From Omega Ranch to Harvest Ranch

When Omega Ranch closed down in Scott City, Kansas, Harvest Ranch was there to help me transition into a brighter environment. On arriving, it was Pastor Janette McBride that had me climb up on her horse-drawn buggy and I was given my interview right then and there. I was there for five weeks my first year, One week in the kitchen, one week cutting lawns, one week as a councilor, one week as ministry staff, and my last week they let me be a rancher myself.
I worked for the camp for two additional seasons in high school and college and have to say that it was probably one of the largest reasons that I am a strong Christian today. I did so many things with young people that moved and changed how I view our inter-connectivity with one another as well as our role as the Body of Christ on this earth. I witnessed four medical miracles (acts of spontaneous remission) underneath the move of the late Reverend Johnny Beard as well as others. I witness an "Outpouring" of Gods precious Holy Spirit over twenty times and I witnessed children forgiving their fathers for their wrongdoing underneath the song "Daddy's Song" performed via tape by Dennis Jernigan of Oklahoma City.
I met many beautiful people who I am still in contact today as an adult, Amber, Nealy and many others helped me to grow strong as a Christian and to have as positive role models for me as a young adult in my quest for a great wife. Marc and Christine Hynds encouraged me, loved me, had faith in me, where no one else did. I taught a "Creative Writing" class and wrote the opening night play called "The Gospel According To Granny" for my last visit there in 1994 and that served as a springboard to help me write over 1500 poems, several childrens books as well as my first novel.
I would recommend that you send your child to Harvest Christian Camp. I would recommend that you work as much as you can, live as a pauper, save all your money, and help out our future by bringing every child you've ever met, every year to Harvest Christian Camp. It's just that good. God has done many beautiful things thru that camp and will continue to do many things there. You don't want your kid to miss this opportunity.

how an autistic views illness

having high function autism with a dash of aspergers is tough, especially when you are ill. you demand that your body keep doing what it is supposed to, like a good soldier, yet it won't. so then you believe that you've done something wrong and that you are a bad person. there is no explanation as to why you feel this way, yet there it is. learning that the emotion is valid without giving credence to the emotions demands is a hard lesson.

i lost my voice late night on thursday and am now only able to speak, albeit at very low levels. i was forced to leave work early, and that was something that i hated doing. the terrible news is that we were actually filming a video that day, so i was of no use. i could have done a couple of other things, but there was a tremendous ache in my chest and i had a higher than normal temperature... i called it, and took the day off around eleven in the morning.

i hate illness. i really do... and yet while there is something wrong with my body, i need to not take it personally as a judgement against me from God, and just realize that, hey, shit happens sometimes and that i should just go get some more sleep.