The power of books and why nazi's hated them

"Really all literature is dangerous to a regime that fears the free flow of idea, because literature, in it's most fundamental way is meant to forge connections among human beings." -Ruth Franklin

Richie Haven - Freedom

Richie Havens was born on January 21, 1941 in Brooklyn, New York, USA as Richard Pierce Havens. He died on April 22, 2013 in Jersey City, New Jersey, USA.

"I opened the Woodstock Festival even though I was supposed to be fifth. I said, "What am I doing here? No, no, not me, not first!" I had to go on stage because there was no one else to go on first - the concert was already two-and-a-half hours late. Everyone was at the hotel seven miles away and couldn't get to the stage because the one back road they thought they could take was completely blocked. I was alone on stage for two-and-a-half hours before any of the other performers came!

I really sing songs that move me. I'm not in show business. I'm in the communications business. That's what it's for me."

Needing Holdon and getting Glass

It is two days until the third anniversary of the death of JD Salinger and two years until the release of much of the lost works.

His lost works will include much of the life of Holden Caulfield as well as the entire Glass Family.

I just thought you should go read A Catcher in the Rye while there is still some mystery behind it.


Breaking Bad: Canada

The mind blowing new show i am going to create called "Breaking Bad: Canada"


the scene opens and walt is as his doctors -

doctor: "you have cancer."

walt: "oh?"

doctor: "treatment begins next week."

walt: "ok. i'll just go back to teaching science then."


How a Nerd can ruin Captain America 2

How a Nerd can ruin Captain America 2 before April-

by Pauly Hart

Hey, that's me. A Comic Nerd. I watched the trailer for Captain America 2 today and I have some pretty interesting things I would like to disclose/discuss with you.

So... Spoiler Alert!

1) Captain America: The Winter Soldier is a title that is the name of two people.

2) The Winter Soldier is a Russian bad guy.

3) The Winter Soldiers original name was Bucky.

4) Bucky was Caps Sidekick.

4.5) Bucky joined The United States Army at the ripe age of 15.

5) Besides being super cheesy, he is also a black ops special agent secret assassin who is an expert bladesman, grenadier, martial artist, and sniper and gymnast. Almost a ninja

6) Since Bucky was trained alongside and by Cap, he knows all of his tricks.

7) Bucky is dating the Black Widow.

8) Captain America is dating the Black Widow.

9) Bucky kinda died but not really. When the KGB branch Department X found him mostly dead, they gave him some super duper awesomeness in the form of a bionic arm, and got him to work for them... after a bit of brainwashing.

10) Bucky thought that was super cool and has many adventures for the KGB including helping Wolverine escape from the evil Canadian Government that was trying to make him join the Canadian Superhero team: Alpha Flight.

11) Bucky decides he no longer likes Wolverine and kills Wolverines wife with a bullet... But not before Romulus can cut her open and steal Wolverines baby: Daken.

12) Nick Fury will probably die and Alexander Pierce will probably try to shut down Caps little operation

13) The awesomely massive Helicarrier that Iron Man, Mister Fantastic and the X-Men built (didn't know THAT did ya), is destroyed by an internal S.H.I.E.L.D. faction war that is complete hooey

14) Black Widow is actually a Russian double agent.

15) It will turn out that Alexander Pierce is actually working for HYDRA. And he's an Accountant.

16) Robert Redford is not an Accountant. He is an actor.

17) The movie will change everything anyway so just ignore everything you read.

Five Types of Salespeople - Car Salesman Confidential

from HERE

Salespeople come from all walks of life. I've worked with retired military, ex-teachers, welders, fry cooks, bartenders, drug addicts, preachers, waitresses, restaurant owners, cab drivers, CPAs, professional golfers, drummers, 50-ish grandmothers re-entering the workplace after their husbands had passed -- even the ex-Mayor of a small town in Ohio. All of these people were extremely different, but they all shared one characteristic I admire tremendously: courage.

They believed in themselves. And they believed in their ability to do whatever was necessary to get the job done, feed their families, and make a living. They got used to the ten- to fourteen-hour days, the constant rejection, the lack of respect from their neighbors and peers, and the uncertainty of working on a purely commission basis. They learned to ignore the customer's reflex "No," overcome the endless complications, smile when they were exhausted, and make the sale. And with only a few exceptions, most of them were highly successful. That's why I admire salespeople.

A while back, I talked about the five different types of customers. Well, there are also five types of salespeople. These are: Regular Folks, Gamblers, Car Geeks, Naturals, and Control Freaks

The largest group, by far, are the "Regular Folks." These are just honest, ordinary people trying to make a living. There could be several reasons why they went into sales. First, they may be retired but don't want, or can't afford, to stop working. They may live in a community without many opportunities and get into sales because of the promise of a good paycheck. They may lack education and feel that sales is their way up. They may view sales as a transitional job, something they do while they complete their education, or search for their life's calling. Or, they may view sales as a career. The one thing that unites all Regular Folks is the desire to make a better paycheck than what they can make in a typical blue collar job.

Car geeks are a different breed altogether. These are guys who live and breathe automobiles and get into sales because it gives them a chance to be around cars all day long. You can count Motor Trend editors Carlos Lago and Mike Febbo in this category, and this is also the category I happen to fall into. Most of us are shocked to discover that sales has very little to do with cars, and is more about people and human psychology than horsepower ratings.

The Gamblers are a large group. I don't know a single person in sales who doesn't have a bit of the Gambler in him. If you get a group of salesmen together, they're bound to be betting on something -- anything -- to wile the time away. That SUV that just pulled into the parking lot? I bet they're going to Service. Nope, they're here for Parts. $5 says you're wrong. You're on. Or: the manager says "Congratulations, you just made a $200 bonus. Want to double it?" And then he pulls out his loaded dice. You'd be surprised how many "green peas" fall for that.

But is any of this surprising? If you think about it, making a living off selling cars is a gamble from the word go. When I first told a friend I was thinking of going into car sales, they said "Are you nuts? You're going into a job that's strictly commission? What if you don't sell enough to cover your bills?" Well, that's a chance every car salesman takes every single day. My stepfather, who sold cars in the 60's, used to say "I wake up every day unemployed." What he meant was that a salesman doesn't make any money until he sells a car. It takes a rare breed, one with a supreme amount of self confidence, to roll that dice, day in and day out, based on nothing but a belief in yourself and your ability to get the job done. The closest analogy I can think of is the tightrope walker, who knows one wrong step could send him to his death. Of course, we're not talking life or death here, but for many salesmen, it's not just themselves they're gambling with, it's their whole family. Most people would crumble under that kind of pressure. The car salesman thrives on it.

The fourth group is a type I call "the Naturals." The fact is, there are some people who are just natural born salesmen. They can sell anything. It doesn't matter what it is. It could be shoes, pharmaceutical supplies, cellphones, timeshares, men's clothing, sand in the desert, ice to eskimos -- whatever it is, they can sell it. Call it "the gift of gab," or being "good with people." Whatever you call it, they have it in abundance -- and it's a skill that cannot be taught. Watching one of these guys work is a beautiful thing, like watching a great artist paint a painting.

The last group is the group you want to stay away from, if possible. I call these folks the Control Freaks.

 Sad to say, there is a type of person who is attracted to car sales simply because they like to control people. They get off on manipulation, and the sense of power it gives them. Now, before you imagine some horrible, Hannibal Lecter type of individual, let me tell you there's no way to spot a Control Freak. In fact, they're usually some of the most charming people you'll ever meet. Not only are they socially adept, they're too socially adept. If you ever find a salesperson treating you like a lifelong pal after just a few minutes, be wary. You are may be in the presence of a Control Freak. "Instant intimacy" is something they're experts at -- and it will last right up until the instant of the sale.

I used to work with a guy, who later went on to become the General Manager of a dealership, who used to practice lying to people in front of a mirror. Two or three times a day, he'd go off by himself where he couldn't be observed, and take out a small pocket mirror. He'd hold that mirror up to his face and repeat certain phrases, watching to see if there was anything he was doing with his eyes or his facial expression that would give him away. "Yes, ma'am, that's our best price," he would say, over and over again, looking for the slightest twitch of a facial muscle, or any other tiny "tell.". I guarantee you that if you met this man today, there'd be no way in the world you could tell if he was lying or not. He's that good.

People tend to think of all salesman as being the same. But we're not. The truth is, the world of car sales is as diverse and as full of different types of characters as . . . well, as the rest of the world is.

Stupid Mind Tricks book under review

So, I've finally sent in my poetry book: Stupid Mind Tricks to the publisher.

the proposed cover

Upon finalizing tweaking it should be ready for purchase on Amazon and Kindle.

I will put up the order information at soon.

Me and Wife

Creep TD Sphere Map

Here is the famous Sphere map on Creep TD, I have sold all of the unused parts with keeping ION on farthest only. I (misterfreeze) was helping a couple of nubs and a medium player learn teamwork.

They all left, but I stuck around for a hundred more rounds experimenting.

Parts of Your Self-Published Book

Including all of the necessary parts of a book and putting them in the right order is the first step to making your book credible and professional. The inside of your book, which we call the book block, is divided into three main sections: the front matter, book block text, and back matter. See a detailed explanation and breakdown of all parts of your book below, followed by a checklist to help you ensure your book includes all the necessary sections.

Front Matter
Front matter introduces your book to your readers. The front-matter section, which appears before the main text, comprises a few pages that include the book's title, the author's name, the copyright information and perhaps even a preface or a foreword. Use the list of common front matter pages below to identify those pages that are suitable for your book.

Half Title Page
The half title page is the first page of your book and contains your title only. This page does not include a byline or subtitle. The designer will add this to your book layout.

Series Title Page
Use the second page of your book to list any of your previously published books by title. It is customary to list the books chronologically from first to most recently published. Listing the title only is standard, but in nonfiction works, you may also list the subtitle if you feel it is essential. A common way to begin this page is, "Also by [author's name] ..."

Title Page
The title page is the part of your book that shows your full book title and subtitle, your name, and any co-writer or translator. The designer will add this to your book layout, although if you have a specific idea of how you want this to look, you may include it.

Copyright Page
The copyright page contains the copyright notice, which consists of the year of publication and the name of the copyright owner. The copyright owner is usually the author but may be an organization or corporation. This page may also list the book's publishing history, permissions, acknowledgments and disclaimers.

(Table of) Contents
A table of contents is the part of a book that is usually used only in nonfiction works that have parts and chapters. A contents page is less common in fiction works but may be used if your work includes unique chapter titles. A table of contents is never used if your chapters are numbered only (e.g., Chapter One, Chapter Two). If your book requires a contents page, please make sure it lists all the chapters or other divisions (such as poems or short stories) in your manuscript. Chapter listings must be worded exactly as they are in the book itself.

List of Illustrations
If your book includes several key illustrations that provide information or enhance the text in some way, consider creating a page that lists them. If this material is included simply for comic relief or as a visual aid, a page listing may not be necessary. Just as with the table of contents, you won't need to list the page numbers.

List of Tables
If your book includes several key tables that provide information or enhance the text in some way, consider creating a page that lists them. If this material is included simply as a visual aid, a page listing may not be necessary. Just as with the table of contents, you won't need to list the page numbers.

The foreword contains a statement about the book and is usually written by someone other than the author who is an expert or is widely known in the field of the book's topic. A foreword lends authority to your book and may increase its potential for sales. If you plan to include a foreword, please arrange to have it written and included in your submitted manuscript. A foreword is most commonly found in nonfiction works.

The preface usually describes why you wrote the book, your research methods and perhaps some acknowledgments if they have not been included in a separate section. It may also establish your qualifications and expertise as an authority in the field in which you're writing. Again, a preface is far more common in nonfiction titles and should be used only if necessary in fiction works.

An acknowledgments page includes your notes of appreciation to people who provided you with support or help during the writing process or in your writing career in general. This section may also include any credits for illustrations or excerpts if not included on the copyright page. If the information is lengthy, you may choose to put the section in the back matter before or after the bibliography.

The introduction describes something about the main text that your reader should know before proceeding to read the book. Unlike a preface, which usually addresses the qualifications of the author, an introduction refers to the main body of the work itself. For example, if there are questions at the conclusion of each chapter, here is where you might prepare the reader and give tips on how best to use them. The introduction may also describe, in more detail than a preface, the research, methods and overall concept of the book.

List of Abbreviations or Chronology
If many abbreviations are used or if a few are used frequently, a list is useful. Its location should always be given in the table of contents. Alphabetize terms by the abbreviation, not by the spelled-out form.

Back Matter
Your book submission is not complete unless it includes the information that goes into the back of your book, or back matter. Does your book require notes? An index? A resource list? To help you decide, we've provided the following descriptions for each of the common back matter sections.

An appendix includes any data that might help clarify the text for the reader but would have disrupted the flow of the main text had it been included in an earlier part of the book. Some items included here might be a list of references, tables, reports, background research and sources, if not extensive enough to be included in a separate section.

If your main text requires notes to amplify or document certain passages throughout the text, please arrange the notes by chapter in a notes section. Footnotes would more likely be included in the references section, described below.

A glossary comprises alphabetically arranged words and their definitions. Be sure to include one if you use terminology that is not generally known to the average reader or if you coin new words or phrases to explain your ideas.

Bibliography or References
Both the bibliography and reference sections list the sources for works used in your book. Be sure to arrange the sources alphabetically by the author's last name. For samples and guidelines on proper layout, refer to the Chicago Manual of Style, 15th edition, or consult the notes provided by the University of Wisconsin–Madison.

List of Contributors
A list of contributors is useful for a multiauthor work where only the volume editor’s name appears on the title page. You should arrange entries alphabetically by last name, but do not invert them (“John H. Doe,” not “Doe, John H.”). If it’s necessary, you may also add brief biographical notes and academic affiliations for each entry.

The index is an alphabetically ordered list of words and terms used for referencing your text. Please keep in mind that the computer-generated keyword index that lists a page number for a key term every time it occurs in your book tends to be overly long and has no logical organization other than alphabetization. On the other hand, a professional indexer analyzes your entire book, anticipates subject items your reader will most likely want to find and lists them in an intuitive, accessible manner.

Often, readers want to buy products or join organizations in the field in which you've written. A list of organizations and associations, manufacturers and distributors, Web sites and other sources are invaluable to your readers.

Jamie DeWolf - Great-Grandson of L. Ron Hubbard

47 ronin: a spoiler review

a lost boy, raised by deformed monks, who have the magical power of sprinting, is found by a village, who can't stand him and beat him up all the time.

so he is raised by people that hate him, but he stays there, for some dumb reason, even though he kills really evil looking troll-bulls but nobody gives him the time of day...

except the village princess, whom is secretly in love with him.

but then some witch kills the village leader and the son and the captain of the guard are kicked out, and keanu becomes a slave/mma/gladiator, but then a year goes by and the captain of the guard is free and goes and finds keanu...

then they fight their way to freedom and go and kill the bad guys and kill the evil witch,

and in an epic end-battle, we find out that the half-breed, keanu, who has sworn to never use his powers of "sprinting", now sprints. good job neo. i'm glad that kung fu download paid off.

and then keanu gets the girl, except the king wants them all to kill themselves because it's just what honor would have everyone do.







By the Gates of the Garden of Eden

 Come one, come all!

March 29th
6PM - 9PM

for a reading from my newest book,
my first novel

By the Gates of the Garden of Eden


You can RSVP on Facebook

Or you can follow the books blog

Here is a promo piece that I made for the Event.

Here is a promo I made when I asked my wife her opinion in the form of a jacket blurb.

A Milton "Paradise lost" feel in black and white

A faux jacket, again featuring some Milton.

8 elements of every great plot

the 8 elements of every great plot

1) story goal

the plot of any story is a sequence of events that constitute an attempt to solve a problem or attain a goal.

the story goal is what your protagonist wants to achieve or the problem he wants to resolve.

it will affect all the characters in your story.

it is also one of the key driving forces in your story as the motivation for the protagonist.

a world will be built around our protagonist based on the goal that includes many perspectives on the problem and makes the goal important to everyone in that world.

2) consequence

what is my protagonist afraid will happen if he doesn't achieve the goal or solve the problem?

the consequence is the negative situation or event that will result if the goal is not achieved.

avoiding the consequence justifies the effort required in pursuing the story goal, both to the characters in your novel and the reader.

the combination of goal and consequence creates the main dramatic tension in your plot. it's a carot and stick approach that makes the plot meaningful.

in some stories, the protagonist may begin by deciding to resolve a problem or pursue a goal. later, that goal becomes more meaningful when he discovers that a terrible consequence will occur if he fails. other times, the protagonist may start off threatened by a terrible event, which thus motivates him to find a way to avoid it.

3) requirements

requirements describe what must be accomplished in order to achieve the goal.

as the requirements are met in the course of the novel, the reader will feel the characters are getting closer to the attainment of the goal.

requirements create a state of excited anticipation in the readers mind, as he looks forward to the protagonists's success.

4) forewarnings

forewarnings are the counterparts to requirements.

forewarnings are events that show the consequence is getting closer.

forewarnings make the reader anxious that the consequence will occur before the protagonist can succeed.

while the story goal and consequences create dramatic tension, requirements and forewarnings that take the reader through an emotional roller coaster that oscillates between hope and fear. There will be places in the plot where it seems the protagonist is making progress, and others where it seems like everything is going wrong. Structure these well, and you will keep your reader turning pages non-stop.

Notice that these elements come in pairs that balance each other. This is important for creating tension and momentum in your plot.

5) cost

generally speaking, good plots are about problems that mean a lot to the characters, if a problem is trivial, then neither the protagonist nor the reader has a reason to get worked up about it. you want your readers to get worked up about your novel. so you must give your protagonist a goal that matters.

one sign that a problem or goal matters to the protagonist is that he is willing to make sacrifices or suffer pain in order to achieve it. such sacrifices are called costs.

classic examples of costs include the heroic tales in which the hero must suffer injury or give up a cherished possession to reach his goal. however, costs can come in many other ways. protagonists can be asked to give up their pride, self-respect, money, security, an attitude, an idealized memory, the life of a friend, or anything else they hold dear.

if you make the costs steep and illustrate how hard the sacrifice is for the protagonist, the reader will feel that the protagonist deserves to achieve the goal.

6) dividends

the element that balances costs in your plot outline is called dividends

dividends are rewards that the characters receive along the journey towards the story goal

unlike requirements, dividends are not necessary for the goal to be achieved. they may be unrelated to the goal entirely. but they are something that would never have occurred if the characters hadn't made the effort to achieve the goal.

7) prerequisites

prerequisites are events that must happen in order for the requirements to happen.

like requirements, as prerequisites are met, the reader feels progress is being made towards the goal.

8) preconditions

the last element to balance your plot outline are preconditions. they are a junior version of forewarning.

preconditions are small impediments in the plot. they are stipulations laid down by certain characters that make it more difficult for the story goal to be achieved.

ORGANIZE THEM and include them all!

it is a must to include all of these steps for each major crisis in the story. it doesn't matter what order they go into, as long as all of them (or most of them) are included with each crisis.

you may have a beginning (the inciting incident), a middle (the complication), a climax and a resolution. use these eight with all of them and repeat them if necessary!

Facebook argument

Joe: If the United Kingdom were to invade America as it is now would you Fight for The United States or United Kingdom?


Pauly Hart: neither.

Luka: I feel ya pauly id only fight for me and mine..

Pauly Hart: in research for my game empires and generals, i have come across information that leads me away from briton as my former heritage as a united statesian; one, that the majority of the united states population is genetically of german descent, and two: that spain and france did more to rape the new world than briton did.

Joe: This was more of a poll idea to see who would stand for there kinsmen .

Luka: Yea i can see native american,every bodies a wetback to still fight for just and my ppl dont owe any country anything.

Joe: If our nation betrayed the ideal principles of individuality freedom from oppression i would fight only if the nation would never attack civilian targets. But i doubt there is a nation that is by the people as noble for the cause of freedom for all even if we are divided on issues for the whole we still believe in the "good fight" as it was called.

Pauly Hart: @michah some native americans bartered openly and sold land to individuals outright. they did so with the whole tribes permission and it was known to all. these men that the land was sold to are not wetbacks, they were honored and recognized to own the land by the tribes that sold them. you are obviously lacking in historical education if you believe that "every bodies a wetback" and that "your people dont owe any country anything". although it is true that the four major european aggressors stole, raped, pillaged and killed to take much of the new world, it is foolish to believe that there was a "good versus evil" struggle here. it was a land war, and the group with the better technology won. and you're going to sit there and tell me that "your people" don't "owe", when you can look back in history of MY people (because i too have aboriginal america in me) and tell me that the mayans and aztecs were ever so friendly with one another and that the blackfoot and sioux were just buddies and that the tolmec just loved the mexica, and that the pawnee and cheyanne were just the best of pals... THEN you can tell me which tribes deserve to own the land... and which tribes deserve to have their women impaled on spikes.

Joe: I find it funny how alike we are in aspects tribe meetings to g8 chiefs to mayors medicine men to doctors and pharmacists warriors to armed forces elderly wisdom must be 30 + to be president

Luka: Individual sales to a few good men doesnt make up for the millions of acres stolen from us.while europeans from the world over pushed us to small camps where we sufferd from western diseases.

Pauly Hart: first of all, thank you for calling my ancestors good. that was nice.

but if by "you" you mean the first nations people within the borders of the united states, and if by "us" you mean the white skinned european then, sure... i agree, those white skinned bastards who lied to you and stole your land are probably burning in hell. and it does suck to have your history and you can be pissed off for as long as you want to, but until you make a decision to change then you can only wallow in your own misery.

but remember that the aztecs took nahuatl prisoners, twenty five thousand a year... and cut their hearts out. and remember who sold the slaves to the spaniard slave ships? their rival tribes did. every tribe on earth is guilty of something terrible.

so here let me educate you. this world is a bloody fucked up mess and everyone has killed everyone at least once. even "your" people were the first to kill "my" people. and payback is a bitch. remember that "your people" did it first... the xiongnu people spurred the three largest invasion forces in the world.

#1 the american invasion
#2 the huns
#3 the mongols

when they invaded the americas, they killed off the natives already living there, who were not xiongnu, not "your people". during the reign of the huns, they destroyed most of the "known world" and during the reign of the mongols, they killed one fifth of the entire population on planet earth. ONE FIFTH!

but i forgive "your" people. can you not forgive "mine"?

because, in the end... it doesn't MATTER what your affiliation is does it? aren't we all human? do we not all bleed the same red blood? can we not all get along... putting aside our past and move on into a better future?

Neal Town Stephenson Cryptonomicon Chapter 86 WISDOM

Chapter 86

A few years ago, when Randy became tired of the ceaseless pressure in his lower jaw, he went out onto the north-central Californian oral-surgery market looking for someone to extract his wisdom teeth. His health plan covered this, so price was not an obstacle. His dentist took one of those big cinemascopic wraparound X rays of his entire lower head, the kind where they pack your mouth with half a roll of high-speed film and then clamp your head in a jig and the X-ray machine revolves around you spraying radiation through a slit, as the entire staff of the dentist’s office hits the deck behind a lead wall, resulting in a printed image that is a none-too-appetizing distortion of his jaw into a single flat plane. Looking at it, Randy eschewed cruder analogies like "head of a man run over several times by steamroller while lying flat on his back" and tried to think of it as a mapping transformation—just one more in mankind’s long history of ill-advisedly trying to represent three-D stuff on a flat plane. The corners of this coordinate plane were anchored by the wisdom teeth themselves, which even to the dentally unsophisticated Randy looked just a little disturbing in that each one was about the size of his thumb (though maybe this was just a distortion in the coordinate transform—like the famously swollen Greenland of Mercator) and they were pretty far away from any other teeth, which (logically) would seem to put them in parts of his body not normally considered to be within a dentist’s purview, and they were at the wrong angle—not just a little crooked, but verging on upside down and backwards. At first he just chalked all of this up to the Greenland phenomenon. With his Jaw-map in hand, he hit the streets of Three Siblings-land looking for an oral surgeon. It was already beginning to work on him psychologically. Those were some big-ass teeth! Brought into being by the workings of relict DNA strands from the hunter-gatherer epoch. Designed for reducing tree bark and mammoth gristle to easily digestible paste. Now these boulders of living enamel were horrifyingly adrift in a gracile cro-magnon head that simply did not have room for them. Think of the sheer extra weight he had been carrying around. Think of the use that priceless head-real-estate could have been put to. When they were gone, what would fill up the four giant molar-shaped voids in his melon? It was moot until he could find someone to get rid of them. But one oral surgeon after another turned him down. They would put the X-ray up on their light boxes, stare into it and blanch. Maybe it was just the pale light coming out of the light-boxes but Randy could have sworn they were blanching. Disingenuously—as if wisdom teeth normally grew someplace completely different—they all pointed out that the wisdom teeth were buried deep, deep, deep in Randy’s head. The lowers were so far back in his jaw that removing them would practically break the jawbone in twain structurally; from there, one false move would send a surgical-steel demolition pick into his middle ear. The uppers were so deep in his skull that the roots were twined around the parts of his brain responsible for perceiving the color blue (on one side) and being able to suspend one’s disbelief in bad movies (on the other) and between these teeth and actual air, light and saliva lay many strata of skin, meat, cartilage, major nerve-cables, brain-feeding arteries, bulging caches of lymph nodes, girders and trusses of bone, rich marrow that was working just fine thank you, a few glands whose functions were unsettlingly poorly understood, and many of the other things that made Randy Randy, all of them definitely falling into the category of sleeping dogs.
Oral surgeons, it seemed, were not comfortable delving more than elbow-deep into a patient’s head. They had been living in big houses and driving to work in Mercedes-Benz sedans long before Randy had dragged his sorry ass into their offices with his horrifying X-ray and they had absolutely nothing to gain by even attempting to remove these—not so much wisdom teeth in the normal sense as apocalyptic portents from the Book of Revelations. The best way to remove these teeth was with a guillotine. None of these oral surgeons would even consider undertaking the extraction until Randy had signed a legal disclaimer too thick to staple, something that almost had to come in a three-ring binder, the general import of which was that one of the normal consequences of the procedure was for the patient’s head to end up floating in a jug of formaldehyde in a tourist trap just over the Mexican border. In this manner Randy wandered from one oral surgeon’s office to another for a few weeks, like a teratomic outcast roving across a post-nuclear waste land being driven out of one village after another by the brickbats of wretched, terrified peasants. Until one day when he walked into an office and the nurse at the front desk almost seemed to expect him, and led him back into an exam room for a private consult with the oral surgeon, who was busy doing something in one of his little rooms that involved putting a lot of bone dust into the air. The nurse bade him sit down, proffered coffee, then turned on the light box and took Randy’s X-rays and stuck them up there. She took a step back, crossed her arms, and gazed at the pictures in wonder. "So," she murmured, "these are the famous wisdom teeth!"
That was the last oral surgeon Randy visited for a couple of years. He still had that relentless 24-Jam pressure in his head, but now his attitude had changed; instead of thinking of it as an anomalous condition easily remedied, it became his personal cross to bear, and really not all that bad compared to what some people had to suffer with. There, as in many other unexpected situations, his extensive fantasy-role-playing-game experience came in handy, as while spinning out various epic scenarios he had inhabited the minds, if not the bodies, of many characters who were missing limbs or had been burned over some algorithmically determined percentages of their bodies by dragon’s breath or wizard’s fireball, and it was part of the ethics of the game that you had to think pretty hard about what it would actually be like to live with such injuries and to play your character accordingly. By those standards, feeling all the time like you had an automotive jack embedded in your skull, ratcheting up the pressure one click every few months, was not even worth mentioning. It was lost in the somatic noise.
So Randy lived that way for several years, as he and Charlene insensibly crept upwards on the socioeconomic scale and began finding themselves at parties with people who had arrived in Mercedes-Benzes. It was at one of these parties where Randy overheard a dentist extolling some brilliant young oral surgeon who had just moved to the area. Randy had to bite his tongue not to start asking all kinds of questions about just what "brilliant" meant in an oral-surgery context—questions that were motivated solely by curiosity but that the dentist would be likely to take the wrong way. Among coders it was pretty obvious who was brilliant and who wasn’t, but how could you tell a brilliant oral surgeon apart from a merely excellent one? It gets you into deep epistemological shit. Each set of wisdom teeth could only be extracted once. You couldn’t have a hundred oral surgeons extract the same set of wisdom teeth and then compare the results scientifically. And yet it was obvious from watching the look on this dentist’s face that this one particular oral surgeon, this new guy, was brilliant. So later Randy sidled up to this dentist and allowed as how he might have a challenge—he might personally embody a challenge—that would put this ineffable quality of oral-surgery brilliance to some good use, and could he have the guy’s name please.
A few days later he was talking to this oral surgeon, who was indeed young and conspicuously bright and had more in common with other brilliant people Randy had known—mostly hackers—than he did with other oral surgeons. He drove a pickup truck and kept fresh copies of TURING magazine in his waiting room. He had a beard, and a staff of nurses and other female acolytes who were all permanently aflutter over his brilliantness and followed him around steering him away from large obstacles and reminding him to eat lunch. This guy did not blanch when he saw Randy’s Mercato-roentgeno-gram on his light box. He actually lifted his chin up off his hand and stood a little straighter and spake not for several minutes. His head moved minutely every so often as he animadverted on a different corner of the coordinate plane, and admired the exquisitely grotesque situation of each tooth—its paleolithic heft and its long gnarled roots trailing off into parts of his head never charted by anatomists.
When he finally turned to face Randy, he had this priestlike aura about him, a kind of holy ecstasy, a feeling of cosmic symmetry revealed, as if Randy’s jaw, and his brilliant oral-surgery brain, had been carved out by the architect of the Universe fifteen billion years ago specifically so that they could run into each other, here and now, in front of this light box. He did not say anything like, "Randy let me just show you how close the roots of this one tooth are to the bundle of nerves that distinguishes you from a marmoset," or "My schedule is incredibly full and I was thinking of going into the real estate business anyway," or "Just a second while I call my lawyer." He didn’t even say anything like, "Wow, those suckers are really in deep." The young brilliant oral surgeon just said, "Okay," stood there awkwardly for a few moments, and then walked out of the room in a display of social ineptness that totally cemented Randy’s faith in him. One of his minions eventually had Randy sign a legal disclaimer stipulating that it was perfectly all right if the oral surgeon decided to feed Randy’s entire body into a log chipper, but this, for once, seemed like just a formality and not the opening round in an inevitable Bleak House-like litigational saga.
And so finally the big day came, and Randy took care to enjoy his breakfast because he knew that, considering the nerve damage he was about to incur, this might be the last time in his life that he would be able to taste food, or even chew it. The oral surgeon’s minions all looked at Randy in awe when he actually walked in the door of their office, likeMy god he actually showed up! then flew reassuringly into action. Randy sat down in the chair and they gave him an injection and then the oral surgeon came in and asked him what, if anything, was the difference between Windows 95 and Windows NT. "This is one of these conversations the sole purpose of which is to make it obvious when I have lost consciousness, isn’t it?" Randy said. "Actually, there is a secondary purpose, which is that I am considering making the jump and wanted to get some of your thoughts about that," the oral surgeon said.
"Well," said Randy, "I have a lot more experience with UNIX than with NT, but from what I’ve seen, it appears that NT is really a decent enough operating system, and certainly more of a serious effort than Windows." He paused to draw breath and then noticed that suddenly everything was different. The oral surgeon and his minions were still there and occupying roughly the same positions in his field of vision as they had been when he started to utter this sentence, but now the oral surgeon’s glasses were askew and the lenses misted with blood, and his face was all sweaty, and his mask flecked with tiny bits of stuff that very much looked like it had come from pretty far down in Randy’s body, and the air in the room was murky with aerosolized bone, and his nurses were limp and haggard and looked like they could use makeovers, face-lifts, and weeks at the beach. Randy’s chest and lap, and the floor, were littered with bloody wads and hastily torn-open medical supply wrappers. The back of his head was sore from being battered against the head-rest by the recoil of the young brilliant oral surgeon’s cranial jack-hammer. When he tried to finish his sentence ("so if you’re willing to pay the premium I think the switch to NT would be very well advised") he noticed that his mouth was jammed full of something that prevented speech. The oral surgeon pulled his mask down off his face and scratched his sweat-soaked beard. He was staring not at Randy but at a point very far away. He heaved a big, slow sigh. His hands were shaking.
"What day is it?" Randy mumbled through cotton.
"As I told you before," the brilliant young oral surgeon said, "we charge for wisdom tooth extractions on a sliding scale, depending on the degree of difficulty." He paused for a moment, groping for words. "In your case I’m afraid that we will be charging you the maximum on all four." Then he got up and shambled out of the room, weighed down, Randy thought, not so much by the stress of his job as by the knowledge that no one was ever going to give him a Nobel prize for what he had just accomplished.
Randy went home and spent about a week lying on his couch in front of the TV eating oral narcotics like jellybeans and moaning with pain, and then he got better. The pressure in his skull was gone. Just totally gone. He cannot even remember now what it used to feel like.
Now as he rides in the police car to his new private jail cell, he remembers the whole wisdom-tooth-extraction saga because of its many points in common with what he just went through emotionally with young America Shaftoe. Randy’s had a few girlfriends in his life—not many—but all of them were like oral surgeons who just couldn’t cut the mustard. Amy’s the only one who had the skill and the sheer balls to just look at him and say "okay" and then tunnel into his skull and come back with the goods. It was probably exhausting for her. She will extract a high price from him in exchange. And it will leave Randy lying around moaning with pain for a good long while. But he can tell already that the internal pressure has been relieved and he is glad, so glad, that she came into his life, and that he finally had the good sense and, arguably, guts to do this. He completely forgets, for a few hours, that he has been marked for death by the Philippine government.
From the fact that he’s in a car, he infers that his new, private cell is in a different building. No one explains anything to him because he is, after all, a prisoner. Since the bust at NAIA he’s been in a jail down south, a newish concrete-block number on the edge of Makati, but now they are taking him north into older parts of Manila, probably into some more stylish and gothic prewar facility. Fort Santiago, on the banks of the Pasig, had cells that were in the intertidal zone, so that prisoners locked into them at low tide would be dead by high. Now it’s a historical site, so he knows they’re not headed there.
The new jail cell is indeed in a big scary old building somewhere in the torus of major governmental institutions that surrounds the dead hole of Intramuros. It is not in, but it is right next to, a major court building. They drive through alleys among these big old stone buildings for a while and then present credentials at a guardhouse and wait for a big iron gate to be rolled aside, and then they drive across a paved courtyard that hasn’t been swept out in a while and present more credentials and wait for an actual portcullis to be winched up, clearing an orifice that ramps them down beneath the building itself. Then the car stops and they are abruptly surrounded by men in uniforms.
The process is uncannily like pulling up to the main entrance of an Asian business hotel, except that the men in the uniforms carry guns and don’t offer to tote Randy’s laptop. He has a chain around his waist and manacles attached to that chain in front, and leg chains that shorten his stride. The chain between his ankles is supported in the middle by another chain that goes up to his waist so that it will not scrape the ground as he walks. He has just enough manual dexterity to grip the laptop and keep it pressed up against his lower abdomen. He’s not just any chained wretch, he is a digital chained wretch, Marley’s Ghost on the Information Superhighway. That a man in his situation is being allowed to have the laptop is so grotesquely implausible that it causes him to doubt even his own supremely cynical assessment of it, namely that Someone—presumably the same Someone who is Sending Him a Message—has already discovered that everything on the hard drive is encrypted, and is now trying to gull him into firing the machine up and using it so that—so that what? Maybe they’ve rigged up a camera in his cell and will be peering over his shoulder. But that would be easy for him to defeat; he just has to not be completely stupid.
The guards lead Randy down a corridor and through some prisoner check-in stuff that doesn’t really apply to him since he has already filled out the forms and turned over his personal effects at another jail. Then the great big scary metal doors commence, and corridors that don’t smell so good, and he hears the generalized hubbub of a jail. But they take him past the hubbub and into other corridors that seem to be older and less used, and finally through an old-fashioned jailhouse door of iron bars and into a long vaulted stone room containing a single row of maybe half a dozen cells, with a guard’s passageway running along past the doors of the iron cages. Like a theme-park simulacrum of a jail. They take him all the way down to the last cell and put him there. A single iron bedstead awaits him, a thin cotton mattress with stained but clean sheets and an army blanket folded and stacked on top of it. An old wooden filing cabinet and folding chair have been moved into the cell and placed in one corner, right against the stone wall that is the terminus of this long room. The filing cabinet is evidently meant to serve as Randy’s work table. The drawers are locked shut. This cabinet has actually been locked into place with a few turns of heavy chain and a padlock, so it’s very clear that he is expected to use the computer there, in that corner of the cell, and nowhere else. As Attorney Alejandro promised, an extension cord has been plugged into a wall outlet near the cellblock entrance and run down the passageway and securely knotted around a pipe out of Randy’s reach and the tail end of it allowed to trail across in the direction of the filing cabinet. But it does not quite reach into Randy’s cell, so the only way to plug the computer in is to set it up on that cabinet and stick the power cord into the back and then toss the other end out through the iron bars to a guard, who can mate it with the extension cord.
At first this appears to be just one of these maddening control-freak things, an exercise of power for the pure sadistic pleasure of it. But after Randy’s been unchained, and locked in his cell, and left alone for a few minutes to run through it in his head, he thinks otherwise. Of course normally Randy could leave the computer on the card table while the batteries charged and then carry it over to his bed and use it there until the batteries ran down. But the batteries were removed from the machine before Attorney Alejandro gave it to him, and there don’t seem to be any ThinkPad battery packs lying around his cell. So he will have to keep it plugged in all the time, and because of the way they have set up the filing cabinet and the extension cord, he is forced by certain immutable properties of three-dimensional Euclidean spacetime to use the machine in one and only one place: right there on top of that damn filing cabinet. He does not think this is an accident.
He sits down on that filing cabinet and scans the wall and ceiling for over-the-shoulder video cameras, but he doesn’t look very hard and he doesn’t really expect to see one. To make out text on a screen they would have to be very high-resolution cameras, which would imply big and obvious; subtle pinhole cameras wouldn’t do it. There aren’t any big cameras around here.
Randy becomes almost certain that if he could unlock that filing cabinet, he would find some electronic gear inside it. Directly underneath his laptop there is probably an antenna to pick up Van Eck signals emanating from the screen. Below that, there is some gear to translate those signals into a digital form and transmit the results to a listening station nearby, probably right on the other side of one of these walls. Down in the bottom are probably some batteries to make it all run. He rocks the cabinet back and forth as much as the chains will allow, and finds that it is indeed rather bottom-heavy, as if there’s a car battery sitting in the bottom drawer. Or maybe it’s just his imagination. Maybe they are letting him have his laptop just because they are nice guys.
So this is it then. This is the setup. This is the deal. It is all very clean and simple. Randy fires up the laptop just to prove that it still works. Then he makes his bed and goes and lies down on it, just because it feels really good to lie down. It is the first time he’s had anything like privacy in at least a week. Notwithstanding Avi’s bizarre admonition against self-abuse on the beach in Pacifica, it is high time that Randy took care of something. He needs to concentrate really hard now, and a certain distraction must be done away with. Replaying his last conversation with Amy is enough to give him a good erection. He reaches down into his pants and then abruptly falls asleep.
He wakes up to the sound of the cellblock door clanging open. A new prisoner is being led in. Randy tries to sit up and finds that his hand is still in his pants, having failed to accomplish its mission. He pulls it out of there reluctantly and sits up. He swings his feet down off the bed and onto the stone floor. Now he’s got his back to the adjacent cell, which is a mirror image of his; i.e., the beds and the toilets of the two cells are right next to each other along their shared partition. He stands up and turns around and watches this other prisoner being led into the cell next to his. The new guy is a white man, probably in his sixties, maybe even seventies, though you could make a case for fifties or eighties. Quite vigorous, anyway. He’s wearing a prison coverall just like Randy’s, but accessorized differently: instead of a laptop, he’s got a crucifix dangling from a rosary with great big fat amber beads, and some sort of medallion on a silver chain, and he’s clutching several books to his belly: a Bible, and something big and in German, and a current bestselling novel.
The guards are treating him with extreme reverence; Randy assumes the guy is a priest. They are talking to him in Tagalog, asking him questions—being, Randy thinks, solicitous to his needs and desires—and the white man answers them in reassuring tones and even tells a joke. He makes a polite request; a guard scurries out and returns moments later with a deck of cards. Finally the guards back out of the cell, practically bowing and scraping, and lock him in with apologies that start to get a little monotonous. The white man says something, forgiving them wittily. They laugh nervously and leave. The white man stands there in the middle of his cell for a minute, staring at the floor contemplatively, maybe praying or something. Then he snaps out of it and starts looking around. Randy leans into the partition and sticks his hand through the bars. "Randy Waterhouse," he says.
The white man frisbees his books onto the bed, glides towards him, and shakes his hand. "Enoch Root," he says. "It’s a pleasure to meet you in person, Randy." His voice is unmistakably that of Pontifex—
Randy freezes up for a long time, like a man who has just realized that a colossal practical joke is being played on him, but doesn’t know just how colossal it is, or what to do about it. Enoch Root sees that Randy is paralyzed, and steps smoothly into the gap. He flexes the deck of cards in one hand and shoots them across to the other; the queue of airborne cards just hangs there between his hands for a moment, like an accordion. "Not as versatile as ETC cards, but surprisingly useful," he muses. "With any luck, Randy, you and I can make a bridge—as long as you are just standing there pontificating anyway."
"Make a bridge?" Randy echoes, feeling and probably sounding rather stupid.
"I’m sorry, my English is a bit rusty—I meant bridge as in a card game. Are you familiar with it?"
"Bridge? No. But I thought it took four people."
"I have come up with a version that is played by two. I only hope this deck is complete—the game requires fifty-four cards."
"Fifty-four," Randy muses. "Is your game anything like Pontifex?"
"One and the same."
"I think I have the rules for Pontifex squirreled away on my hard drive somewhere," Randy says.
"Then let’s play," says Enoch Root.

TPB AFK: The Pirate Bay Away From Keyboard

"For when the wind is still" by pauly hart

for when the wind is still

by pauly hart

jennifer hart:      (unseen) a young woman

pauly hart:         (naked) a young man


we open our scene with jennifer taking a shower after getting out of bed late on saturday morning. pauly is on the toilet, having just arrived. it is their day off together and they are thinking about what to do about it.

jenn: hey i'm running into wal-mart to get my hair trimmed.

pauly: hmmm. hey. you know what i appreciate about you?

jenn: what?

pauly: you're so low maintenance. you look good without even trying.

jenn: awwww.

pauly: no seriously. you don't put make-up on with a trowel.

jenn: but i do like to paint my nails funky colors.

pauly: like turquoise! (referencing a conversation the day before. jennifer loves combinations of blue and green whereas pauly cannot abide by them).

jenn: (laughs) yeah... but they always end up chipping off two days later.

pauly: who's chip and should i be jealous?

jenn: (laughs again) no honey, you're the only man for me.

pauly: no, but i'm serious though, you really are a wonderful soul and i love you terribly. like it's terrible and all that i love you. haha.

jenn: awwww. (a pause) oh, do you want to come with me?  i know i need to get a pocket calendar so i know when to pay the bills, i'm getting messed up.

pauly: (toilet flushing has interrupted the last part of her sentence) wait... so you know what?

jenn: i need a pocket calendar...

pauly: right, so you know what?

jenn: oh! when to pay the bills!

pauly (laughs hysterically) oh! i thought you said: "for when the wind is still"

jenn: what!? that's craaazy!

pauly: (mocks a voice-over from a movie) saturday. wind... fourteen miles per hour... north east... it was a good day...

(jennifer and pauly both laugh good-heartedly)

pauly: (same voice) wednesday. wind from the south west today. sky... overcast... it was a frowny face day.

jenn: i'm just scared to think that in what situation i would ever even need to know that!

pauly: maybe you're studying pyroclastic flows!

jenn: yeah... maaaaaaaybe.

pauly: (flushes again, and goes to type this all out)

(end scene)

lafayette indiana -11 degrees january 6 2014


pauly hart sporting his wifes bathrobe

18 year old Gunned Down in Family home by police

from here

18 year old Gunned Down in Family home by police

CNN PRODUCER NOTE     This iReport has not been verified by CNN, but we're looking into it. If you have additional info, share it in the comments below or upload your story. Stay tuned for updates.
zdan, CNN iReport producer
Today is a somber day for the Wilsey/Vidal Family in Boiling Springs Lakes North Carolina. Around 1 pm on Sunday January 5th, A call for help to the local police department turned Deadly. 
Keith Vidal Was only 18. He celebrated his 18th birthday on December 10. Keith was a fun loving kid with a dream of becoming a famous drummer. He enjoyed basketball, hunting, fishing and the company of his family and friends. 
Keith Suffered from Depression and schizophrenia which he was on medication to control. We all know someone who has been touched by the hand of mental illness. Whether it be in the form of bi-polar disorder, dementia,Alzheimer's, or schizophrenia, we try to be compassionate and understanding to those handicaps. 
Today that was not the case. Vidal's Father contacted the Boiling Springs Lakes Police Department around 1 pm Sunday to try to get help putting Vidal in the car, so he could be taken to a mental evaluation. Vidal was abrasive and did not want to go. and picked up a small electronics screwdriver.Two Officers responded to the scene and started negotiating with Vidal. After about 10 mins the situation started defusing itself with Vidal becoming more rational. At that very moment an Officer From another Town Entered the residence and instructed the officers to stop talking and tase Vidal. As Vidal tried to flee into the bathroom adjacent to where he was standing the two officers simultaneously shot him with their tasers. As Vidal Collapsed backwards on to the floor the two officers jumped on top of the 5ft 3 100 lb Vidal to restrain him.. As Vidal's Father tried to step in and grab the screw driver The Southport Police Officer that had instructed the other officers to use their tasers, moved between the father and the pile of people on the floor and said " We don't have time for this" And shot Vidal Once in the chest as the other two Officers held him on the floor. Vidal's father then grabbed the officer as he was lining himself up for another shot. The officers name as been with held pending an internal investigation. Brunswick County District Attorney John David was on the scene just a few minuets after the news of the Shooting happened. He has Launched an SBI investigation into today's tragic events. 

I Knew Keith Vidal Personally. There aren't any words that can express how deeply hurt I am that this happened. Today the world lost an awesome person. Keith was like a little brother to me. I sat many times with him and listened to him play drums, or sat in a hot condo stand with him waiting for a pig to mosey out to eat some corn.. Or just watching his drumming videos saying "man this kids talented". I have been to the place it happened and seen the carnage left in the wake of a bad decision. Despite what any news organization or police representative says to try to justify this cold blooded murder, The facts of the matter are as follows..FIRST THINGS FIRST ( Keith didn't threaten anyone with the screw driver, He merely stated it was his screwdriver and that he didn't want to put it down.) Two full grown , Officers of the law, attempted to calm Keith down. If they had stayed there course things would have been fine. Instead a rash and unforgiving 3rd party decided they didn't have time to save a life, and instead of help, he decided to END a promising young life. Keith Vidal Was a very passionate kid and loved music and basketball more than any thing on this earth..He had many friends and will be dearly missed. He loved his family and they in return loved him.. Today was a tragedy. S.O.P couldn't have been followed. There is no way that Keith deserved to die today... In support of the family I would ask all of you to please pray for the Wilsey/Vidal Families and If you are local, Please help stand against Police Brutality and Unjust Shooting Deaths. Keith shall never again grace us with his illusive smile, He may never play another game of Team Deathmatch with his buddies on xbox, and he may never bang his drums in Madison square garden.. But what we can do for him is make sure that his death was not in vain. We can push and demand justice for this travesty. We can establish laws to protect the mentally ill when they are in their dire time of need. We can refuse to accept the fact that in North Carolina a young man may be held down in his own home tased and then shot by the people who were called there to help. 
There are no hear say statements in anything I have posted... I have talked to the people involved.. Keith was Murdered in the hall way of his home by a Southport Police Officer in Boiling Springs Lakes. The officer said "concern for officers safety" was the reason he shot Keith. Yet his concern for officer safety Was null and void when he fired his weapon into a mass of bodies on the floor at close range.. He could have just as easily killed one of his own.. If it weren't for Keith's Father grabbing the officer, He would have shot him again.. Keith was a big person in a small body. About 5'3 to 5'5 and 90 to 100lbs Keith was small for his age. Trained officers should know the difference between a 6'5 335 lbs monster and a 5'3 100lb kid.. All that I can say is PASS IT ON. DO NOT LET THIS BE SWEPT UNDER THE GOOD OLE BOY RUG.. DO NOT LET THIS MAN GET AWAY WITH MURDER.. NEXT TIME IT COULD BE CLOSER TO HOME. KEITH WAS SHOT LIKE A DOG IN THE FLOOR OF HIS HOME. . PLEASE HELP US AND DEMAND THE TRUTH AND FOR JUSTICE TO BE SERVED.. 
Rest In Peace Little Brother, you will be forever missed.. 
Anthony Owens

Rick Dyer Kills Bigfoot. Really?

Bigfoot News Special Bigfoot News of the Century Edition

Rick Dyer has a taxidermied Bigfoot! I can now confirm with 100% accuracy that Rick Dyer does indeed have a taxidermied Bigfoot. I say this because this news has been independently confirmed for me by a number of extremely credible people in Bigfootery who investigated it themselves and then reported back to me. None of them were past Dyer supporters and they all absolutely hate Rick Dyer, so there is no pro-Dyer bias involved; on the contrary, there is a lot of anti-Dyer bias involved. All were either Dyer skeptics or Dyer fence-sitters.
At this point, all evidence points overwhelmingly towards Rick’s claim as being credible, unbelievable as it sounds.
In other words, I am 100% certain that Rick has a taxidermied Bigfoot in his possession.
If you do not believe my claim, that is just fine, and this should all come out soon at any rate.
I can also report that the presentation of the Bigfoot is going to take a little while. First of all, a more professional team has been assembled for the presentation to the public because Rick Dyer is pretty much the antithesis of professionalism. So the presentation is in a sense being taken out of Rick’s hands by the adults in the room, thank God.
In addition, it is going to take a bit of time for a more complete scientific presentation as they want to be as thorough and professional as possible. The science end of things is now being handled by an extremely professional team that has just now been put together and it may take them some time for more comprehensive, documented results to be released.
So there are two separate teams working:
A team working on a more professional presentation of the Bigfoot.
A team working on a more thorough and comprehensive documentation of the science end of things.
Unfortunately, I cannot name my sources at this time but be assured that they are some of the most high-ranking people in the business.
I think it is time, no matter what we think of Rick Dyer, to throw out a bigcongratulations to Rick Dyer for being the first human being to actually prove the existence of Bigfoot by personally obtaining a specimen. For better or for worse, the name Rick Dyer will go down in history for all time. Rick will also become a famous man, and I hope that he manages fame well, for his own sake and for the sake of the rest of us who have to bear with him, though I have little confidence that he will.
Maybe it is time for Rick to hire a publicist, a PR man, a life coach, and who know, maybe even a therapist.
Anyway, it looks like Rick is going to have a very interesting life cut out for him in the near future. The man has always cherished fame and recognition, and he’s about to get it in droves.
New Hank photos released. Several new photos of Hank with Rick Dyer positioned next to the taxidermied body have been leaked by a Team Tracker member.
Here they are:
The leaked photo from Team Tracker.
The leaked photo from Team Tracker.
A more closeup version:
A cropped version of the same photo.
A cropped version of the same photo.
An enhanced version:
An enhanced version of the leaked photo.
An enhanced version of the leaked photo.
An more closeup version:
A cropped version showing both Rick and Hank.
A cropped version showing both Rick and Hank.
And a comparison of two photos of Hank, which unfortunately do look a bit dissimilar. However, I am certain it is the same body. Why they look dissimilar is not known, but perhaps Rick had Hank’s body somewhat cleaned up.
Two Hanks comparison.
Two Hanks comparison.

Rick Dyer saga continues to unfold. The Bigfoot community’s overwhelming reaction to Dyer’s Bigfoot body, named Hank, has been rejection and derision. Virtually no one believes him, and a good 95% of the community are yelling and laughing that it is an obvious hoax. Personally I am not so sure. My position is that this is either a real dead Bigfoot or an excellent replica, and we have to investigate further to see which option is true. The odds are maybe 50-50 one way or the other, but there is definitely a possibility that this is a real dead Bigfoot.
Standards for Dyer to prove that Hank is real. Due to a number of factors including Rick’s long history of hoaxing, lying, punking and playing the community which continues up until recently, in addition to Rick’s obviously unstable and character disordered personality, utmost caution must be observed when testing to see if this specimen is real.
I think we can lay out a minimum of what we want as proof:
  1. MRI scans of Hank
  2. CT scans of Hank
  3. 3D imaging of Hank
  4. Full genetic sequencing of Hank’s DNA, preferably both nuclear and mitochondrial.
  5. Signed affidavits by scientists who worked on Hank testifying that this is  a real non-Homo sapiens hominid of some sort.
  6. A full autopsy report by the pathologists who examined the body.
  7. Statement of some sort by Morgan Matthews or other representatives of Minnow Films confirming the kill took place while filming the movieShooting Bigfoot.
  8. Photographs of the kill at San Antonio after Hank was killed. Preferably photos of Hank on the ground and then later photos of the body being moved.
  9. A full timeline by Rick stating which university the body was verified at, where the body was stored near Las Vegas, where it was moved to afterwards, and where it was in Washington state where the taxidermists worked on it.
  10. Names of the government official at the university who verified the body, the taxidermist who worked on the body, all of the scientists who studied the body and what exactly they did.
  11. Some sort of a statement from the US government confirming in some way that this is actually the body of a relict hominid.
New Rick Dyer statement released.

Here is a very interesting video that has just been released by Dyer. He deals with several lies that the skeptics have been saying about him. First of all, skeptics charge that there have been numerous offers of various experts including medical doctors to examine the body, but Rick turned them all down, which is suspicious. The truth is that no one has come forward to offer to verify the body on the behalf of the skeptics.
Rick also stated that his original investors are gone, and he has a new team of investors. In my opinion, there was only ever one original investor, and that was Hank Williams III, the country-punk musician. So apparently HWJ has sold out to new people. Who are the new investors? Who knows? First of all, there may only be one person. That is because if Rick has only one investor, he lies and refers to that person in the plural for unknown reasons. So just because Rick says there is more than one investor doesn’t necessarily mean it is so. It is not known who the new investor(s) is.
My reputation at stake. Supposedly my reputation is at stake on this Rick Dyer Bigfoot body. I have stated my hypothesis that Rick shot and killed Hank, and I feel that there is a possibility that he retained the body. These photos could indeed be of a real dead Bigfoot. It is important to note that there has never been any hard, solid scientific evidence that Rick shot Hank or retained the body or that this body is real.
It is all just a matter of opinion. People are wrong all the time, especially in this game. Suppose this does turn out to be a real dead Bigfoot. According the lunatic “destroyed reputation” theory, the 95% of the community who insisted this was a hoax will have their reputations ruined for all time.
When we finally reveal these Bigfoots as the real creatures that they are, the 99% of the journalistic and scientific community who have been laughing at us and insisting that there is no such thing as Bigfoot will have their reputations ruined forever.
See how this makes no sense? It’s a nonsensical argument. Anyone can make a hypothesis about any unknown based on the available evidence. Later as more facts are gathered, the hypothesis is either proven or rejected. If it rejected, those who believed in it simply reorder their beliefs in line with the new facts.
This is the only way to move through life, always changing and adjusting your beliefs as they are either proven correct or shown to be false. We make hypotheses all day long. All of us have all sorts of beliefs that may well be true or not true.
We make generalizations every minute of every day. If you could never make a generalization, you would probably never even be able to get out of bed, and no doubt you would die quickly.
Life is simply an endless round of hypothesis testing, analysis of data and arriving at conclusions. Beliefs are continuously adjusted as new facts come in and new conclusions are drawn. The human mind is adaptive, changing its points of view and opinions all the time. All scientists are wrong all the time. Scientists are always making hypotheses and always seeing them fail. All detectives are wrong all the time. They are always making hypotheses about crimes which endlessly prove to be wrong and need to be adjusted in light of new facts or theories.
The very notion that if a human being has a false opinion, makes a hypothesis that turns out to be correct, or is wrong in any way, shape or form that their reputation is then ruined for all time is simply insane and asinine and anyone who believes this is a first class idiot. We are wrong every single day, and that is the dance of life. Next time you think you are perfect, try walking on water.
Anyway I do not care about my reputation as I do not worry about being wrong, and I have been wrong many times in my reporting and views. This is basically a Jack Anderson style rumor blog anyway, so obviously a lot of things are not going to pan out.
Anyway, this is how I feel.

There is nothing wrong with being wrong!
Anyway, my enemies can all burn. That’s always been the way I roll.
My enemies and haters grow, legion-like, by the day. That’s great news. Anyway, a shout out to all my haters.

Many strange happenings around Hank’s dead body in storage. While Hank was stored at the first location, strange, odd, bizarre and unaccountable things kept happening in the vicinity of the body and to people who were around the body. Dyer and the scientists were unnerved by it all, and that is one of the reasons the body was moved. This adds to the bizarre theories about a paranormal component to the Bigfoots.
Body viewing at end of December. A number of TT members were somehow able to view the body in very late December around December 29, 2012, probably in Washington state. It is not known how they accessed the body.
Dyer planning international press conference on January 7, 2013.Rick plans to reveal MRI and CT scans of Hank along with 3D imaging and Hank’s full genome at the very least. Possibly even more than that may be in store for us. It will be very interesting at least to see what unfolds on this most interesting of dates, January 7, 2014. Either one of the greatest discoveries in human history or the greatest Bigfoot hoax of all time will hopefully be clarified.
New Dyer photo to be released. A new photo of Hank has been shown to members of Rick’s secret Bigfoot group. I cannot tell you what is in it, but it is most interesting. It was supposed to be released today, but it never happened. Hopefully it will be released in the near future.
So-called Dyer Hank photo from early 2012 shown to be fake.
This photo of Hank was supposedly distributed by Rick in early 2012, however, that is not true. Instead, this is all a lie and the photo is a fake distributed by the lunatic haters to make Rick look bad and confuse everyone.
This photo of Hank was supposedly distributed by Rick in early 2012, however, that is not true. Instead, this is all a lie and the photo is a fake distributed by the lunatic haters to make Rick look bad and confuse everyone.
More asinine nonsense and muddying of the waters from the execrable Dyer haters.
Apparently fake Bigfoot footage from Bradford, Pennsylvania. This is the location of some odd photographs that were taken by people coming back from a weekend Bigfoot festival. This new video has been released from the same location and is now on Youtube. My opinion is that this is clearly a fake with a man in a monkey suit. Feel free to weigh in.

More on the Alberta Habituation site. I have been writing about this site quite a bit lately. Refer to the previous report for background. The trapper who works the area has reportedly seen seven Bigfoots on his trapline over the past few years. As I said, this is one of the hottest habituation sites in North America. People who have gone in there alone report that they tend to get shadowed as soon as they get into the area. This experience is so disconcerting that they do not want to go in there alone anymore.
However, there are now trailcams all over the area. One problem with the cameras is that the Bigfoots seem to be purposely avoiding them, which seems odd. In addition, incredibly enough, the Bigfoots keep taking the camera and turning them around so they face the tree they are mounted on inside of pointing out into the forest. This way you get photos of tree bark and nothing more as the camera is rendered useless. How the Bigfoots have figured this out or why they are doing it is not known.
Aaron Arcand, one of the craziest people in Bigfootery, stole the area from a researcher that had been zealously guarding it for a long time. Arcand then turned around the took Todd Standing out to the area against the wishes of the initial researcher. Todd then proclaimed it was his area, in effect stealing it from the others. Stealing each others research areas, what all good Bigfoot researchers do!
Todd then took Les Stroud from Survivorman into the area over the summer where two episodes of the Discovery Channel were filmed over the summer. The trapper was utterly furious at all the activity around his trapline. Later Todd took both Dr. Jeff Meldrum and Dr. John Bindernagel into the area, probably in Fall 2012. I believe that Todd filmed a documentary in the area and that he later sold it to a TV station. Todd received an unknown sum for this movie, but I would say that selling that movie to TV was one of the smartest things Todd has ever done.
At one point, Todd saw a Bigfoot. This may be one of the only times he seen one as his prior photos and videos and nonsensical stories about Sylvanic were all fakes and lies from ultra-hoaxer Standing. Keep in mind that this area is not Sylvanic and anyway, and Sylvanic is probably a fake area that only exists in Todd’s con artist mind. Canadian news reports said that Todd would be taking Stroud to an area of British Colombia in between Banff and Kootenay National Parks, the location of the fake Sylvanic Valley.
That is not where Todd took Stroud. Instead, Todd took Stroud to his new Alberta research area. The location of the site is a closely kept secret.
Aaron Arcand either has a vivid imagination, is a pathological liar, is delusional or is some combination of the three. Some of his wilder claims:
  • All of his research was stolen.
  • Every time he goes out to any research spots, he always sees a Bigfoot.
  • On one occasion, he found a Bigfoot grave. The Bigfoots found out about this somehow, and when he went back again, the Bigfoots had moved the body and reburied it somewhere else.
  • Saw a hot looking Bigfoot babe near the dump at the Small Boys Camp. He named her Bo after Bo Derek. Apparently she was a real cutie.
  • Used digital recording glasses to videotape a Bigfoot, but the Bigfoot took exception to this, came over the Arcand and picked him up in the air, causing him to drop the glasses whereupon the footage was destroyed.
  • A Bigfoot picked him up one time and threw him a considerable distance.
Todd quickly figured out that Arcand was delusional and he dumped him like a hot potato and took over the research area for himself, cutting Arcand out of the loop. So Arcand showed Todd the site, and then Todd turned around and royally screwed Arcand.
Arcand was thrown out of the BFRO on the grounds of “being delusional.” He has also been banned from the Alberta Sasquatch website due to his endless aggressive and disruptive activity. Arcand has been banned from almost every Bigfoot forum on the web.
At some time in the course of Arcand’s association with the Manitoba site, Aaron threatened to set a forest fire and burn the whole research area to the ground. He was reported to Forestry authorities for making threats. He is an odd looking fellow who probably only has about two teeth left in his mouth.
Interesting reports on Bigfoots that resemble Rick Dyer’s purported Bigfoot body. David Claerr is a Bigfoot researcher from Texas who is intimately familiar with the Bigfoots of Texas. He told me that Hank’s coloration and appearance is in line with the Bigfoots that are reported in that part of Texas.
David Claerr:
Towards central Texas, there are more of human-looking ones with Caucasoid traits of lighter skin and hair coat. Up towards northeast TX there are more of the dark skinned, black and dark coated ones with a more simian appearance. They look a lot like Scott Carpenter’ photos. They are the ones with the more ancient African DNA, probably arriving thousands of years earlier than these guys. This seems to support Melba’s results in different haplogroups.
Photos, drawing and reports of Bigfoots that resemble Hank. There are many types of Bigfoots in the US. A famous case is of the Lake Worth Monster from central Texas in 1969. Up to 100 people witnessed this Bigfoot, including police officers and sheriff’s deputies. The full amazing story of the Lake Worth Monster, which was simply a Bigfoot, was written up by David Claerr here.
Newspaper clipping of a story about the Lake Worth Monster.
Newspaper clipping of a story about the Lake Worth Monster.
David also carefully worked up a strange photo of the Bigfoot and made an excellent drawing of it, which he refers to as “a mutant Scotsman.”
An amazing, albeit overexposed, Polaroid of the Lake Worth monster taken by Allen Plaster.
An amazing, albeit overexposed, Polaroid of the Lake Worth monster taken by Allen Plaster.
David told me that the thought that Hank had the same sort of “mutant Scotsman” appearance about him, and I agree.
David's excellent workup of the Lake Worth Monster based on the photo. It has a "mutant Scotsman" look about it and it also resembles Hank.
David’s excellent workup of the Lake Worth Monster based on the photo. It has a “mutant Scotsman” look about it and it also resembles Hank. Copyright David Claerr 2009.
One of the finest and strangest Bigfoot photos I have ever seen is the mysterious Moyie Springs, Idaho photo taken some time in the mid-1970′s. Little is known about the photo other than the approximate date and location of the shot. This Bigfoot also has the “mutant Scotsman” appearance of the Lake Worth Monster and Hank.
This is one of my favorite all time Bigfoot photos and I have always thought it was real. The circumstances surrounding this bizarre photos are very mysterious.
This is one of my favorite all time Bigfoot photos and I have always thought it was real. The circumstances surrounding this bizarre photos are very mysterious.
Reports of three known Bigfoot skeletons in the US. A source told me that he knows of three Bigfoot skeletons in the US.
The first one is at a university anthropology department in Texas and is labeled American Indian. He has observed the bones and confirms that they are the bones of a Bigfoot and not an Indian. The problem is that once bones get labeled American Indian, everything becomes very sensitive due to some silly recently passed laws that give local Indians rights to just about any bones found near their tribal territories. This had made it very difficult to study Indian bones in the US in the past 20 years.
The second is a full skeleton that is located at an archeological dig in Illinois. This is a layered dig that goes quite a ways down into the ground. A skeleton was found at one point, excavated and presently remains at the site unveiled but still lying on ground a number of feet below the surface of the dig. The skeleton is approximately 10 feet tall and it is clearly a Bigfoot, not an Indian. Unfortunately, this skeleton is also labeled American Indian so it might be difficult to study also.
A third skeleton is located somewhere in Oklahoma on private property in a partially collapsed cave. The fact that it is on private property makes access difficult. An earth mover may be required to clear the collapsed cave entrance and interior. Ground penetrating radar may be useful in finding the skeleton which was reburied by humans when it was discovered ~40 years ago.
The source also received a report from a man who said he had seen a stuffed and mounted Bigfoot inside of a man’s home. The source thoroughly invested the claim of the taxidermied Bigfoot and believes it is probably true, but is not completely certain.
There have been a number of reports of these, especially in the Honobia region of Oklahoma where people have reported Bigfoot heads mounted like trophies on the walls of homes. It has been impossible to confirm these stories, but we may now have at least one taxidermied Bigfoot with the Rick Dyer story.
David Claerr on differences between human and Bigfoot skeletons.An excellent article by Claerr on how the Bigfoots differ structurally from us.
Man can identify Bigfoot bones by looking at them. A source, the same man who reported the skeletons above, reports that he has seen a number of Bigfoot skeletons and bones and can differentiate them from human bones on a variety of variables. First of all, they are larger than human bones. The proportions of the limbs are also different. In particular, the bone-ends are very different. Most have a coned cranium which is a dead giveaway in addition to the prominent browridge. They also have a rougher surface texture and a thicker bone wall than human bones. Also the prominences where the tendons attach to the bones are more robust.
Humans killing Bigfoots in self defense. I believe that Bigfoots have attacked humans at various times, and the humans have responded by shooting the Bigfoots dead. Surely this has occurred before.
Bigfoots are highly dangerous. I am now convinced that David Paulides theory that Bigfoots are dangerous may have some merit. Although most of the time they are docile and retiring, I believe that on rare occasions they become highly aggressive and attack and try to kill humans. Certainly this has occurred before.
Bigfoot females may be dangerous with juveniles. Female bears and other female mammals can become very aggressive towards humans if they feel that you are threatening their young. I believe that the rarely seen female Bigfoots (95% of sightings are of males) may become extremely aggressive if you think they are threatening their young. They may attack and attempt to kill a human under these circumstances. And I also believe that the juveniles may charge, attack and attempt to kill the human alongside the mother.
Always carry a gun when researching Bigfoots. At this point, I have heard enough solid evidence to convince me that these creatures are capable of being extremely dangerous, attacking humans, trying to kill them and probably even killing humans. In my opinion, any researcher who researches without a gun needs to have their head examined.
Great sites in Bigfoot history. Surely there are certain locales that will go down in Bigfoot history as some of the greatest and most famous sites in the history of Bigfooting. Ape Canyon, Mount St. Helens, he Siege of Honobia site, the Crittenden, Kentucky habituation site, Bluff Creek, Dyer’s San Antonio kill site, the Sierra Kills site, and we would certainly have to add the Alberta Habituation Site, wouldn’t we? Well of course we would.
What sort of evidence can we expect from a great Bigfoot site or habituation site. The famous Bigfoot sites have revealed a great deal of evidence. The evidence can include:
  • Footprints
  • Handprints
  • Photo evidence
  • Video evidence
  • Tree structures
  • Audio evidence of vocalizations
  • Scat
  • Hair
  • Blood
  • Saliva
  • Tissue
  • Parts of body(s)
  • Whole body(s)
Any combination of these various types of evidence may well be present at any famous Bigfoot site or great habituation site. Let’s hear it for great habituation sites!

Heading towards the tipping point with Bigfoot evidence.
 This is one reason that I am fairly certain that 2014 will be the year of Bigfoot discovery. Everyone talks about Rick Dyer, but this may well be the most famous year ever Dyer or no Dyer.
Human killing of Bigfoots seems to be increasing. I wrote a previous piece, much linked, which calculated that humans kill Bigfoots on the average of once every 4.5 years. However, in recent years, the kill rate seems to be increasing. It seems that in the past few years, the rate is more like 2 Bigfoots shot dead per year, correct?
How many Bigfoot bodies are out there? In the past few years, at any given time, there may well have been anywhere from 2-5 Bigfoot bodies or possible bodies floating about. Whew! That is quite a few Bigfoot bodies floating about!
Problems with Bigfoot body retention. Even if a Bigfoot is shot, that is no guarantee that the body(s) may be recovered. The Sierra Kills fiasco, in which two Bigfoot bodies were lost or disappeared somehow, is a prominent recent case. Typically, when a Bigfoot is killed, all Hell breaks and there is a huge fight for the ownership of the body. Lips must be sealed and only a select few people must be told, as the sooner the news gets out, the more likely the body has a tendency to vanish.
Even if the body(s) are retained by some party(s), the body(s) may simply be disappeared by the people who have them for a variety of reasons. Many Bigfoot killers fear prosecution for homicide for killing a hairy man. Hence evidence seems to vanish and bodies tend to disappear. Bodies may be left in the field by frightened Bigfoot killers, who then tell almost no one and never go back to the site. Other times, Bigfoot killers simply bury the Bigfoot body where it fell and try to keep the killing secret.
In quite a few cases, it seems that government authorities of various types arrive on the scene and confiscate the body, after which it is never heard from again. If Indians are involved at all, things get really nutty. Indians generally believe that Bigfoots are a sacred spirit. They are afraid to even talk about them, sort of like the name of God not being uttered by some of the religious.
If and when a Bigfoot is killed, Indians do not want to take the body forward and donate it to science. Instead they wish to take possession of it. Once they get the body, they quickly bury it at a secret spot deep in the woods. The killing and burial is then never discussed. The location of the grave is a closely guarded secret held close to the chest by a few Indians, who are receive serious threats if they divulge the location of the grave. A number of Bigfoot bodies seem to vanished at the hands of Indians.
What are Bigfoots’ reactions to humans taking the bodies of the Bigfoots that they kill? Clearly Bigfoots are upset when we kill or wound their loved ones. But I believe that they like to bury their dead and they become very angry when we haul the bodies away like body snatchers thereby preventing a proper burial. If parts are cut off a Bigfoot body, say a head and hands are removed and the body is left in the field, the Bigfoots probably get very angry over us leaving a the mutilated body of their loved ones in the field. I believe that Bigfoots like to give their dead a proper burial and prefer any dead Bigfoot bodies to be whole and not mutilated with missing parts.
Writers who riddle or write in code. Some of my favorite writers write in code or riddles, dropping clues here and there, often without coming and out and saying much outright. These writers are very interesting because part of the fun is reading is trying to solve the mystery of what exactly they are trying to tell us anyway.
These writers who tease us and play games with our minds are a source of endless aggravation and frustration, however these enigmatic men of letters keep us on our toes requiring us to use our powerful intuitive skills to piece together puzzles, solve mysteries, read between the lines and pay as much attention to what is not said as what is said.
They try our patience but there are pots of gold awaiting the diligent reader to puts the pieces of the puzzle together to finally reach the epiphany of a solution.
Of course I would never do that myself as that would be dishonest and not straightforward, and I always get right to the point and never leave anything to the imagination, but I very much enjoy reading these puzzling yet alluring authors.
2014 should be the year of the Sasquatch. This is looking to be quite possibly the biggest year ever in the history of the Bigfoot story. Everyone is talking about Rick Dyer, but it may not even matter whether the Dyer story is real or a hoax. I know they keep saying that every year, but I have a feeling that this year could be for real.
Rick Dyer releases photos of Hank.
A photo of Hank that was released by Rick Dyer.
A photo of Hank that was released by Rick Dyer. I feel there is some resemblance between this photo and the Musky Allen composite sketch.
This photo appeared on the webpage of a TV station in San Antonio, Texas. They then aired a short news segment on the story. So the KSAT Channel in San Antonio is the first media outlet to break the Hank story.
Here is a newly released photo of the full body of Hank. It looks massive.
Newly released full body photo of Hank. The thing appears to be absolutely massive. Autopsy incision running down the front of the body.
Newly released full body photo of Hank. The thing appears to be absolutely massive. Autopsy incision running down the front of the body.
Here is another view of the body under the glass.
Another view of the body. Note apparent extensive facial damage to the left side of the face near the mouth and the jaw.
Another view of the body. Note apparent extensive facial damage to the left side of the face near the mouth and the jaw.
A closeup of the face which seems to show the apparent damage to the mouth and jaw area from the gunshot which Musky Allen described when he saw the Bigfoot last year.
face damage
Here is a screen capture of Hank’s body.
The back of Hank's body grabbed from the TV segment.
Hank’s body grabbed from the TV segment. The genital area is apparently blurred out.
The general view in the Bigfoot community is that this is an obvious fake. A few folks are very excited. And another small group is taking a wait and see approach. One argument that new Hank photo does not look like the Hank in the Tent Video, the Hank in the Shooting Bigfoot still or the Hank in Musky Allen’s composite sketch. Well, this is an interesting argument, but I think there is a resemblance between this photo and the Allen composite.
My opinion is that I have no idea what is in those photos. I do not know if they look like fakes or not. However, this Hank photo does in some ways resemble the Musky Allen composite pretty well. So my take is either that is a photo of Hank the dead Bigfoot or it is a very well-done fake. It doesn’t matter if it’s a hoax anyway because if it is, it is the greatest Bigfoot hoax of all time, and that is a great story right there.
Dyer photos were first released on a San Antonio TV station. Here is a link to thevideo segment discussing Dyer’s photos. And here is a link to the original story in print at the station’s news site.
Smithsonian Museum worker gives opinion on new Hank photo. I have a source who works in the Smithsonian designing the models that are used in the displays there. He examined the new Dyer photo and promptly dismissed it as a fake. I admire his expertise, but he may well be wrong in this case. I really have no idea.
Tent Video Sasquatch and Shooting Bigfoot Sasquatch may have been two different creatures. According to sources close to Dyer, the Bigfoot in the Tent Video may be a different creature than the one that was shot dead in the Shooting Bigfoot movie. How they arrived at this conclusion is not known. However, the idea that Hank was a lone Bigfoot seems to be a bit odd, as we know that Bigfoots generally live in small family groups. If there was a small family group in the area, then the two videos may well have shown two different Bigfoots.
Rick Dyer will hold an international press conference on January 15 at which much more evidence will be released. The evidence includes CAT and MRI scans of Hank’s body, DNA sequencing of Hank’s DNA and 3-D modeling of Hank’s body.
Arguments about preservation of the body. Many are saying that the trailer has no cooling system so the body could not be preserved. However, Hank has been taxidermied and mounted by a taxidermist. Rick drove up to Washington state to retrieve the body from the taxidermist who had been working it. So there is no need to preserve it of course.
First photos of Hank have been sold to the media. The video released by Dyer the other day of the tourists looking at Hank included an audio segment of an MD who came to look at the body. This MD is a writer for a magazine in New York City. He took some photos of Hank, and these photos were sold to this magazine.
More Hank photos floating around. There are other photos of Hank available floating around the Internet as I write this. A friend of mine has a very detailed whole body photo of Hank, but I cannot see it.
Hank showed to 130 onlookers. When he was transporting Hank down to Las Vegas, Rick showed Hank to 130 onlookers. So now quite a few people have seen the photo. So the old Dyer skeptic argument about almost no one having seen the body is wrong.
Todd Standing documentary will be released in the Spring. Todd Standing’s documentary which was at least in part shot at a great habituation site in Alberta, Canada will be released on TV in the Spring. I have a feeling that think this documentary will be very good. Todd has sold the rights to a TV station, and I would say that that is the smartest thing that Todd has ever done. Standing may be a Machiavellian Dark Triad type, but he is a very, very smart man.
Alberta habituation site has tree structures. One of the things that drew John Bindernagel to that site is stories that there were tree structures there. John had seen a tree structure on Vancouver Island and he wanted to compare these tree structures in Alberta with the one on Vancouver. Although the story on the Net is that John wanted to check out a single tree structure, in my opinion, there are quite a few tree structures at this site.
Les Stroud was also at the Alberta habituation site with Todd Standing recently, probably this fall. One or two episodes of Survivorman were shot out there, and they should air in the Spring. I have a feeling that those episodes are going to be very good.
Alberta habituation site not accessible now. There is 4-5 feet of snow in the ground there, and you will not be able to get back in there until May. However, I believe that the fur trapper who runs traplines on that land lives there year round.
The Bigfoot awards. As you know, some TV stations are throwing around talk about $10 million rewards, $1 million rewards, etc. However the truth is that no one is going to get those huge awards in my opinion unless they have a great agent. Anyone else will get scammed. That is, those stations are just not going to pay out those huge awards unless you fight for it.
Bigfoot TV awards currently being given out. It is little known but some of these Hollywood outfits that are offering these huge awards have already been giving out some awards.
Though they are not in the $1-10 million range, I have a feeling that they have forked out one or more awards to one or more celebrities in our community. Instead of the seven figure range, I would say it was probably in the 6-figure range. That is, one of our well-known Bigfoot celebrities may well have won a large award from one of these Hollywood outlets, probably in the 6-figure range. The prize may well have been given to these person(s) for good evidence towards proving Bigfoot. However, I am not aware of exactly what evidence may have been used to win this prize.
Bigfoot is big money. I would say that Bigfootery is starting to become very profitable to some of our celebrity Bigfooters. Above I mentioned the possibility of an award in the 6-figure range for interesting evidence towards proving Bigfoot. However, I also believe that it is possible that a celebrity Bigfooter may have recently profited in the 7-figure range from Bigfootery. That’s money in them thar hills, folks!
Interesting story about a Bigfoot shot and killed on a US military base. This story appeared a while back on Bigfoot Forums. It was widely debated, but people who had military experience felt that the story rang very true. The story was told by someone who was at the base at the time. I am not sure where the base was, but it may have been in the Rust Belt region, possibly Ohio.
The soldiers were practicing at a target range, firing away with their guns. At one point, a Bigfoot appeared in the area, and the soldiers all flipped out and stopped firing.
Command was somehow notified. Command may have been aware of these creatures. An order was issued to the soldiers at the range to hunt down and kill the creature. The troops had a new target to shoot out. They fanned out into the area to try to kill the Bigfoot. At one point, the Bigfoot was lying flat on the ground (They do do this, by the way). And suddenly it jumped up (They also do that, lie flat and then jump up, dive down again and lie flat, etc.) As soon as the Bigfoot jumped out, the soldiers opened up on him. It was quickly killed.
A number of government authorities were notified, including in particular the US Fish and Wildlife service among other biologists. The USFWS officer knew full well what these creatures were. He said something along the lines of, “Ah, so you shot another one of these things, eh?” Then he said regarding their population dynamics, “Well, they are not as common as they used to be, but there are a lot more of them around than you might think.”
It is very interesting that he said that because that means that the USFWS has some knowledge of the Bigfoots’ population dynamics. This probably means that these things are being killed fairly regularly. The USFWS officer referred to the Bigfoot as an “illusory hominid.” What an odd choice of words.
Interestingly, one of my sources went to look for this thread on Bigfoot Forums, and the entire thread had been deleted by Bigfoot Forums staff.
Some Bigfooters may be under government surveillance. I have a feeling that some members of our community may be under government surveillance due to what we know about these creatures. This is because the governments in North America know full well what these things are and they want to monitor those of us few citizens who are aware these things exist and are trying to prove it. However, I have no evidence that I am under surveillance. Other major Bigfooters have told me that they think they might be being monitored. Surveillance methods may include wiretapping of phones, etc.
Rick Dyer takes possession of Hank. It was reported that yesterday, Rick Dyer took possession of Hank in Washington State, where the final touches of the body preservation process were completed, loaded into his trailer and drove it back to Las Vegas. By the time of this writing, the body is now in Las Vegas.
Rick Dyer's Hank tour trailer, ready to roll.
Rick Dyer’s Hank tour trailer, ready to roll.
Many more people view Hank and the viewings were recorded and uploaded to Youtube.

Above is an amazing video that Rick took somewhere on his journey, possibly inWashington state as there is snow on the ground. This time of year, the snow in Washington state’s populated areas is mostly in eastern Washington state. Rick is showing the body to some onlookers who are peeking into the back of the trailer and looking at it. The people seem to be mere onlookers and not associated with Rick in any way. Their reactions appear genuine and unscripted. Many are remarking in amazement upon viewing Hank’s body in the back of the trailer.
At the end of the video, a MD who flew in from New York City to see the body is audio-recorded voicing his amazement upon viewing Hank. The video of the physician is edited out to preserve his privacy as no doubt he is afraid of ridicule.
Team Tracker members flying into Las Vegas. As mentioned above, a physician reportedly flew in from New York to view Hank. In addition, I am told that some Team Tracker members are also flying into Vegas to view Hank from across the US. Others are flying all the way from the UK to look at the body. These folks obviously believe deeply that Hank is genuine. If he is not, they may have a civil suit case against Rick for fraud. Musky Allen is flying in from the Great Lakes area today. Apparently Musky thinks the body is real, otherwise why would he buy a plane ticket from the Rust Belt to Vegas.
After the Shot videos delayed again. Rick delayed the release of these videos until December 31, and now he has delayed them again until January 17.Word is that one of the two videos (there is After the Shot and another one) has sold only 28 copies so far. If Rick does not deliver the videos and does not refund the buyers’ money, he is going to have a lawsuit on his hands.
What is Hank? As you can see, the number of people who have seen Hank has now grown dramatically.
The video shows 10-20 ordinary citizens viewing the body. So what is in the back of the truck? Hank is either a dead Bigfoot or an expertly constructed fake. If it is a fake, it has fake autopsy incisions in it. In addition, in the video, Rick pulls out some of the hair and lights it on fire. It gives off a strong odor. Why would the fake be made out of some weird material that stinks and stinks even worse when you light it up? It doesn’t seem to make sense.
Dyer tour with Hank. As far as I can tell, the tour starts sometime in the middle of January and it is still on. He is going to go on tour with something – either a real dead Bigfoot or an expertly constructed fake. If it’s a fake, the viewers probably do not have a lawsuit case against Rick. Rick is selling them tickets to see a dead Bigfoot, and would think that viewers who view a fake would have a fraud case against Rick in court. However, plaintiffs could simply argue (and the judge would surely agree) that as there is no such thing as Bigfoot, there is no fraud and the viewers were simply gullible fools who have no protected class status.
Les Stroud Survivorman Bigfoot documentary on the Discoverychannel will appear soon. Les Stroud is the well known star of theSurvivorman show. He is an expert survivalist who can live in the woods for considerable periods of time. In my opinion, this show will also feature Todd Standing in addition to Stroud. I also believe that at least some of this show was shot at Standing’s habituation site in Alberta mentioned below.
New information on Dr. Jeff Meldrum and Dr. John Bindernagel Bigfoot encounter in Alberta, Canada. I asked Meldrum to comment on this and I have not received any response. I understand that Meldrum hassigned an NDA regarding his experience during the Alberta outing.
However, I can now report that this habituation spot is one that is favored by a man named Aaron Arcand. He considers it to be his area, but it’s actually crown land.
Also the land may or may not be associated with a fur trapper who has a trapline in the area (you can run traplines on Crown Land). Arcand stole this site from another man who I will not name who had regarded it as his secret spot for some time.
I can also now report that Arcand took Todd Standing to this area recently. If Todd went there, no doubt he had one or more encounters because it is literally not possible to stay in this zone for any time and not have an encounter. So the following persons have been to this area:
  1.  A fur trapper
  2. An unnamed researcher
  3. Aaron Arcand
  4. Todd Standing
  5. Les Stroud
  6. Jeff Meldrum
  7. John Bindernagel
Since it is nearly impossible to spend any time at this site and not have an encounter, I assume that all of the men listed above have had Bigfoot encounters at this site. I know for a fact that at least the fur trapper, the researcher, Arcand and Meldrum have had encounters there at any rate.
I am not sure if I can tell you where in Alberta the site is located or even give you a general location. This is surely one of the hottest habituation sites in North America right now though.
Todd Standing documentary in the works. Standing is working on a Bigfoot documentary that may be released in the coming year. In my opinion, this documentary should be very good and I think will have excellent Bigfoot footage, evidence and documentation of some type in it. It is amazing that I am actually looking forward to something from Standing, but I am. I am not sure if any footage from the Alberta habituation site will be included in the doc.
Jeff Meldrum, musician. Here is Meldrum singing, Homebrew. I assume this is our very own Jeff the Bigfooter, no?

Amazing. I wonder how many Bigfooters have seen this video? As you can see, Aaron Arcand also plays on this song, so it appears that Meldrum and Arcand know each other, adding weight to my theory that Meldrum went to Arcand’s spot in Alberta.
Bigfoot appears on Bing Maps. Bing Maps is a Google Earth type application that runs on the Satanic Microsoft Bing search engine.
Apparent Bigfoot on Bing Maps. That actually does look like a Bigfoot to me. That is what they look like.
Apparent Bigfoot on Bing Maps. That actually does look like a Bigfoot to me. That is what they look like.
Here is the report, which also included photos.
I was zooming in on a small lake 8 miles south of Aurora, Minnesota named Hautala Lake when I noticed something on the photo. There looks like something is crossing the road (#41 Palo Rd) in a wooded area just north of the lake. I’ve attached a screen shot picture #1. At first glance I thought it was a man, but about 1/10 mile east of the figure is a car going east on the same road.
The second picture is the car screenshot at the same size. Whatever that thing is it is big. If you compare the car and the figure, the figure appears as tall as the car is long! Even assuming the car is a compact, that means that the figure is over 12ft tall !! Remember these are not my pictures. Anyone can go on Bing Maps and zoom in on this. If you use a smart phone, you can see the figure clearer than on a computer. Search for Aurora MN. Then scroll about 8 miles south of Aurora on Hwy 99 to Palo Rd (#41) Look about .45 miles west on Palo Rd., and you can see it for yourself.
Bigfoot encounter report from Manitoba, Canada. Interesting report that a Canadian recently sent to me. Make of it what you will.
I’d like to tell you a story about my home town in middle northern Manitoba Canada. Manitoba, Canada is home to what I believe to be a creature known as Bigfoot. Manitoba is not known to be a Bigfoot hotspot but it is.
Manitoba is very sparsely populated, with 70% of the people living in the capital city of Winnipeg.
I come from a place known as Waterhen, Manitoba. Right now it and the surrounding area has a population of around 400. Waterhen is the end of the line basically. One the left of Waterhen is a lake, and on the right is bog and swamp that goes for 100km’s. Forward, there are 0 humans for about 400 km’s. Even where a there are humans, from that point on, they are very sparse. The entire area north of Waterhen is thick forest, lakes and shallow streams that connect them all.
My uncle was around 55 years old, a bricklayer from Winnipeg who was out visiting family in Waterhen which is about a 300 km drive.
To get to Winnipeg you head right from Waterhen down a 100 km gravel road where absolutely no one lives and there is no cell phone service. This was a typical night for him and his daughter who was attending high school at the time. It was fall and dark outside so likely it was around 10 pm.
They were about 60 out of the 100 km down this road when they saw something up ahead on the side of the road. It was standing on two feet, it was over 6 feet tall, and my uncle said and dark. My uncle had lived in Waterhen until he was 30 and had hunted and been in the wilderness his entire life. He has seen and hunted countless bear, moose, elk, deer, and bison. He said that this was something different.
It ran across the road away from them quicker than any animal could on two legs, then it got to the edge of the bush and turned around and ran back across the road and into the forest.
My cousin, his daughter, reported the same thing. She would have been about 16 years old at the time. She was a high school student. More of a city girl, but she said she knows what she saw. My uncle is not a person to lie and my cousin isn’t either. They never told anyone but my family, and they said as hard as they tried to forget about it, they couldn’t. Two people, one old and one young, saw the exact same things. Again, I say, they are not the sort of people to make up stories like this. They have never made up anything like this before or again.
My other uncle who is a brother to the first person in the story was about 40 years old at the time of this sighting. He is 70 now. He also was a hunter and grew up in a poor family, so going out into the bush and getting meat was all he knew when he was younger. He told me that one time he was out hunting like any other. It was getting to be dark.
He had a 30-06 rifle with him, which is a bigger caliber gun. He moose-calls himself so he knows what they sound like. He said that while he was hunting, he heard a noise like “Oooooogh”. A grunt of sorts.
He said he felt powerless. Normally with a high powered rifle you feel like you can take down anything. He said this particular grunt was different from any animal he had ever heard and it scared him.
Another time that same uncle was out hunting in the forest around the same area that my first uncle in the first story saw the Bigfoot run across the road. They were walking in the bush when all of a sudden something big and hairy stood up and ran away in front of them. He said he knows that it had to be a Sasquatch. It was big, dark and running like a man on two legs. He said the whole experience happened very quickly.
I know I am only a typist of words, but I have no reason to lie and neither do my uncles or my cousin. These people have lived out in the bush their entire lives. Again these stories take place somewhere where there are no cattle, no houses, no pets, and no people for at least 50 kms. Pitch black, no street lights, nothing.
Interesting news – Jeff Meldrum reportedly had his first Bigfoot encounter in Canada earlier this year. The rumor is that John Bindernagel was with him on this trip. The location is somewhere in Alberta, Canada, and it is said to be one of the hottest research spots in North America right now. The news I got said that Meldrum had at the very least one Class B encounter and possibly more than one. She also stated that it was at the very least a Class B encounter, and it may in fact have been a Class A encounter.
Although Meldrum has not spoken about it publicly, he has definitely spoken about it privately. I understand that he is under some sort of an NDA about this incident though, so he may not talk about it much. The encounter must have occurred earlier this year because that area is now under many feet of snow, and it’s colder than a meat locker up there. Specifically, I believe the incident may have occurred in the fall. The source also told me that the full story of their encounter(s) would go public in a while anyway. There is apparently a lot more to this story, and I am digging into it right now.
This would apparently be Meldrum’s second Bigfoot encounter. His first was in the Siskiyou Mountains of Northern California when a Bigfoot repeatedly walked through their camp late at night. The Bigfoot apparently put its hand on Meldrum’s tent, and Meldrum could see the outline of its hand.
I really do like Jeff Meldrum a lot, even he has some detractors, or worse – enemies – in the community for sure. To be more specific, there are those in the community who absolutely despise him. Having spoken to him on the phone, I do think that Meldrum is a good man though. He comes across as very sane and very warm. He is amiable and even charming, which is interesting for a scientist as a lot of these fellows are pretty cold fish. Jeff is like your best friend.
I also felt that he was very careful in all of his statements to me. It seemed he was hedging himself like a true scientist should. He does has a public image to manage, and he doesn’t like things that mess up his media persona. After a bit of time in front of the TV camera, he is turning into a bit of an “actor type,” but that goes with the territory, and he plays the actor role well. He has a very interesting personality and mind, and that is clear if you watch him on TV.
I also like John Bindernagel a lot. He has a very good heart, and that comes through if you see his speeches or listen to his shows.
John Green is also a great guy, though sadly he is dying of prostate cancer.
I actually like all of these academic types. They are some of the finest people in our field.
Bigfootery is so sleazy that it tends to taint if not ruin the best of human beings due to the nature of the game – a race to the bottom where the biggest sleazeball wins and the nice guys are all left mugged, holding the bag and wondering what hit them. It’s nice to see that the academic types have not been dragged down by the “Bigfoot undertow.”
Bow hunting Bigfoot in Idaho. I actually like this video a lot, and it has at least one feature in it that hoaxers never seem to get right – actually they do not even try to replicate this feature. I won’t mention it, but the Facebook Find Bigfoot guys used to talk about it a lot. There is not a whole lot to see here, but I could not help notice that when it walked away, it looked a lot like some of those Bigfoots walking in the forest in the Erickson Project video. The general feeling out there is that this is a hoax, but I say not so fast now.

Mississippi skunk ape video. This is an extremely interesting video shot near Tupelo, Mississippi. The Bigfoot is apparently grubbing a rotten log and eating bugs (maybe grubs) out of the log. We are apparently looking at it from the back end as it grubs the log. There are at least four features about this Bigfoot that hoaxers never get right (they never even try to replicate these features), and that is why I think this is real. From the rear this looks like a lot of Bigfoot videos – the Poland video of the Bigfoots in the rocks, the end of the Patty video when we see her from behind, the Georgia Bigfoot video when the boy sees the Bigfoot. This one is also being called a hoax, but I doubt if it is.

Mass Bigfoot sighting in British Colombia recently. One of the largest mass sightings in history occurred in BC recently. 26 people, all men, reportedly saw a Bigfoot at a location that I believe is called Wheeler Ridge. I believe they were all loggers or forest workers. I do not think there is video available. I am looking into this right now.
Rick Dyer story. Apparently Dyer is still going to reveal his Bigfoot to the world on or about December 31, 2013. He has scheduled a pay per view video onYoutube, but there is no date on it yet.
Rick Dyer’s home broken into by haters. Haters apparently broke into Dyer’s apartment and completely trashed the place. Apparently either these folks or other haters were also caught stalking Rick and his wife. This is why Rick moved out of his apartment very quickly afterwards. This is also the reason why Rick issued his “Quitting Bigfootery” video that everyone took to be an acknowledgement of a hoax. This incident freaked him out and made him want to step back from the scene to say the least.
Man invades Dyer’s apartment, fight ensues. A hater apparently invaded Rick’s apartment some time back. Rick was home at the time and confronted him. A fistfight then ensued. I do not any more have details on this incident. As you can see, Rick’s haters have been getting pretty out of control.
Frank Cali quits Team Tracker, says he is spilling the beans. Cali quit and reportedly spilled the beans on Rick, calling the whole Dyer affair a great big hoax. However, he offered no evidence to prove this. Frank and Rick had had a huge falling out a little while beforehand, and that is what spurred this incident. Frank’s story has changed over and over and does not seem to make sense.
Frank Cali and Craig Phillips never saw Dyer’s Bigfoot. But they both lied and said they did. Phillips even made a video detailing his viewing, which fooled some people who stated that it seemed very credible.Well, it wasn’t. Remember how his eyes never looked at the camera and always looked down? There you go. Why did these men lie and say they say a Bigfoot that they never saw? Rick states that both men desperately wanted to see the Bigfoot, so Rick said they could make videos saying they saw it even though they never did. Sleazy, huh? Well, Rick Dyer is the king of sleaze, you know?
Dyer makes fake video claiming that the Men In Black stole his Bigfoot. Apparently this was all another gigantic hoax “to fool the haters.” A few people were kicked out of Team Tracker due to this video. More of Rick’s sleazy hoaxing and nonsense. Whether or not Rick actually shot a Bigfoot, and especially whether or not he has possession of one, Rick has definitely been hoaxing and lying like crazy all through this Dead Bigfoot affair.
Really nothing new on the Dyer front. Some time has passed since I last wrote about Dyer, but the main thing you need to know is that there really is nothing new to report here. In the interim, no new evidence has been offered up to prove that his story is true. On the other hand, his detractors have not yet proven the case is a hoax either. So there it lies, in stasis. We can’t prove it’s true, and we can’t prove it’s false. And there you have it.
Date fast approaching for Dyer’s reveal. Dyer was originally going to reveal on December 15, but after the break-in, he changed his mind and postponed it indefinitely. Later he said the reveal would happen on December 31.
Melba Ketchum, teen book author. From the comments section of Over the Line, Smokey, a hardcore Ketchum-hating blog.
December 15, 2013 at 2:57
Melanie F Reed is actually “The Ketchum” and I have some information on what the Ketchum lady is up to these days. She is starting or has started a newpublishing company.
Her new alias/name is Melanie F. Reed. She will be writing books and publishing more-  but with an all new identity. She is going to great lengths to make “Melanie” an entirely new person so people don’t make the connection back to “Melba Ketchum.” A new saga begins (or, according to Ketchum, The Lost Saga). Supposedly the book comes out in December…Anyone seen it yet? Good times-  good times. Hope y’all can get down to the bottom of all this…more to come I am sure.
The site is here. The webpage is horribly done, so that right there is a clue that this may indeed be one of Melba’s webpages, as her sites are always horrific for some odd reason (Won’t pay for a web designer?). Looking around a bit, we can see that Melba is writing a 3-part teen book series called The Lost Saga. The first book in the series is called Strange World, and it is billed as a supernatural teen fantasy.
From the site, a book description:
Gracie McKay felt both excited and sad. Her family was trading its Manhattan highrise apartment for the sprawling suburbs of Seattle, Washington. Little did she know that as a shy girl soon to be 16, she was about to embark on a supernatural journey that would change her life forever–and lead her headlong into her destiny—a destiny intertwined with an unknown, unseen world.
Very disappointing Bigfoot series out of Channel 4 in the UK. This series, The Bigfoot Files, was billed as the greatest thing since sliced bread by Bigfooters for some time before it aired. Sadly, it was a massive bomb. It featured Dr. Bryan Sykes, who is admittedly a world class geneticist. The purpose of the series was apparently to use Sykes to prove conclusively, once and for all, that there is no such thing to the Bigfoot, Yeti or Almas legends. The show achieved its aims very well.
The first show dealt with the Yeti in the Himalayas. Although no Yeti was found, what was found was that at least some Yeti samples pointed to a brand new bear completely unknown to science (So much for no new large mammals being discovered, eh skeptards?) Most of the hairs were duds, but a few of the samples did match to a bone from an extinct polar bear from 40,000 years ago. This was at the time of the original brown bear (grizzly bear) – polar bear split.
The polar bear is a new species. It split off from the brown bear ~40,000 YBP. So this bear is really a sort of a brown bear-polar bear cross. Polar bears and grizzly bears are very closely related, and in the wild, they can actually interbreed. Somehow this early polar bear/brown bear got stranded up in the Himalayas (possibly in the Ice Age with the retreating glaciers). It lives at a very high altitude where there is snow and ice much of the year, so it is adapted to a polar bear-like environment.
The show also tried to prove that Yeti tracks are really just bear tracks that have partly melted or have been stepped in twice by the bear. This is transparently false, as Yeti tracks look nothing like bear tracks. Skeptics have been saying this about Bigfoot tracks for a long time (They are really just bear tracks that have been stepped in twice), and we shot that argument full of holes way back when.
The discovery of a brand new bear unknown to science is indeed startling news!
But the idea that the Yeti = weird polar bear does not seem to be true. The natives say that there are several different kinds of Yeti. Yeti after all just meansferocious thing or fierce thing in Tibetan. One of the Yetis is indeed said to be a very large bear. There are references to this huge Yeti-bear in Tibetan writings going back centuries.
However, natives are adamant that there is another Yeti that is some sort of a primitive relative hominid. Josh Gates recently cast some excellent footprints in Bhutan. Jeff Meldrum looked at the prints and decided that they were indeed genuine and appeared to be of a hominid. In addition, Dr. Melba Ketchum tested some purported Yeti hair, also from Gates, on a quick and dirty male/female peaks genetic test. The test came out preliminarily that Yetis were relict hominids related to Bigfoots but not the same species.
I am not very familiar with Yeti sightings, and I will have to go back over the historical record again. However, I believe that at least one sighting observed a group of Yeti hominids over a period of 2 hours or more. The Yeti hominid is said to live at a somewhat lower elevation that the Yeti Polar Bear does.
I still believe that there is an unknown hominid in the Himalayas.
The second episode involved Bigfoots in North America. Sykes received ~30 Bigfoot samples from North America but only revealed the results for eight of them. All eight were said to be known animals. A Derek Randles sample from eight feet up in a blueberry bush was said to be a canine. Tell me how a dog gets eight feet up a blueberry bush? Why all of these samples came back as known animals is beyond me. Could Sykes not have examined the hairs via a hair expert to quickly weed out the horses, dogs, opossums and whatnot? I do not understand why this was not done.
Justin Smeja’s sample from the Sierra Kills was tested and came back “black bear.” It has tested “black bear” now repeatedly – this is the fourth time it got this result. The producer challenged Justin and implied that he was making up the whole story, and Justin got angry, defensive and almost started crying. You really had to feel sorry for him.
The episode ended with the producer and Sykes in a philosophical conversation about how the Bigfoot phenomenon is obviously just Americans imagining things, and then went off into an abstract discussion of the human need to believe in monsters or beasts as some sort of  Jungian unconscious archetype common to the human race, possibly going back to our Cave Man days or our time on the African Savannah. Perhaps the recurring bogeyman theme is a leftover trauma from our genocidal wars with the Neandertals.
In other words, put a fork in the Bigfoot myth, it’s done for all time now.
Moving right along…
The final show dealt with Zana, the purported Almas in Abkhazia.She was supposedly captured in the 1870′s by residents of a small village in this remote mountain region. She was very wild at first but was eventually tamed. She never learned language, and it was clear that she was not a Homo Sapiens sapiens in the same sense that we are. The men used to get her drunk and bet each other to have sex with her, and several offspring were produced in this rather sleazy fashion. The offspring also looked very odd and had some characteristics that were simply not human. One of her sons, Kwit, could reportedly pick up a chair with his teeth!
The show gathered together some of Zana’s descendants, most of whom now just look like normal humans. Genetic testing on her bones revealed that Zana was 100% Sub-Saharan African. In other words, she was a Black woman!
Well, what is a Black woman doing running around in the forests of the Caucasus completely wild and living off the land, sleeping the open, lacking in all language and unable to learn language either? How is it that that a Black woman is completely covered in hair from head to toe? Because most Black people look like creatures from the Planet of the Apes, right? How is it that a Black woman is extremely strong, with strength far beyond that of a human? How is that the offspring of a Black woman and a White man (a mulatto) looks extremely primitive and is so strong that he can pick up chairs with his teeth? Most mulattos can do that, right?
On further examination, Sykes did note that Zana’s skull had certain features that were outside the realm of Homo Sapiens sapiens and were suggestive of possibly a more ancient or relict form of Homo. Sykes said that maybe Zana went back not to the Out of Africa people from 70,000 YBP from whom we all derive but actually to an earlier wave of Homo moving out of Africa. In other words, she was possibly a relict hominid. Exactly! What we have been saying all along.
So to wrap it all up, Yetis are really Polar Bears, Bigfoots are all hoaxes, lies or hallucinations, and Almastys are hair covered Black folks who run around wild in the remotest Caucasus.
Three legends killed with one stone, er, one show.
The truth is that most British people simply do not believe in any of this relict hominid stuff. They probably do not have relict hominids in their land, so to them, these creatures simply do not exist. British people who come to my site are far more likely to be Bigfoot skeptics than Americans are. They think we Americans are hillbilly morons for believing in these Bigfoot boogeymen.
You gotta love those pommies!
All in all, this show was an extreme disappointment. Either Sykes himself does not believe that any of these things exist, and that was what he set out to prove, or Sykes was used by the producers to further their skeptical view.