"The Account of Enoch" full text

 "The Account of Enoch" full text

1) Enoch showed a vision for the next flood. The Lord said, my servant, Enoch, we must warn the wicked generation that I tend to keep my promise. Will destroy all creation on earth to have destroyed all that I do.

2) Enoch asked, who will survive, my Lord; God said, I've chosen a ship that will bring the pure seed of justice. Should be taken before this great destruction is coming. Warning infidels!

3) Enoch went into the crowd and said, Behold, the Lord comes with ten thousand saints to mete out judgment to all who are ungodly. You have sinned a terrible sin and forget the creator of worlds.

4) Having said this, the crowd took up arms to kill him. Suddenly, a whirlwind came out of the sky, like a fire storm. In the maelstrom of fire were seraphim, dragons power of God. Everyone who saw it was blinded in that moment for their eyes burned from their sockets.

5) Enoch was then taken to the heavens and vanished from the earth. Nobody knew where he went. Could be found, because God took him to a designated area, even in a place sacred ground.

6) In this place, Enoch wrote books on the history of his people, from Adam to the time of his generation.

7) At that time, God showed him a vision of the great Leviathan and behemoth. These two beasts were scraping the population at the end of the day. Behemoth was a beast of freedom and Leviathan was one of the rights and power. Began as a beast with a name called Phoenix. Phoenix died and arose from the ashes of these two great beasts. Behemoth eventually became larger and dictates its laws throughout the land. The attack Ishmael constantly, even when he did not deserve to be punished.

8) Then came another beast. Is awakened by a lethargy. The beast was a dragon-like beast with ten horns returned to claim two severed heads, which are Leviathan and behemoth. The two beasts struggled for a while but then gave. Now the dragon-like beast was again over and ruled the earth. No stamp is placed over the crowd until one like the Son of Man came and destroyed the monster.

9) Following this vision, Enoch was scared and stricken with awe.

10) It came to pass that Noah entered the ark, and God fulfilled his will.