Michigan City Cars Dealers Break The Law

This guy.


Michigan City Motors Dealer.

Where the evil dwell.


He goes up my ass on the freeway and stays there.

I can't shake him.

He's pushing me.

I can't even see his hood he's so close.

So I do a little brake tap.

I think he spills his drink cause I see something flying around and then once he recovers he gets closer.

Oh? I'm the asshole here?

Because he floors it.

And then taps his brakes.


"How do you like it?"

And I laugh because he's doing 70 in a 55.

But then it's not funny.

Because he's doing 70 in a 45.

Then he's doing 65 in a 35.

And then a truck with a trailer pulls out in front of him.

And he has to stop.

While I leisurely pull up behind him.

Laugh and take this photo.

Michigan City Motors.

Slow Down.

Write an apology.

And I will redact this story.

- Pauly Hart

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