Biblical Cosmology in Mandarin

 I'm very excited to announce that now, 1/5 of the world can read my exegesis on Biblical Cosmology.

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Cosmology in the "Bible"... Who would think this is important in the 21st century?

Jesus said: "God loves the world and even gave his only-begotten Son to them, so that all who believe in him may not perish but have eternal life." (John 3:16) It is important to realize that what Jesus said is "This" world , rather than countless planets and possible extraterrestrial life, (according to him) does not exist and cannot exist. If he was talking about angels, he would say it very clearly, but on the contrary, he chose to talk about a world and a living race of human beings. This should not be ignored, and should immediately attract the attention of those who are interested in believing in extraterrestrial intelligent creatures.

In fact, the entire 70 books in the Protestant classics of the Bible clearly show that the "world" is closed and static. It has never left its foundation, nor will it leave it until they perish, the new heaven New ground appears . Today, this is a shocking theology, but it should not be understood as a new thought in the Christian world. In fact, many church founders think so. Martin Luther blamed Copernicus: "When a person wants to be smart, he must invent something special"-he said that between writers and experts, the earth has never moved. This is common sense.