the ATV catalog as well. So, for $47.5 million, Jackson acquired the publishing rights to most of the Beatles songs. (The four songs issued on the Beatles' first two singles "Love Me Do" b/w "P.S. I Love You" and "Please Please Me" b/w "Ask Me Why" were not part of the package since they were published before the formation of Northern Songs, and the rights to those songs are now controlled by McCartney's MPL Communications. ATV also did not own the rights to George Harrison songs published after Harrison's songwriting contract with Northern Songs expired in 1968, but they did hold the rights to various other Lennon-McCartney songs not recorded by the Beatles.)

Another key point here is that although Michael Jackson receives 50% of the royalties generated by Beatles songs by virtue of his ownership of the publishing rights, Paul McCartney and John Lennon (and Lennon's estate, now that he's dead) have always received their 50% songwriter's share of the royalties for all Lennon-McCartney songs. Neither ATV's nor Michael Jackson's acquisition of Northern Songs changed that, and Michael Jackson does not now receive royalties that would otherwise be going to the Beatles had he not acquired the publishing rights to their songs (except that, obviously, if Paul McCartney had managed to outbid Jackson for the publishing rights to the Beatles catalog, he and Lennon's estate would be splitting 100% of the royalties rather than 50%).

As a closing note, we should mention that Sony Corp. paid Michael Jackson $95 million in 1995 to merge ATV with Sony and form Sony/ATV Music Publishing, a 50-50 joint venture, so it's probably more correct to say that Jackson now owns half the rights to the Beatles catalog.

Michael Jackson to lose Beatles catalog?

The cash-strapped pop star on trial for child molestation finds some of his assets threatened.

June 8, 2005: 10:30 AM EDT

By Krysten Crawford, CNN/Money staff writer

Michael Jackson may lose his stake in the lucrative Beatles song catalog, as well as other assets.

NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - Guilty or not guilty, Michael Jackson appears to be sinking deeper and deeper into a financial hole that may cost him his lucrative stake in the Beatles music catalog as well as the rights to his own platinum-selling songs.

At Jackson's child-molestation trial in Central California, now in the hands of a jury, government witnesses testified that the legendary pop star is facing a severe cash crunch. Likely his most valuable asset: the Beatles song rights he bought in the 1980s for about $48 million, now estimated to be worth $400 million or more.

Bank of America, the nation's No. 2 bank, provided further evidence of a financial crisis when it recently sold two Jackson loans valued at $270 million to a private hedge fund, according to people familiar with the transaction.

To secure the Bank of America loans, Jackson offered as collateral his 50 percent stake in a Sony partnership that holds copyrights to more than 200 Beatles songs. The loans were also backed by Jackson's own music library and a partial deed on his Neverland Ranch near Santa Barbara, Calif.

Technically Jackson has defaulted on loan payments, one of the sources said.

Typically, when a debtor defaults or is about to default on a loan, terms are renegotiated. Another option is for the lender to sell the loan -- and the collateral that comes with it -- to another party. Bank of America chose to sell the loans to the hedge fund, New York-based Fortress Investment Group.

Depending on negotiations with Fortress, the risk that Jackson could lose the copyrights to the Beatles songs as well as his own hit recordings is real.

An accountant testifying at Jackson's child molestation trial in early May told jurors that the rock star is in financial straits. Forensic accountant John Duross O'Bryan said Jackson is spending about $20 million to $30 million a year more than he earns.

Jackson, Duross O'Bryan testified, has long-term liabilities of about $415 million. The result is "an ongoing cash crisis," Duross O'Bryan testified.

To fund his lavish lifestyle, Jackson has borrowed against his assets. Duross O'Bryan said that one of the loans that Bank of America sold to Fortress, valued at $200 million, is due to be paid in full in December 2005.

Bank of America declined comment.

Peter Briger, a principal at Fortress, did not return a call seeking comment. The company, according to its Web site, manages $15 billion in assets, a third of which is invested in distressed debts.
A $47.5 million bet pays off

Losing the Beatles rights could put into play one of the world's most valuable song portfolios.

Jackson, 46, acquired the Beatles song catalog in 1985 for $47.5 million, outbidding ex-Beatle Paul McCartney. Jackson then sold a piece of his stake to Sony (Research) a decade later, creating a joint venture called Sony/ATV Music Publishing. The venture is now believed to be worth more than $400 million.

Song catalogs have become hugely lucrative in the last two decades due to the compact disc boom, rising sales of Internet downloads, and movie studios and advertisers willing to pay royalties to use hit songs in film scores and commercials.

Jackson, through Sony/ATV, owns all but a small selection of the Fab Four's compositions, including megahits like "Yesterday," "Let It Be," and "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band." He does not, however, own the actual sound recordings; those rights are held by EMI's Capitol Records.

Royalty arrangements can be quite complicated. Basically, Jackson and Sony receive a fee each time one of the Beatles songs is played on the radio or a Beatles album is sold. Industry royalty rates for single-song plays can run under 10 cents, while rights holders typically earn a small percentage on each album sold.

It's hardly chump change: the small amounts add up to millions of dollars in revenues a year.

Another major revenue stream for Jackson is Mijac Music, the copyright holder on all of his hits and other artists' songs. Mijac is thought to be worth roughly $75 million, according to reports.

Despite Jackson's shaky finances, the long-term value of his $475 million worth of song libraries drew Fortress Investment's interest, speculated James Dunn, a vice president at InvestorForce, a Wayne, Penn.-based investment adviser to institutional investors.

"That's clearly the trade they're making" in placing a bet on Jackson's debts.

Hedge funds are increasingly popular, largely unregulated investment vehicles that are designed for wealthy investors looking for big returns on riskier bets. According to InvestorForce, there are more than 4,000 such funds with more than $800 billion in assets. HedgeWeek, an industry trade publication, reported last month that U.S. hedge fund assets recently $1 trillion in the first quarter of 2005.

A small fraction of hedge funds invest in what are known as distressed securities, such as debts like Jackson's.

Jackson was indicted last year on charges he molested a boy, then 13, providing him with alcohol, and then conspiring to hold him and his family hostage after a damaging TV documentary about Jackson and the boy aired.

Paul McCartney & Michael Jackson

Oh God, the '80's. "Say Say Say" has got to be one of the dumbest videos of all time yet it is such an amazing song. Catchy and all.

Here's one that Paul did in 1983 and had Michael on it. "The Man"

And finally here's "The Girl is Mine"... No video again, just some lame slide show... oh well. I think that this would have made a better story than Say Say Say. Although the whole "Lite Pop" feel of the song makes me think of 1975 instead of 1982.

Did Coldplay copy Joe Satriani? Let's Do the Music Theory

Cecil Rhodes & The Round Table Group

Afghanistan Still Ruled by CIA & Heroin

(Dec.1, 2008) Afghanistan now supplies over 90 percent of the world’s heroin, generating nearly $200 billion in revenue.

Since the U.S. invasion on Oct. 7, 2001, opium output has increased 33-fold (to over 8,250 metric tons a year).

The U.S. has been in Afghanistan for over seven years, has spent $177 billion in that country alone, and has the most powerful and technologically advanced military on Earth. GPS tracking devices can locate any spot imaginable by simply pushing a few buttons.

(click on the pic for the original link)

Still, bumper crops keep flourishing year after year, even though heroin production is a laborious, intricate process. The poppies must be planted, grown and harvested; then after the morphine is extracted it has to be cooked, refined, packaged into bricks and transported from rural locales across national borders.

To make heroin from morphine requires another 12-14 hours of laborious chemical reactions. Thousands of people are involved, yet—despite the massive resources at our disposal—heroin keeps flowing at record levels.

Common sense suggests that such prolific trade over an extended period of time is no accident, especially when the history of what has transpired in that region is considered.

While the CIA ran its operations during the Vietnam War, the Golden Triangle supplied the world with most of its heroin. After that war ended in 1975, an intriguing event took place in 1979 when Zbigniew Brzezinski covertly manipulated the Soviet Union into invading Afghanistan.

Behind the scenes, the CIA, along with Pakistan's ISI, were secretly funding Afghanistan's mujahideen to fight their Russian foes. Prior to this war, opium production in Afghanistan was minimal.

But according to historian Alfred McCoy, an expert on the subject, a shift in focus took place. "Within two years of the onslaught of the CIA operation in Afghanistan, the Pakistan-Afghanistan borderlands became the world’s top heroin producer."

Soon, as Professor Michel Chossudovsky notes, "CIA assets again controlled the heroin trade. As the mujahideen guerrillas seized territory inside Afghanistan, they ordered peasants to plant poppies as a revolutionary tax. Across the border in Pakistan, Afghan leaders and local syndicates under the protection of Pakistan intelligence operated hundreds of heroin laboratories."

Eventually, the Soviet Union was defeated (their version of Vietnam), and ultimately lost the Cold War. The aftermath, however, proved to be an entirely new can of worms.

During his research, McCoy discovered that "the CIA supported various Afghan drug lords, for instance Gulbuddin Hekmatyar. The CIA did not handle heroin, but it did provide its drug lord allies with transport, arms, and political protection."

By 1994, a new force emerged in the region - the Taliban - that took over the drug trade. Chossudovsky again discovered that "the Americans had secretly, and through the Pakistanis [specifically the ISI], supported the Taliban’s assumption of power."

These strange bedfellows endured a rocky relationship until July 2000 when Taliban leaders banned the planting of poppies. This alarming development, along with other disagreements over proposed oil pipelines through Eurasia, posed a serious problem for power centers in the West.

Without heroin money at their disposal, billions of dollars could not be funneled into various CIA black budget projects. Already sensing trouble in this volatile region, 18 influential neo-cons signed a letter in 1998 which became a blueprint for war—the infamous Project for a New American Century (PNAC).

Fifteen days after 9-11, CIA Director George Tenet sent his top-secret Special Operations Group (SOG) into Afghanistan. One of the biggest revelations in Tene'’s book, At the Center of the Storm, was that CIA forces directed the Afghanistan invasion, not the Pentagon.

In the Jan. 26, 2003, issue of Time magazine, Douglas Waller describes Donald Rumsfeld's reaction to this development. "When aides told Rumsfeld that his Army Green Beret A-Teams couldn't go into Afghanistan until the CIA contingent had laid the groundwork with local warlords, he erupted, 'I have all these guys under arms, and we've got to wait like little birds in a nest for the CIA to let us go in?'"


But the real operator in Afghanistan was Richard Armitage, a man whose legend includes being the biggest heroin trafficker in Cambodia and Laos during the Vietnam War; director of the State Department’s Foreign Narcotics Control Office (a front for CIA drug dealing); head of the Far East Company (used to funnel drug money out of the Golden Triangle); a close liaison with Oliver North during the Iran-Contra cocaine-for-guns scandal; a primary Pentagon official in the terror and covert ops field under George Bush the Elder; one of the original signatories of the infamous PNAC document; and the man who helped CIA Director William Casey run weapons to the mujahideen during their war against the Soviet Union.

Armitage was also stationed in Iran during the mid-1970s right before Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini overthrew the shah. Armitage may well be the greatest covert operator in U.S. history.

On Sept. 10, 2001, Armitage met with the UK’s national security advisor, Sir David Manning. Was Armitage "passing on specific intelligence information about the impending terrorist attacks"?

The scenario is plausible because one day later—on 9-11—Dick Cheney directly called for Armitage's presence down in his bunker. Immediately after WTC 2 was struck, Armitage told BBC Radio, "I was told to go to the operations center [where] I spent the rest of the day in the ops center with the vice president."

These two share a long history together. Not only was Armitage employed by Cheney's former company Halliburton (via Brown & Root), he was also a deputy when Cheney was secretary of defense under Bush the Elder.

More importantly, Cheney and Armitage had joint business and consulting interests in the Central Asian pipeline which had been contracted by Unocal. The only problem standing between them and the Caspian Sea's vast energy reserves was the Taliban.

Since the 1980s, Armitage amassed a huge roster of allies in Pakistan’s ISI. He was also one of the "Vulcans" - along with Condi Rice, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, and Rabbi Dov Zakheim - who coordinated Bush's geo-strategic foreign policy initiatives.

Then, after 9-11, he negotiated with the Pakistanis prior to our invasion of Afghanistan, while also becoming Bush's deputy secretary of state stationed in Afghanistan.

Our "enemy," or course, was the Taliban "terrorists." But George Tenet, Colin Powell, Porter Goss, and Armitage had developed a close relationship with Pakistan’s military head of the ISI—General Mahmoud Ahmad -- who was cited in a Sept. 2001 FBI report as "supporting and financing the alleged 9-11 terrorists, as well as having links to al Qaeda and the Taliban."

The line between friend and foe gets even murkier. Afghan President Hamid Karzai not only collaborated with the Taliban, but he was also on Unocal’s payroll in the mid-1990s. He is also described by Saudi Arabia’s Al-Watan newspaper as being "a Central Intelligence Agency covert operator since the 1980s that collaborated with the CIA in funding U.S. aid to the Taliban."

Capturing a new, abundant source for heroin was an integral part of the U.S. "war on terror."

Hamid Karzai is a puppet ruler of the CIA; Afghanistan is a full-fledged narco-state; and the poppies that flourish there have yet to be eradicated, as was proven in 2003 when the Bush administration refused to destroy the crops, despite having the chance to do so.

Major drug dealers are rarely arrested, smugglers enjoy carte blanche immunity, and Nushin Arbabzadah, writing for The Guardian, theorized that "U.S. Army planes leave Afghanistan carrying coffins empty of bodies, but filled with drugs."

Is that why the military protested so vehemently when reporters tried to photograph returning caskets?

*** Victor Thorn is a hard-hitting researcher, journalist and the author of many books on 9-11 and the New World Order. These include 9-11 Evil: The Israeli Role in 9-11 and Phantom Flight 93.

Monsanto vs. Farmers: The Final Battle?

(Feb. 5, 209) People say if farmers don’t want problems from Monsanto, just don’t buy their GMO seeds.

Not so simple. Where are farmers supposed to get normal seed these days?

How are they supposed to avoid contamination of their fields from GM-crops? How are they supposed to stop Monsanto detectives from trespassing or Monsanto from using helicopters to fly over spying on them?

Monsanto contaminates the fields, trespasses onto the land taking samples and if they find any GMO plants growing there (or say they have), they then sue, saying they own the crop.

click on the picture for the original link

It's a way to make money since farmers can't fight back and court and they settle because they have no choice.

And they have done and are doing a bucket load of things to keep farmers and everyone else from having any access at all to buying, collecting, and saving of NORMAL seeds.

1. They've bought up the seed companies across the Midwest.

2. They've written Monsanto seed laws and gotten legislators to put them through, that make cleaning, collecting and storing of seeds so onerous in terms of fees and paperwork and testing and tracking every variety and being subject to fines, that having normal seed becomes almost impossible (an NAIS approach to wiping out normal seeds).

Does your state have such a seed law? Before they existed, farmers just collected the seeds and put them in sacks in the shed and used them the next year, sharing whatever they wished with friends and neighbors, selling some if they wanted. That's been killed.

In Illinois, which has such a seed law, Madigan, the Speaker of the House, his staff is Monsanto lobbyists.

3. Monsanto is pushing anti-democracy laws (Vilsack's brainchild, actually) that remove community control over their own counties so farmers and citizens can't block the planting of GMO crops even if they can contaminate other crops.

So if you don't want a GM-crop that grows industrial chemicals or drugs or a rice growing with human DNA in it, in your area and mixing with your crops, tough luck.

Check the map of just where the Monsanto/ Vilsack laws are and see if your state is still a democracy or is Monsanto's. A farmer in Illinois told me he heard that Bush had pushed through some regulation that made this true in every state. People need to check on that.

4. For sure there are Monsanto regulations buried in the FDA right now that make a farmer's seed cleaning equipment illegal (another way to leave nothing but GM-seeds) because it's now considered a 'source of seed contamination.' Farmer can still seed clean but the equipment now has to be certified and a farmer said it would require a million to a million and half dollar building and equipment... for EACH line of seed. Seed storage facilities are also listed (another million?) and harvesting and transport equipment. And manure. Something that can contaminate seed. Notice that chemical fertilizers and pesticides are not mentioned.

You could eat manure and be okay (a little grossed out but okay). Try that with pesticides and fertilizers. Indian farmers have. Their top choice for how to commit suicide to escape the debt they have been left in is to drink Monsanto pesticides.

5. Monsanto is picking off seed cleaners across the Midwest. In Pilot Grove, Missouri, in Indiana (Maurice Parr), and now in southern Illinois (Steve Hixon). And they are using US marshals and state troopers and county police to show up in three cars to serve the poor farmers who had used Hixon as their seed cleaner, telling them that he or their neighbors turned them in, so across that 6 county areas, no one talking to neighbors and people are living in fear and those farming communities are falling apart from the suspicion Monsanto sowed. Hixon’s office got broken into and he thinks someone put a GPS tracking device on his equipment and that’s how Monsanto found between 200-400 customers in very scattered and remote areas, and threatened them all and destroyed his business within 2 days.

So, after demanding that seed cleaners somehow be able to tell one seed from another (or be sued to kingdom come) or corrupting legislatures to put in laws about labeling of seeds that are so onerous no one can cope with them, what is Monsanto’s attitude about labeling their own stuff? You guessed it - they’re out there pushing laws against ANY labeling of their own GM-food and animals and of any exports to other countries. Why?

We know and they know why.

As Norman Braksick, the president of Asgrow Seed Co. (now owned by Monsanto) predicted in the Kansas City Star (3/7/94) seven years ago, "If you put a label on a genetically engineered food, you might as well put a skull and crossbones on it."

And they've sued dairy farmers for telling the truth about their milk being rBGH-free, though rBGH is associated with an increased risk of breast, colon and prostate cancers.

I just heard that some seed dealers urge farmers to buy the seed under the seed dealer's name, telling the farmers it helps the dealer get a discount on seed to buy a lot under their own name. Then Monsanto sues the poor farmer for buying their seed without a contract and extorts huge sums from them.

Here's a youtube video that is worth your time. Vandana Shiva is one of the leading anti-Monsanto people in the world. In this video, she says (and this video is old), Monsanto had sued 1500 farmers whose fields had simply been contaminated by GM-crops. Listen to all the ways Monsanto goes after farmers.

Do you know the story of Gandhi in India and how the British had salt laws that taxed salt?

The British claimed it as theirs. Gandhi had what was called a Salt Satyagraha, in which people were asked to break the laws and march to the sea and collect the salt without paying the British. A kind of Boston tea party, I guess.

Thousands of people marched 240 miles to the ocean where the British were waiting. As people moved forward to collect the salt, the British soldiers clubbed them but the people kept coming. The non-violent protest exposed the British behavior, which was so revolting to the world that it helped end British control in India.

Vandana Shiva has started a Seed Satyagraha - nonviolent non-cooperation around seed laws - has gotten millions of farmers to sign a pledge to break those laws.

American farmers and cattlemen might appreciate what Gandhi fought for and what Shiva is bringing back and how much it is about what we are all so angry about - loss of basic freedoms. [The highlighting is mine.]

The Seed Satyagraha is the name for the nonviolent, noncooperative movement that Dr. Shiva has organized to stand against seed monopolies. According to Dr. Shiva, the name was inspired by Gandhi's famous walk to the Dandi Beach, where he picked up salt and said, "You can't monopolize this which we need for life." But it’'s not just the noncooperation aspect of the movement that is influenced by Gandhi. The creative side saving seeds, trading seeds, farming without corporate dependence–without their chemicals, without their seed.

" All this is talked about in the language that Gandhi left us as a legacy. We work with three key concepts."

" (One) Swadeshi...which means the capacity to do your own thing–produce your own food, produce your own goods...”

"(Two) Swaraj–to govern yourself. And we fight on three fronts–water, food, and seed. JalSwaraj is water independence - water freedom and water sovereignty. Anna Swaraj is food freedom, food sovereignty. And Bija Swaraj is seed freedom and seed sovereignty. Swa means self–that which rises from the self and is very, very much a deep notion of freedom.

"I believe that these concepts, which are deep, deep, deep in Indian civilization, Gandhi resurrected them to fight for freedom. They are very important for today’s world because so far what we’ve had is centralized state rule, giving way now to centralized corporate control, and we need a third alternate. That third alternate is, in part, citizens being able to tell their state, 'This is what your function is. This is what your obligations are,' and being able to have their states act on corporations to say, 'This is something you cannot do.'"

" (Three) Satyagraha, non-cooperation, basically saying, 'We will do our thing and any law that tries to say that (our freedom) is illegal... we will have to not cooperate with it. We will defend our freedoms to have access to water, access to seed, access to food, access to medicine.'"


China Tortures & Kills Falun Gong for Human Organs

United Nations has reported the chilling facts on organ harvesting from live Falun Gong practitioners.

On March 20, 2007, Manfred Nowak, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture issued a report that corroborates previous findings in 2006 about persecution, abuse and torture of Chinese citizens.

His report states, "Organ harvesting has been inflicted on a large number of unwilling Falun Gong practitioners at a wide variety of locations for the purpose of making available organs for transplant operations." Mr. Nowak issued his report to the Human Rights Council's Fourth session, as part of their Agenda item 2, the Implementation of General Assembly Resolution 60/251.

On August 11, 2006, three UN Special Rapporteurs had sent an urgent appeal on organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners. This was a joint action by the Special Rapporteur on Torture, Mr. Manfred Nowak, the Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Religion or Belief, Ms. Asma Jahangir and the Special Rapporteur on Trafficking in Persons, Ms. Sigma Huda.

Mr. Nowak further states in his report, "Vital organs including hearts, kidneys, livers and corneas were systematically harvested from Falun Gong practitioners at Sujiatan Hospital, Shenyang, Liaoning Province, beginning in 2001. The practitioners were given injections to induce heart failure, and therefore were killed in the course of the organ harvesting operations or immediately thereafter."

The report adds, "It is reported that employees of several transplant centres have indicated that they have used organs from live Falun Gong practitioners for transplants. After the organs were removed, the bodies were cremated, and no corpse is left to examine for identification as the source of an organ transplant. Once the organs were removed they were shipped to transplant centres to be used for transplants for both domestic and foreign patients."

Although the Chinese government denied the allegations, the Report states that China's passage of a law on July 1, 2006, prohibiting the sale of organs and requiring the donor to give written permission, indicates that China allowed organ harvesting before that time.

"Moreover, evidence exists, for example, that at least up until April 2006, price lists for organ transplants in China were published on the Internet," states the report.

The Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Religion or Belief, Ms. Asma Jahangir, also addressed the harvesting of organs from Falun Gong practitioners in her annual report on 250 countries.

Regarding freedom of religion or belief, her report states, "The Special Rapporteur continues to be very concerned by the continued violations of freedom of religion or belief suffered by members of the Falun Gong. In her previous reports to the Commission on Human Rights, she explicitly mentioned members of the Falun Gong as targets of various human rights violations because of their beliefs and she strongly condemns the continued lack of freedom of belief of members of Falun Gong."

The Silence about Organ Harvesting

The Falun Gong Human Rights Working Group initially described the organ harvesting issue in its newsletter, Sujiatun Death Camp: Putting Conscience On Trial". The news was met with silence.

On July 7, 2006, former Canadian Secretary of State (Asia Pacific) and MP David Kilgour and human rights attorney David Matas released their "Report into Allegations of Organ Harvesting of Falun Gong Practitioners in China."

Presenting 17 points of evidence on the harvesting of organs from live Falun Gong practitioners, they stated, "The allegations, if true, would represent a grotesque form of evil which, despite all the depravations humanity has seen, would be new to this planet. The very horror makes us reel back in disbelief. But that disbelief does not mean that the allegations are untrue." Kilgour and Matas have traveled the world discussing their findings with organizations and nations, but, as yet, no country and no major media have condemned this heinous practice.

Dr. Shizhong Chen, founder of The Falun Gong Human Rights Working Group (, when asked about the importance of the UN Report, observed, "David Matas condemned the organ harvesting as a new kind of evil that humanity has yet to see. Sadly, we have also seen a new kind of silence to this evil, silence from world governments and from the media.

"This report by the Special Rapporteur removes any excuse of silence, of not knowing, not trusting and not believing the appeals of Falun Gong practitioners whose lives are supplying China's burgeoning transplant market. It also belies the US State Department report that they found 'no evidence' of organ harvesting after Chinese officials organized two guided tours for their benefit."

Many Cases of Persecution and Torture in China

The Falun Gong Human Rights Working Group has submitted many appeals to the United Nations Special Rapporteurs and has often spoken to the UN Human Rights Council. In his 2005 Report on his mission to China, Nowak observed, in Table 1, that 66% of all alleged victims of torture were Falun Gong practitioners. In 2006, Mr. Nowak sent many urgent appeals to the government of China concerning Falun Gong practitioners and other Chinese citizens who were abused and tortured.

Mr. Nowak cited the persecution of many Chinese citizens in his report, among others, human rights lawyer, Mr. Gao Zhisheng.

The Persecution of Chinese Lawyer Gao Zhisheng

Mr. Gao Zhisheng has represented dissidents, religious believers, entire villages with disputes against officials, and Falun Gong practitioners. When he did his own personal investigation and found evidence of ongoing torture of Falun Gong practitioners, he wrote an open letter asking CCP leaders Hu Jintao and Wen Jiabao to stop the persecution of Falun Gong. As a result, the CCP started persecuting him. In November 2005, Mr. Gao met with Mr. Manfred Nowak, who at that time was in China investigating the use of "torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment."

On December 2, 2005, 12 days after Mr. Nowak met with him, the Justice Bureau closed Mr. Gao's Shenghzhi Law Firm. Mr. Nowak "strongly protested to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs against the intimidation and surveillance by the security services that Mr. Gao was subjected to during their meeting in Beijing on November 20, 2005," and detailed the persecution suffered by Mr. Gao's wife, Ms. Geng He, their children of 13 and 2 years of age and his 70 year old mother-in-law.

One time, two police officers beat Ms. Geng, ripped her clothing and tore off one of her fingernails. They followed Gao's daughter Gege at all times, including when she was in school and when she went to the bathroom. They even attempted to kidnap Gao's two-year-old son.

Other victims mentioned in the report include Ms. Mao Hengfeng whom Nowak interviewed on November 24, 2005, during his mission to China; Sun Xicheng, He Guoguang, Zhou Xiudi, Chen Zonglai, Wu Yuping, Jin Huijun, Mao Hengfeng, Chen Guancheng, Xu Zhiyong, lawyers Li Fangping and Li Subinhad, Ismail Semed, an ethnic Uighur from Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region (XUAR),), Mr. Chen Xiaoming, Ms. Fu Yuxia, and Mr. Han Zhongming, Ms. Ma Yalian, Yusuf Kadir Tohti and Abdukadir Sidik, Mr. Xu Shuangfu (also known as Xu Wenku) and Mr. Li Maoxing, Bu Dongwei (also known as David Bu), He Depu, whom the Special Rapporteur on Torture interviewed on November 22 and 24, 2005, at the Beijing No. 2 Prison, and Zhang Hongwei, a Falun Gong practitioner residing in Tonghua District, Jilin Province, currently detained at Jilin Prison.

The list of victims goes on and on...

The UN Special Rapporteur on Torture Suggests Mechanisms to Hold States Accountable

In an effort to help stop the use of torture, Mr. Nowak proposes that consideration be given to methods for holding accountable those States in which torture is systematic or widespread.

As an example, he suggests, "Such States might be required to contribute adequate funds to the United Nations Voluntary Fund for Victims of Torture. In addition, the respective costs for treatment should ideally be borne by the individual perpetrators, their superiors and the authorities directly responsible."

Mr. Manfred Nowak's report is at: