Agenda 2030

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The perverse 2030 agenda and the sinister global plans that threaten humanity

Antonio Peña  has a doctorate in History from the  Autonomous University of Barcelona  and has spent years studying in depth everything related to the 2030 and 2045 agendas,  topics on which he has given several conferences and that make your hair stand on end when you know the plans that, in In his opinion, the world powers are designed to subdue humanity and implant a sinister new world order that will have nothing to do with the reality that we have known so far. 

What really are the 2030 and 2045 agendas?

Agendas 2030 and Avatar 2045 are projects that seek to transform nature and humanity on a large scale, merging them. The transformation of humanity is political, economic, social, cultural, religious and even physical at the genomic level, which makes transhumanism the axis of the Agenda.

What are its origins?

A distinction must be made between the intellectual or ideological level and that of action and management. In the field of action and management, I will focus on the closest origins: the reorganization of the world after the Second World War.

The cold war was nothing more than the dispute between the United States (USA) and the Soviet Union (USSR) to run the world, which had attached to control it directly and indirectly, in such a way that circles were formed in different degrees of submission. Each of these two contenders had a model of organizing the subjugation and rule of the world.

In the 1980s this duality between USA-USSR was broken. First, because China enters the "game" and, later, because the balance is tilted in favor of the former due to the collapse of the USSR, which surprises China in the midst of economic reforms. The USA model seemed to triumph and prevail. Socialist parties and organizations had to adapt to the new situation. The response of the socialist cosmos was to denounce that this triumphant model was not the panacea for peace, development and well-being of the world. They argued that the problems continued and increased: rich and poor, wars, pollution ... Therefore the world had to go to a confluence.

One of the first to publicly launch the idea of ​​confluence was Gorbachev with their "common home." The 1990s was nothing more than a time of "impasse" in which these three powers were agreeing on how to rule and manage the world in the new century. And this was the agreement: to tend towards the same economic system, the same political system, the same social and cultural system, a single world religion.

And on the intellectual or ideological plane?

Much of the original thought can be found in the orbits of the Frankfurt School. From here comes the Critical Theory. In other words, the conflict must continue in new forms (rich-poor, parents-children, men-women ...) as a means of building a single world system.

From the liberal field and based on the ideas of the Chicago school and the thought center of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the Washington Consensus was shaped to establish a set of common "formulas" that would lead to equalize all nations- states and lead them on the same path of building a single world system through two executions of methods of dissolution of nations and fusion of states.

How was this agreement or consensus expressed?

In those decades of the 1980s and 1990s, the states of liberal democracy were the ones that most sponsored globalism, selling it as the diffusion of freedom, democracy and the free market. But look at who embraced and applied the Washington Consensus until the new century, the most interventionist world organizations: the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank or the World Trade Organization. For their part, the most prominent powers set the application agenda at the G7 / G8 Summits or at the Bilderberg Club, while the UN - with its organizations - became the managing arm that issued the orders that governments had to apply. at regional and local level. For their part, the right-wing parties defended these meetings of international organizations and magnates.

On the other side, apparently against globalism, the entire socialist, communist and anarchist left was located, mobilizing their hordes every time the meetings of these international organizations took place in any city. In addition, international organizations and forums parallel to the aforementioned WTO, WB, IMF… for example: Sao Paulo Forum, World Economic Forum (Davos Forum), Puebla Group, World Social Forum, America Business Forum…

The final years of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century were the period of Russia's resurgence as China finalized its economic reforms. Again the big three were on the scene, then it was necessary to go to a new international pact. We are in 2001-2008.

It was necessary to cancel the Washington Consensus and lift a new international agreement. The tyrannical elites who were - and are - behind this framework, could not do it for the brave. They had to manufacture a situation that justified the change. An "earthquake". And what a coincidence, between 2006 and 2008 the crisis that broke out that same year was incubated and would extend into the second decade of the 21st century. And what a coincidence on November 15, 2008 the G20 met in Washington.

What did the new covenant consist of?

The new agreement consisted in that: on the one hand, China would consolidate its state capitalism (market model where the state plays a predominant role -directly or through- public and private companies) and would be allowed a predominant action in international markets.

On the other hand, states with a liberal economy and democracy would introduce the necessary modifications to bring their economies closer to state capitalism. At the same time they would alter their political systems to weaken (first) and restrict (then) classical freedoms, both political and personal. The goal is for world systems to converge and become more and more like the Chinese political regime. For this reform to be accepted by western states and peoples, it should be reiterated that the blame for the crisis that began in 2008 was the liberal policies carried out up to that moment by western states. The result was the proliferation of leftist governments as executing hands of the reforms.

This is, in short, economic and political confluence with China as a mirror. And this is where we are. It is not surprising that both political and sociological left and right now defend globalism.

But do you argue that the transformation is much greater and deeper than a world conjunction in a single political and economic system?

Yes. The transformation is no longer only global, it is Total: it includes not only economic, political and cultural systems but also religious systems, and nature and the human being himself.

Here comes the cultural action from the schools and the media. For example, the dissemination of post-environmentalism, which proposes that everything should be integrated into a global consciousness, Pachamama. It has already entered Western consciousness that the human being is a simple piece of this Pachamama framework. And to make the integration of the human being into the Totality effective, it is necessary to transform the human being, to make it "evolve."

Here biologists and geneticists come in saying that it is necessary to introduce genetic changes that improve the human species. Change that are irreversible and are transmitted to the next generations. That is, the emergence of a new species resulting from a designed and controlled evolution.

What does this transformation of the human being consist of and what is the ultimate goal?

It consists of transforming humanity and nature on a large scale by merging them, taking NBIC technology (fusion of genetic engineering, nanotechnology and cognotechnology) as its axis. This is what is called “technological convergence”: uniting information and communication technologies with artificial intelligence, with cognitive and mind-transfer technologies, with nanotechnology, with biotechnology and genetic engineering and pharmacology.

This supposes the destruction of the human being and the manufacture of a new being that is no longer human.

Indeed, it is transhumanism or more properly posthumanism and we are seeing its symbols more and more often in many companies and projects of all kinds: the H + (the transhuman), the HH ++ and the H∞ of posthumanism.

And is it technically possible?

The technique used is CRISPR, by means of which DNA can be modified, eliminated, cut or replicated. In fact this was achieved in the 1990s. The result was genetically modified beings. They were called transgenic. And the same can be done with eggs, sperm, and even embryos.

From the Technological Institute of Masachusets Eric Drexler -one of the ideologues of transhumanism- developed nano molecular assemblers that could bind to the RNA molecule, the result was the messenger RNA, does it sound familiar?

It sounds like the so-called covid vaccine to me, which is mRNA .

Effectively. And currently molecular nanotechnology allows the use of synthetic assemblers, synthetic nanosensors that replicate themselves like in a swarm.

Is the function of these synthetic assemblers limited to giving orders transforming the human being at the genetic level or is there something else?

Not only can they give orders, they can also receive information and give new orders. A virus could even be delivered to them. This can be done with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and NFC (Near Field Communication) technologies.

These nanosensors can be simple implants that integrate all the genetic and personal information of the individual and can give orders at the molecular level. Through the implant you can interact with all kinds of devices.

Some of the companies that are involved in this "technological convergence" are: Google, which is carrying out the Cálico project to develop chemicals (drugs) or nanotechnical mechanisms that injected act as messengers. Come on messenger-RNA injectables. In fact, as you very well say, the so-called COVID vaccine is an injectable messenger-RNA.

There are even companies that work on the development of artificial chromosomes grafted into the cell. Here stands out the Future of Humanity Institute by Nick Bostrom, another of the ideologues of transhumanism.

Another of the main companies that are working in this world is the Battelle Memorial Institute, which invests in various connected areas such as ecology and environment (transformation of the climate, let's go with the famous chemtrails), renewable energies and research in genomic nanotechnology and cybernetic biology as well as in biodefense and infectious diseases (such as the so-called COVID).

The implant - developed by companies such as Biohax or DSruptive - is a capsule made of borosilicate, 16 mm long and 2 mm wide. Even TMB (Transportes Metropolitanos de Barcelona) is considering this technology to implement T-Mobility.

The brain-computer neural interface is also now available: neural waves are processed and interpreted by the computer. That is, thought can be decoded and stored in a computer. Some of the leading companies in these implants are Neuralink and NeuroLife or the aforementioned Battelle.

Google with Facebook (Mark Zuckerberg, transhumanist) and Paypal (Elon Musk, transhumanist) are the main investors in Vicarious, a company that focuses on the development of nanosensors applied to the cerebral cortex,

The companies that are dedicated to these developments also propose to create a "useful cloud" - they call it - of nanosensors in individuals. These nanosensors could be connected to a network and, by means of software commands, transmit instructions through waves, transmitted by 5G antennas? It is a coincidence that they lock us all up, they want to give us an injectable of messenger RNA and that in the meantime G5 antennas bloom like flowers in the month of May. And I say that coincidences do not exist.

Could we all become connected by forming a single organism?

This is the intention. A large quantum brain would direct the entire operation both individually and in any social group, including nature. This global computer would integrate and control the ecosystem or Pachamama- natural and artificial in which we would develop. We will only be one piece at the service of Pachamama.

In fact, something of this supercomputer network already exists. For example, IBM's Watson Health already has supercomputers like Sumit and Sierra up and running which, curiously, say they are involved in COVID research. We also have Fujitsu with its Fugaku supercomputer, Lenovo with Marenostrum, Dell with HPC5 and the Chinese with Tianhe-2.

If they managed to implant the majority of the population and set up this network of supercomputers, we would be facing globalization and total control ...

Are we no traveling this path of globalization and total control? And most people are accepting it without question. They accept having their most basic rights and freedoms taken away and they do not protest. And we are told to our faces that we are always going to have to live together like this and all because there is a "bug". In other words, we are never going to recover our rights and freedoms. And this is worldwide.

Will people get the chip implanted?

There is one thing that people fear above any other (be it war, hunger ...), it is disease that is synonymous with death. Disease, death, causes terror.

If they tell you that there is an uncontrollable epidemic that kills millions of people and that no one is safe, what would you do to have protection, security and save yourself?

If they tell you that in order to get protection, security and save you, they have to restrict your most basic freedoms (meeting, association, circulation, expression, publication, information…), would you accept?

If they tell you that with a vaccine or an implant you are going to get protection, safety and save yourself, how many would run to get vaccinated or implanted?

What if we talk about a disease? For example, a supposed virus, supposedly manufactured in an Asian laboratory and - somehow - "released" and "spread".

What if, in the face of this supposed bug, the pharmaceutical companies came out to propose an m-RNA vaccine?

What if at the same time the governments crushed the population (with all the media) about how good that mRNA injection is?

Would people agree to inject and / or implant?

What coincidences. And I say that coincidences do not exist.

But there will always be those who refuse to be vaccinated or implanted ...

And if they tell you that if you are not vaccinated or implanted you cannot travel, buy, sell, trade, work, put gas, use public transport, take your children to school, have a checking account, insurance, a mortgage ...

In fact, they are already saying that they are going to make COVID cards and only those who have their card up to date will be able to have certain privileges, for example traveling. It has also been considered to make lists of people not vaccinated. Because, let's see if we find out, what until just two years ago were rights and freedoms are now privileges that the political and economic elite have at their discretion.

If you want to have similar privileges, you must submit, get vaccinated, get the chip implanted… come on, be a good citizen. Have points, like in China. That is, do not criticize the government or its plans or oppose it by any means, but submit. Those who do not act like this will be considered bad citizens, watched, followed, monitored, spied on by government agencies (as this medium and its columnists and collaborators are suffering). That "bad citizen" will be watched and persecuted even by his neighbors and relatives (which is already happening). These resisters are going to be considered a cancer for democracy, for the safety and health of the "herd" for which they will be detained, confined in isolation centers and, finally, - why not - disappeared.

In spite of everything we are many millions of people on the planet so that this elite can control everyone ...

That is why it is necessary to reduce the world population. We have spent many decades with the neo-Malthusian chant that we are many and that we must reduce the population. This is where the eugenic ideologues come in. And it begins by eliminating people considered imperfect and unloved, and those who do not want to live: (euthanasia, eugenics, abortion, mentally handicapped, Down syndromes ...) and continues to favor the elimination of poor, black, Indian, Hispanic , Asians ... There we have organizations –even with representatives at the UN- such as Planned Parennhood or the Population Research Institute.

And what about the vaccination plans of the WHO. To briefly illustrate the point: the tetanus vaccine of the 1990s and 2000s administered in African countries (such as Kenya), South America, India, led to the sterilization of millions of people because the vaccine generated an immune response that attacked ganotropin (hormones responsible for ovulation and necessary for the conception and development of pregnancy).

In other words, in the year 2030 the fulfillment of this entire New World Order would take place ...

Transhumanist philosophers consider that the modern subject is not sustainable any longer, it is exterminating the planet. They say that this could happen around 2030. By this date a "singularity" would be reached, which would lead to a situation in which technological advances will be faster than society's ability to adapt and will make reconstruction inevitable - back to build - the human being and society. In other words, it would be an "overton window". Here we have Agenda 2030 and Avatar 2045.

In fact, already in the 1980s, Fereidoun M. Esfandiary -author of the transhumanist manifesto- took the name FM-2030, as the date on which the transhumanist goals should be achieved. What a coincidence that forty years after the Fereidoun manifesto the globalist elites formalize an agenda that is called precisely 2030. And I say that coincidences do not exist.

By 2045 the New World Order would be complete: a world where a small elite enjoy all kinds of physical and material goods. Elite living at the expense of a small population that is permanently kept on the poverty line. Population that is supported with a state “pay”. Permanently controlled and monitored population and with implants through which they receive information and orders. Population with genetic changes produced by mRNA injectables that reduce their ability to protest and agitation. And if you still want to resist, bear in mind that you will lose the pay, your family will starve and you will disappear.

Come on, the end of the road is to make the Happy World of Huxley come true, who, by the way, was a promoter of transhumanism.

Who is behind all this? Why can't a small group of transhumanists be behind the New World Order?

Effectively. Transhumanism is only one means –among others- to implement the New World Order. I am clear and direct. In my opinion, at the head, directing everything, is the Synagogue of Satan. A very small group of people who are Satanists. To explain this it is necessary to use theology.

God created human beings and from "minute one" Satan waged war against God through human beings. It has always tried to destroy the human being. The fall into sin of Adam and Eve was a way of deteriorating this creation of God. But Satan is not satisfied with this. He is the monkey of God, the imitator who cannot create anything. Then he can only use the things and beings of Creation to transform them into his image and likeness. This is what is behind the genetic changes that are intended to be carried out in humans using the transgenic technology that we have described. In fact, posthumanism is the construct of a new non-human species and, therefore, deviated from God's Creation.

Schematizing the matter we could say that under the Synagogue of Satan two levels are combined. In my opinion, an elite - both hidden and visible - of a discreet sect (that is, secret) made up of certain families, certain intriguing magnates and self-styled philanthropists who occupy the highest ranks and who are the interveners who carry the orders of the Synagogue to regional and local level. At this last level we would have the governments, financial, economic and political organizations that execute -at regional and local level- the orders received but not at whim and will but in a coordinated way. For this they meet sometimes secretly or discreetly and sometimes openly in clubs, groups and work circles.

Yes, and we are seeing the example with the Plandemic, how the same measures are applied in a coordinated way in all parts of the world. So the scope is global. Will there be resistance? How can we resist all this?

Currently there are nuclei of resistance that use the springs that the law still provides to circumvent the totalitarianism that we are beginning to experience.

There are also people who individually, in their day to day, make small gestures of protest: wear a simple shirt with a sign against the Plandemic, talk with co-workers, talk to a store clerk, set up a channel on social networks to opinion and information ...

There are also groups "for the truth" that use alternative media to inform the population.

To all this we must add peaceful - but small - demonstrations in some countries such as Spain or Italy. Whereas in northern Europe - such as the Netherlands (Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Den Bosch, Geleen) - the demonstrations become violent but are small and controllable.

All these nuclei of resistance, seen at a general level, are nothing more than small stones in the globalist shoe. Let's not have the slightest doubt that if there is more resistance than expected or the speed of development of the Plan is not adequate, the elite of the NWO could consider it necessary to release or cause a hecatomb. This would lead to the need for a small collective nucleus of world decision to emerge to take over from the UN. But it could well be one-man, keeping the UN. Be it collective or unipersonal, the essential characteristic is that it will have enough authorities and powers to impose its decisions anywhere in the world. Furthermore, in the face of this terrible catastrophe, people will beg and will be willing to submit at any cost, to be reduced to servitude in exchange for peace, security and health.

Therefore resistance is going to be very difficult, in fact it already is. In the phase we are in, we can resist the measures imposed to the degree that we can, such as the aforementioned: sneaking through the "loopholes" of the laws without entering the crime, making small gestures of protest, joining groups "For the truth", participate in the peaceful demonstrations that these groups call ...

The last option is to emigrate. We can emigrate to a place where the coercive measures that we suffer here have not yet been implemented, and the harsher ones that we are going to suffer. But this is difficult and will become almost impossible. In fact, whether by plane or boat, train or coach, some companies are already announcing that whoever does not comply with certain conditions cannot and will not be able to travel. We can choose private transport but if we are in a situation of home, local or regional confinement - as we are suffering - going out on the road is a crime. Whoever takes risks on the road will not only commit a crime, but will run into police checkpoints that could even be military. Undoubtedly I must say clearly that I do not recommend anyone commit a crime.

Finally, along with all this, and for Christians; we have the prayer that can never be absent, less in these moments and in those that are to come.